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02-14-2015, 07:42 AM
In Unity, all technical issues and glitches aside, what were your likes and dislikes in terms of story and gameplay?

While I generally liked Arno as a character, I felt that his ambivalence towards actually BEING an assassin was underused. It was hinted at. He was even expelled from the brotherhood. But I would have liked to have seen more story centered around his internal conflicts.

As well, I would have liked to see much more interaction between Arno and Elise.

As many have said, I would have liked to see important characters take a larger role in the story, much like in AC3 and AC4. AC4's use of history and legend was fantastic.

I don't feel the story was bad by any means, but I felt it could have been better.

I enjoyed the mysteries. I hope they do more of these in the future. I found a few of them a little confusing, when I thought I had the right person, but didn't. I think it would also be hilarious if they let you drag the wrong person to the jail, and THEN find you had the wrong person ... and maybe to punish you, they'd be a hostile witness afterwards, lol. But overall, I thought it was a welcome diversion.

I enjoyed the main missions a lot. Difficult without being absurd.

I enjoyed COOP until the competitions began. Before competitions, the coop was COOPerative! After competitions started, everybody just kind of ran off trying to get points for their team.

I usually solo these, but found them wonderfully fun. I enjoyed the fact that stealth mattered. In AC3 and (to a lesser extent) AC4, I often found I could just bully and punch my way through the game. ACU, heists in particular, really pushed me to be stealthy.

Almost NO "follow" or "eavesdrop" missions. Devs: THANKYOU! I got SO tired of those in AC4. I thought I was going to lose my mind. Here, they really mixed up the missions and did some different things.

I loved Paris. I loved the number of open buildings. Compared to AC3 and AC4, the city and the people feel SO alive, and the world feels so real. It's a beautiful gameworld and it's great fun just to walk around and look at things.

Way too many. I think they should have put the chests IN the houses. Having random loot chests on the street was kind of silly, on par with exploding barrels in Half-life. And what's up with the floating cockades? In AC3, the flying almanac pages were a pain to catch, but at least there was an alleged reason for them.

AC4 style treasure maps. The treasure maps in AC4 were awesome.

AC3's homestead missions. In ACU, you buy a few coffee shops, do a few missions, and you have an income. In AC3, you actually HELPED people, they came and ADDED to your growing town, and provided you with skills, products and services you could use to create things that could then be sold. By doing naval missions, you opened new markets and made trade routes safer, and I THINK maybe some of the wilderness missions, like clearing forts and patrols, MIGHT have made the land routes safer too. It was amazing to watch the town grow, and watch how the people increased in skill and what they could make. BRILLIANT idea.

In ACU, I think it would have been awesome to go around helping people, and those people could have turned into couriers, spies, people to run to your aid when you're attacked in the street, and so on. Or maybe as you help shopkeepers, they add their skills and products to things that could be used by the revolution. There was a huge missed opportunity to create a meaningful interaction between Arno and the people on the street and to draw Arno away from his personal plight for revenge into the people's plight for freedom and justice, not unlike Connor Kenway's journey from his own revenge towards a dream of democracy for the colonists.

Whistling. Why oh why did you take away whistling?

In coop, it would have been cool to have more control over the look of the assassins, so that, instead of four Arnos, we could have had four completely different assassins. Would that have been too hard?

I would love to see an AC game where, similar to the Saints Row series or Mass Effect, you could create a main character of your OWN design, where each person's character could be different. As well, it would be cool to be able to customize the property. I've often said of Saints Row 2 and 3 that the main appeal of the game was that I felt that I was playing MY character, with MY car and MY house. It would be cool to see that kind of customization in AC as well.

While I like the weapons, too many weapons became obsolete too quickly, and too many of the high level weapons were locked behind the club competitions. As well, I hope future releases will not lock content behind companion apps, initiates (or similar gimmicks), or competitions.

On equipment: I love that the hoods and belts and so on have more than just a cosmetic purpose. I think it was brilliant, not logical, but definitely a good idea, to have each piece add something different to what Arno can carry, or how silent he is. I love the ability to customize the colors of the clothes, too. I definitely hope this kind of character customization will continue in future releases. I also loved the outfits. I thought the outfits were great. Okay, maybe most of the Black Flag outfits will give Unity's a run for their money. I loved Black Flag's outfits a LOT. But Unity had some very good outfits.

This was not necessarily a bad idea, but I feel it was handled badly. Sure, gold and silver winners got some extra boosts, and it was nice that even casual players could have a chance to win something. I like that. But it was sad that some people would play like maniacs and get millions of points ... and lose. While other people could play half an hour for a hundred thousand points and win. Weird. As well, I think it created too much of an adversarial feeling in coop, leading to a LACK of cooperative gameplay. It also led to a lot of hack-n-slash, as opposed to stealth or teamwork or tactics. I felt that was sad. It's very sad because, on the whole, I really liked coop. Unity's coop was one of the few multiplayer experiences I've had that I actually liked.

I'm curious how other people felt about story, gameplay and so on. On the whole, glitches aside, I think Unity is an AWESOME game, and it's kind of sad that the good points kind of get left behind in our (understandable) raging over the defects.

02-14-2015, 11:09 AM
Nicely put together, here are my thoughts on the matter (are spoilers till in place?):

STORY - you caught it just fine - I really miss some stronger involvement of Arno into the Creed - and coops are not enough. Not to mention that some of the coops - particularly The Tournament, Political Persecution, Heads will Roll, Les Enrages, Danton's sacrifice and Moving Mirabeau (and quite possibly also Jacobin Raid) - are taking place at the time when Arno was exiled from the brotherhood and either drinking his head off or moving around with Elise. Which takes me to my largest problem with Unity (and Rogue) - inconsistency within the timeline (same goes for ending of Rogue / beginning of Unity - and the timeline of AC3).

SIDE MISSIONS - some of it entertaining but in the end it was kinda repetitive - and I mean AC1-type repetitive. There can be too much of the good stuff... And unlike in AC3 the side stuff did not really provide any kind of back story.

Regarding other stuff you mentioned I can only agree. Some things were harder, some easier, quite probably depending on the individual approach to playing, so it was quite balanced. Not many insta-fails, but I like that there were some. When it goes with the idea of the mission doing a big mess of it should be punished by fail. With enough checkpoints it did not get too frustrating.

My main peeve with the CLUB COMPETITION is that it is much better point-wise to do the coops solo, which is absolutely against the idea of coops. So I think next time for this kind of thing real coop of at least two people should be a requirement. And actually finishing the mission to get the points.

WHISTLING definitely should have a comeback, especially with cover/hiding place kill requirements whne the NPCs just would either not come at all anywhere near the hiding place and after I led them to it Arno would either keep jumping out of the hay or the NPC would run around like crazy never getting killable.

02-14-2015, 11:52 AM
Another thing I had a LOT of fun with in Unity that I didn't use much at all in AC3 or AC4 were cover-kills. I'd go up to a room full of people, grab a guy near the door with a corner kill. Then, the others, one by one would come to investigate and I'd get them too. I've gotten as many as six guys that way.

I also had a lot more fun with berserk darts. I used berserk darts in AC4, but mostly went for sleep darts. In ACU, I used a lot of berserk darts. I also like the poison gas kills. Those were cool.

02-14-2015, 12:18 PM
STORY - I felt as though the story has been edited down so the game could be finished in time for its release date... there was definitely room to join up the sections with more background information on the characters and perhaps that may have given me a bonding.... but without that... the game feels like the story jumps around a bit and I don't care about the characters because I never saw enough of them on a personal level unlike previous AC games.

SIDE MISSIONS - I like the cafe missions and the social club missions, the murder mysteries were fun and also the paris stories... I was not overly keen on the Enigma puzzles but that was probably due to my lack of knowledge about paris landmarks..... I might have found them better without the cryptic clues.... something like upon the dome on gods own home in the latin quarter and I would have looked for a church with a domed roof in the latin quarter and searched it. The helix rift missions, I completed them and although I did not particularly like them... the idea is similar to something I would like.... instead of Arno jumping through time... we use the animus and access different Characters in time... it would need to be to locate an artefact and in order to do so... we play as Altair who sends the artefact away then we go back in the animus and jump into Ezio and as he meets people we uncover more clues and keep jumping forward and backwards through time and into different people (Assassins and Templars....we could play as Elise, or charles lee in order to track the artefact when the templars had it) to solve the clues to locate the current location of the artefact.

MAIN MISSION was ok and the story just need more background.

CO-OP I have been enjoying the co-op... a club house where we can teach new assassins how to tag, and where to crouch in missions, how to use the countdown timer would be great. The competition is quite anti co-op because of the scoring system. The glitches and tricks (some can be used to score heavily while not even at the pc)plus the fact it is unregulated means some teams can exploit loopholes to generate impossibly high scores... at the same time you can just start a single player club in the last few hours and find your rivals have such low scores you can win in an hour.... and you can do it over and over just winning the bottom bronze league.... but for all that, the competition has potential and I've met some great people and learned a lot by watching how they play.... I would have liked mini prizes on a daily basis for things like, most air assassinations inside a building during a mission or something similar.

WEAPONS, SKILLS, BOOSTS - I rarely use the boosts but I have been with people who do... and getting an ammo refill or health boost has been nice even if I thought I didn't need it but it is not something I am bothered about.
I like the skills but perhaps they could have been unlocked earlier in the main game, the weapon choices are too much, having so many means they quickly get discarded and we learn very quickly to just save money and buy the top ones.
The clothing, I like the outfits and the clothing but the levels jump too much. In previous games, each upgrade improved our gear but in Unity you can have an item that is near the top for stealth but have no health or range etc and if you want more health you lose far to much of another quality... it would have been better to have 4 columns with for melee, stealth range and health and each column is always stronger in that choice but the other qualities increase but not as much. so the best stealth hood would at least have some ranged, melee and health etc

02-15-2015, 01:01 AM
STORY- Interesting enough to do once. Arno felt detached from the brotherhood and what they want to accomplish. Now I Know for a fact why there was only one save file, playing it once will be enough for me.

SIDE MSSIONS- I hate to say it but all the stuff on my map is what saved this game for me. Lots of different things had me occupied. I especially liked the murder mystery stuff.

MAIN MISSION- Just didn't have any moments to me that stood out. The other AC titles all have something I can remember as a big moment or moments and I just didn't have that at all in Unity.

CO-OP- Remember this is just an opinion. I hate co-op. It has no place in this game series. It's a good idea in theory but will never be implemented well because of all the little things that can make it go wrong. I have read several interesting posts explaining how people are just going for points and not playing COOPERATIVELY. I am sure there are lots of good people who want to co-op and take a smart and stealthy approach and that's great but they should have left all versions of multiplayer away from the single player experience. It's no surprise to me that the first game in the series with co-op is the weakest one in the series.

WEAPONS,SKILLS,AND BOOSTS- I would never need the boosts at all. Weapons were ok, I usually always kept a dagger on all the old AC games for the speed. I missed the dagger. WHISTLING-was already mentioned but I totally agree. Also human shield, or lose half the guns in the game. Timer on eagle vision was bad and having to put points into some skills were just silly.

02-15-2015, 03:32 AM
I totally agree on the human shield. I think it's a shame with all the guns that there's no human shield or really a way to dodge most of the musket fire.

02-15-2015, 12:40 PM
I totally agree on the human shield. I think it's a shame with all the guns that there's no human shield or really a way to dodge most of the musket fire.

Use smoke bombs or rolls... human shield is so unrealistic. I only agree with it if you can human shield a knocked enemy who just needs a finisher iam ok but with a fully healty guard its just unrealistic

02-15-2015, 05:45 PM
There are a lot of unrealistic things in the game, but most of them I can deal with. I use smoke bombs all the time. It is more the for me how frequent the enemies use their guns. Having a group of 4 baddies and 3 of them shooting you is a bit much. Its unrealistic that one guy can see in a cloud of smoke while everyone is blind and choking, or that I can fall 10 stories into a hay cart. I get that they don't want us fighting off entire armies like Connor in 3, he was a one man army and combat was very easy. I like that stealth should be your go to style to avoid a bad pull. Also I don't like having something useful put in the game for a few games and then have it taken out, 3 and 4 teach us to use a human shield and Unity drops it.

02-15-2015, 06:52 PM
The game is fun but lacks serious mission. Speak, kill and loot is boring .Game has great potential. Only that developers be more creative in severity missions.Create some unique mission types, and stop repeating the same ones.AI must be improved .Needs catacombs that's going to look mysterious and full of tasks for thought. And where will be a very dangerous opponent, etc ..London is place for that.
Combat system now is improved but some stuff needs to be made more complex.Ubisoft need look Arkham games for inspiration.We need fluid combat systems.Need more strategic difficulty.And free to chose how to assassinate target with so many options rather than objectives we had to accomplish . Need more funny stuff. For example we need to find tools but without a direction where it is etc ..The murder mysteries are amazing and make it little complex. New parkour system is actualy really good ! Stealth system is good.
CO OP is very good ! More open assassination missions is good.But stop with so much crap to collect on the map ! And STOP with app !!! Simply Ubisoft has listening on what players want and that really implemented in the game !
Oh Yeah, Jack the Ripper !
And 2016 see in JAPAN !

(Sorry eng. not my native language)

02-15-2015, 06:52 PM
to keep it short:


1. Graphics.
2. Crowd density.
3. New ways of assassinations for main plot characters and some are animated too, unfortunately they are just few but hopefully they will build on this concept since its awesome.
4. Too much variety and tons of side quests which is awesome.
5. New Parkour system (there are few things i dont like there though)
6. Ability to go inside the buildings and roam around without loading.


1. Combat System, too slow and faulty in many ways, no chain kills and no shield, no counter/roll while striking or performing finishers, boring and time consuming same as AC1 combat system.
2. Companion app and initiates to unlock chests and outfits, that includes rifts artifacts that spawn randomly and you have to keep loading to collect them.
3. Story, its easy forgettable and doesnt build on the creed nor old folks who came before, also the story is just plain and doesnt get you attached, so its OK but i dont like it.
4. Lack of whistle or a replacement for attracting enemies.
5. No fast walk.
6. Sync points and upgrades, this game doesnt fall into this RPG upgrade category since all skills are basic skills for any assassin, so there are alot of basic skills locked behind sync points and the worst part is you need to progress too much in the story to unlock them, the whole concept is wrong and doesnt play well with a game such AC.
7. Forcing co-op to unlock items.
8. Now for Parkour, reverting back to old ways where you have to use two buttons to climb is not good, best way is same as AC3, safe jump and unsafe jump, you only need to use high profile to climb and jump, if you would like to make unsafe jumps, then you need to press two buttons.
9. Crouch and cover system, i know some people will disagree but to be honest this game doesnt need such techniques, ones introduced in AC3/AC4 are more than enough, anyway, it didnt bother me much since i've never used them but i always forget about fast walk and press "Space" and he goes into cover which is too much annoying.
10. too many chests which cripples the map.

02-15-2015, 09:38 PM
1 The story line and the whole concept of the game.

Game is completely broken and so poorly made it ruins it completely. I would love to read the book but playing the game is NO FUN at all.