View Full Version : Why doesn't the game tell you what rift artifacts you've collected?

02-18-2015, 10:18 PM
Rather than saying there are '8 artifacts in Belle Epoque' in the progress tracker why not say '4 Belle Epoque Tornado artifacts' and '4 Belle Epoque Data Harvest artifacts'?
That way we know how much we've got left to collect in each area. It's extremely frustrating especially considering that the artifacts don't spawn in the same place so you end up replaying the rift several times waiting for it to spawn only to find you've already collected the artifact there! :mad:

02-19-2015, 11:53 PM
Hi Empty Crustacean, thank you for taking the time to communicate to us on how we could improve our game. I can understand how frustrating it can be when collecting the artifacts.

We have every desire to address issues that players encounter with Assassin's Creed Unity. In addition, we will further evaluate how we can prevent this dissatisfaction from occurring again in the future. We appreciate your feedback as it will assist us in becoming better at what we do. It’s our goal to retain you as a satisfied customer and we hope to better serve you in the future.