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1)Game will have events including those after 1830. Because the image below shows you a train station. Wikipedia states that trains were introduced in 1830s.The Father of Railways, George Stephenson, built the first public inter-city railway line in the world, the Liverpool and Manchester Railway, which opened in 1830.This might mean we may have multiple cities including Liverpool and Manchester.
2)Fast travel between cities (With trains most probably). Let's assume Liverpool and Manchester are explorable.Because the first railway line connects Liverpool and Manchester. Liverpool is quite far from the game's main setting-London. Proof: https://www.google.com.bd/maps/vt/data=U4aSnIyhBFNIJ3A8fCzUmaVIwyWq6RtIfB4QKiGq_w,1C hznnKLQmhrRrXCZpRW3HnFnG-iqQJZdq5uDFPNcnZwWdMx9JElj-C7WM76Fa2FSxPCYDdBMEFMo7S_lwU9DCk7ANYM2m1Sk98RmE2Y LLH30mG0kg7Iqo_4ugm5PGS6jlw01mK2Ar9QXo-LOISYe3lgpA,itjdF-D2aDYMHqHU6_15YF5aPZqbuk1yvg4j-nLgSb8LmFaPUwDunqLPn0pBN0IbfNYkRLVbtmrzCyBaBGnGzro YiJYaTyvqyCXYvzposke-CEHnhY9SefpomSJc1Zi40SrC5MeyefJdAPEWtrTox7XLNsgDoj 1ImM3qsuIGODjEJKVmz5zHASPFjE-nDNWTSko49YRh-2_wkUps-iDAn5xJxw4ce_ZjRLQE04mpuA2QfJ4ggkGzLonYcHHvtvgIV29-B1MKWQTCfEek3yiXmZ-ftfOaEQr2wLTfRFoqz8fJAqqZq-8JhTHsY06MSW-99BsPlrhhBtBSPNm74d9tWdfT51ddOYus-OrYE5A1pHkyytBJG6Q&h=200&w=555&scale=1

So Manchester and Liverpool are close (Manchester is near around Sheffield in that map above). And Liverpool is heavily involved in Industrial rev. (Is Manchester involved in Industrial revolution?? That would add more possibility for it to be present in game.)

3)The second industrial revolution. It started in 1850s. And trains were after 1830s. Therefore, most probably the Second industrial revolution is the main backdrop of the game..Read this too :http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Second_Industrial_Revolution

4)Moving train and carriage combat confirmed. Since carriages are present (therefore horse running animations),so horse riding is most probably present too,because they wouldn't want to waste a huge animation on just carriages and so would try to expand it's use.

5)Shorter crowd. Assuming horses are present (great probability) crowds MUST be shorter (because of this:http://www.examiner.com/article/assassin-s-creed-unity-dev-explains-why-horses-won-t-appear-the-next-title), or the consoles would be too stressed... No offense to PS4 and XBONE sry...

6)No health regeneration.Because the 7 minute footage showed the protagonist fight openly only twice. After the first combat (where he most probably lost some health),he had to travel further into Charing Cross station where he climbed on top with a grappling hook.Some 10~20 seconds was obviously spent between this AND YET we can see at the image below that the protagonist didn't recover full health.Observe: (THIS IS SO OBVIOUS)

7) Iconic (and dated) hay bales present.
8)Fist fighting present.Because this image below shows no visible weapons while the protagonist is in combat stance:

9) Explosions present!
10)Weapons: Muskets (Enfield) confirmed as it was a real weapon during Industrial England.Pls research more on weapons. U have Google with you.
11) Immediate XP gain during combat. See that image...

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Post all of that here mate: http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/998408-AC-Victory-Speculation-Thread-Forums

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Post all of that here mate: http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/998408-AC-Victory-Speculation-Thread-Forums

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Okay. Thanks.

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