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1v1 in a private game of Manhunt on a stage appointed in each round

Basic Rules

1 Participants: Anyone who is properly registered in the forum of The Templar Files may participate by following the instructions on the forum. Players must play AC Black Flag on PS4 and have an active PlayStation Plus membership

to facilitate the creation of games , players embroiled in a duel should be added as a friend on PlayStation Network

2. The duels are played 1v1 in a single game

Matchmaking; PRIVATE
Maps: Designated in each round
Environment: Designated subject in each round
All abilities and perks are allowed
A single match will be played to find the winner of each duel
*If after a match the 2 players are tied, extra games will be played to determine the winner

It's a playoff tournament but in a double elimination format, that means that if you lose a game you're still in the tournament and will be assigned another rival , but if you lose a second game you are eliminated.
If a player doesn't play their match, they are out of the tournament, like they have had a double loss and are eliminated.

3: Date of Registration: participants may register from Monday 9th February until Tuesday 3rd March
the tournament begins on Friday 6th March

4 Schedule and mechanics of games
* Players will have 48 hours{2 days} to play their matches, The players themselves are responsible for contacting their opponents to arrange a days and time to play their duel, times may be changed after an arranged time as long as both players are in agreement, players will be allowed 15 minutes after the agreed time to appear online, failure to do so will result in elimination, evidence must be provides to show contact was tried,
It is recommended that any agreements for time of play should be done through the forum as a record if it.
If an elimination is resolved, players can compete in the next round before the time limit is exceeded for the current round.
Each game in each phase, once it is formed, can be played at any time as long as they are completed before the deadline marked in each round.

The games must be played and the results posted in the forum of The Templar Files in the corresponding thread by any of players before the time limit is reached, it can also be sent by e-mail marked " UK NATIONAL TOURNAMET" to templarfiles@hotmail.com or by PSN to TemplarFiles or TSMTH

If none of the players show any willingness to play the duel before the time deadline then both players will be eliminated.

6: Users should take a screenshot of the final result as evidence of the result. This proof must be provided only if any COMPLAINTS are made. All players should know how to take screenshots or capture video before playing the UK National Tournament. This is a safeguard incase of any problems.

7: In case of any disagreement with a result, a player should open a complaint through the COMPLAINTS system via the forum,this should show the names of both players and the photographic evidence, Any complaints made without video or photographic evidence will be discarded. The Templar Files staff will decide the winner of the duel after studying all evidence , and santions will be imposed on the offending player if needed.

8: All results will be validated after 1 hour of them being posted, this will allow time for any objections to be made

9: Table's for each round.
Each player is responsible for checking the forum to see who their opponents will be for each duel, If no agreement is made it is the player on top of the table who will be responsible for hosting and inviting their opponent.

10: The required number of players to compete will be 32 players, if there is a lower number, the organisers decide whether the tournament is held or not, if more players sign up then extra boxes of players may be opened. Administrators reserve the right to cancel the tournament in not enough players sign up.

11: Any unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated, both in and out of the game{insults,threats,coarse language through voice chat, intentional disconnections if losing, playing with second accounts or another players account}

12: Any kind of cheating or improper behaviour will result in elimination from the tournament.

13: If a player loses connection, they will lose the duel.

14: Nonstop Running will be considered unsporting, preventing confrontation in a game by running constantly breaks the dynamics of the game, however this doesn't mean you can't run, for instance running for cover to hide from you opponent while you have no abilities is part of the game. The RUNNER concept is difficult but if a player thinks the game was totally unplayable due to the opponent being a RUNNER, then they should sent a video of the game to us, for us to decide if the game must be replayed fairly.

15: The staff reserve the right of admission. Any player who has presented or is presenting a problem for The Templar Files community can be left out of the prizes, this is all at the discretion of the organisation.

16: All participating players agree to our Terms of Use and our Privacy Competitions and Traps.

Requirements and conditions of entry

17: Open to anyone residing in the UK {England , Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland} no matter of age or nationality.

18: Only one PSN account per physical and real person, Each person is responsible for playing their own games and their own account, any multiple account users will be disqualified.

19: The staff will not discuss the decisions taken and all decisions are final, no questions will be answered via PSN TemplarFiles or TSMTH account, All concerns and questions should be formulated via the forum or e-mail templarfiles@hotmail.com


1: AC Unity Notre Dame edition, Just Dance 2015 game, T-Shirt and AC Unity map of Paris


2 Just Dance 2015 game, Premium Variety of AC collectable items, T-Shirt and AC Unity map


3 Variety of AC collectables, T-Shirt and map


4 T-Shirt, AC French Flag and map



Registration for the tournament must be made through the forum THE TEMPLAR FILES, following the steps outlined there, Anyone who has not followed all the steps or supplied incorrect data will not be included in the tournament.

You must register in the forum before signing up to the tournament.

You can go directly to the registration page by clicking here (http://templarfiles.foroactivo.com/t655-registration)

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