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02-15-2015, 05:26 PM
The Xbox One community has been growing a lot since Christmas and we believe it is now time to give them another tournament. Everybody who has a team and wants some competition should sign up.

Tourney will be hosted by MoOoOoDy & VIA Clan

Brackets & Maps:

challonge.com/x1ac4 (http://challonge.com/x1ac4)


MoOoOoDy (@xMoOoOoDyx) (https://twitter.com/xMoOoOoDyx)
la Lavinia (@LaviniaBaseGod) (https://twitter.com/LaviniaBasedGod)

Sign Ups

You must sign up as a group of 4 players.
When signing up please include GT of your team, & the Contact person.
Sign-ups will be on a first come first serve basis. We're aiming for 8 teams, if more teams sign up we'll extend it to 12 or 16.

The tournament will be February 28th 2015 at 7 PM GMT. If necessary, the tournament can be extended to March 1st, 2015 at 7 PM GMT.
Registration Deadline is February 26th 2015

The Tournament: How it work

It will be a Double Elimination Tournament.
The games will started on a map decided by the officials, then votes will decided what map will be played next.
The players can decide by themselves who is going to host.If one team is hosting, the opposing team can pick sides for the first game, the next game the first team decides etc...
Each encounter (unless it's the finals) consists of a best of 3: First team to win 2 games wins the encounter and moves to the next round.
As the tournament is Double Elimination, that means that if a team loses, they are not automatically out of the tourney: if it is the team's first loss, they move to the looser's bracket. If they loose in the Looser's Bracket, they are out of the tournament.
The finals are played in a best of 5: First team to reach 3 wins wins the encounter.
The winner of the winner's bracket has 2 chances to win the finals: that means that if they loose the Best of 5 against the looser's bracket, they have to play another Best of 5. Whoever wins it wins the tournament. If the Winner's bracket's winner wins the first Best of 5, they win the tournament.

In Games Rules:

1) Setting up the games:

a. Maps:

Each round, a map will be determined by the officials. You have to start on this map, then the voting screen will determine what map is going to be played next.
If for some reason you have to rehost the game after having played one game, start it on the map that would have been selected by the votes at the end of the previous game.
If all players agree, you are allowed to back out and rehost the game on PLANTATION if the map choice is Portobello and Prison (only if they are both an option at the same time).

b. Connection Issues:

Please only host if you are known to have a good connection.
If one or more players can't connect to your game session, please try another host. If the problem persists with the same players, they need to restart their connection / alternate their MAC address (refer to FAQ for details).
If, after joining the lobby, a player doesn't see another player (for example he sees 7/8 when everyone else sees 8/8) both players need to restart their connection / alternate their MAC address. If the problem persists, that player has to be replaced within the next 10 minutes.
If a game takes longer than 10 minutes to set up, please contact an official.

2) Lag outs or Limited Mode:

If you get disconnected while in a game, record it happening (refer to FAQ if you don't know how to record on Xbox One).
If the lag out occured before the 5 minutes mark, the game has to be restarted and the host has to be changed. Scores will not carry over.
If the lag out occured after the 5 minutes mark, the matter has to be discussed with an official. IN ANY CASE, PLEASE RECORD THE DISCONNECTION. It will depend on the amount of time left and the difference in artifacts between both teams if the game will be replayed or not.
If there is no video evidence of the disconnection, the game will count as a loss if a player on the loosing team lagged out, or has to be restarted if a player on the winning team lagged out.
If there is a valid reason why the disconnection could not be recorded, please contact an official.

3) Calling Lag:

If you are experiencing lag during a game, please only complain about it if it is severe (people running mid air, slide kill across the map,...)
If you decide to call lag, please do so before the 5 minutes mark, and record an instance of it happening. The game has then to be restarted and the host has to be changed.
If it is one specific player lagging for everyone else, this player has to restart his connection, and if that doesn't change anything, he has to be replaced. Again, I can't stress enough how important video evidence will be throughout this tourney, now that everyone can record.
If you are experiencing severe lag after the 5 min mark, please keep playing, and if a score happens or is prevented because of severe lag, please record and keep playing, and discuss the matter with an official after the game has ended. If a player would or would not have scored if there was no lag, the official can decide to modify the final score of the game.
Please do not abuse this rule. If the lag is minor (unexpected pullback or longer than usual acro-gun range), please keep playing and ask for a host change after the game is over.


$50 Amazon Gift card Or Equivalent in Microsoft points (wallet gift card) for each player in the Winning Team

Signed Up Teams:

VIA: Ruling Shadow (Contact), Alpha v35, MoOoOoDy, Struck by Evil, Merqez, Haunted Delusion
IMA Team 1: Punched Clock (Contact), iWhiiz, ApolloTrez, skyrim baby
IMA Team 2: GodxOfxExitium (Contact), IMAxOblivio, DatDudeTevvyy, iiDolizZe Cj
MDLA: Genuine29 (Contact), Strange IV, IBJ 4Satan, la Lavinia
VAX: MaG xAvantik (Contact) lDurZa, Acentik, TheCebeta - Subs: Darth Kaidou
IVY: Veloxo (Contact), Volcaniize, Majic Batman, l Crius l, MannyXIV


1) A player keeps lagging out after joining the game: what should we do?

If a player lags out after shortly after joining the game, that usually means he has connection issues with someone else in the lobby. Usually you can find out which player has connection issues by looking at the players in the lobby. If a player doesn't see another player (for example he only sees 7/8 players in the lobby when there are 8/8 players), those 2 players have connection issues. This might be resolved by changing the host, or if that doesn't work, they have to restart their router and Xbox.

2) How do I record something on Xbox One?

- If you have a Kinect: Say "Xbox Record that" and your xbox will record the last 30 seconds of gameplay.
- If you don't have a Kinect: Double-Tap the Xbox button, the press "X" and your xbox will record the last 30 seconds of gameplay.
- If 30 seconds aren't enough to show what you wanted to record, snap the "Game DVR" app and choose between the last 1, 3 or 5 minutes.

3) I forgot to record something right after it happened - What should I do?

- If you what you wanted to record happened less than 5 minutes ago, you can snap the "Game DVR" app and record the last 5 minutes of gameplay. If you forgot to record something important (lag out, lag, etc...) and 5 minutes have past, please contact an official.

02-15-2015, 05:44 PM
Signing up VIA (full roster will come soon)

02-16-2015, 06:16 PM
great people are coming to the xbox one now? didn't see a challenge since i started playing

hopefully the new community bring a bigger challenge, tbh it kinda lonely

02-17-2015, 06:37 AM
IMA will have 2 teams. Contacts are underlined.

IMA1: PunchedClock278, iWhiiz, ApolloTrez, skyrim baby

IMA2: GodxOfxExitium, IMAxOblivio, DatDudeTevvy, iiDolizZe Cj

02-22-2015, 07:56 PM
My team: FRANKONATOR123, DECIMATIONATION, Drops of Pluto, and XPZ I Rush