View Full Version : trouble making the missions

02-13-2015, 11:24 PM
I buy new assassin's creed unity by the playstation store, and when I'll do the second mission speaks to stay available when I install the game , but not know how to already solve the game was downloaded online and technically supposed to tar installed, u know what can i do?

02-14-2015, 12:48 AM
I have no idea what I just read....

02-14-2015, 01:01 AM
In the XMB menu highlight the AC Unity tab, then press OPTIONS > Information > Download status. You should see your current download/install status there.

02-14-2015, 04:55 AM
I think the game is telling him/her to wait to start Mission 2 while the rest of the game installs

On paper it looked like a good idea; 'download while you play', but in practice and in most cases, the game will halt your progress until it downloads the remainder.

After experiencing this sillyness with Shadow of Mordor I now just wait for the game to fully download and install before starting it.

Hopefully the OP's issue has resolved.