View Full Version : Help with framerate loss?

02-14-2015, 07:45 PM
Hi, i just bought Unity a week ago ( i promised myself i would't after Far cry 4 drama ) but i just wanted to play it so bad .
The game looks and play's great for me actually, but after i died a couple of times or fast travel the game starts running worse and worse.
I play at max settings on 1440p.
After about playing for half an hour the game becomes unplayable for me. Is there known memory loss?
My drivers and patches etc are al up to date.
I searched the web for solutions but there are so many topics on this game that i can't find a solution

I7 5820 K
16gb drr4
Sli gtx 980
G-sync monitor

far Cry 4 was unplayable for me with the stuttering and after tweaking it for 2 months i just gave up on that game,
If this is the case again with unity i swear i will never buy a ubisoft game in my life again.
Kinda sad cause design wise and technical they are both such great games, just bad portn g/programming?

02-15-2015, 02:53 PM
No worry people!!! I fixed it allready.
Game running supersmooth now at 60+ fps with no dips or stutters.
Really enjoying the game and damn this looks good!!!
Nice job ubisoft, i might consider buying another game from u guy's.....after a couple of months and patches.