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02-13-2015, 06:44 PM
Hello mates.

Everything that begins, ends.
I bring you the third and final chapter of my series "Eye for an eye '
Hope you like it.

It is suitable for cooperative too. Regards.


02-13-2015, 07:07 PM
Hey Jaavaa.

Another awesome looking map and a great way to finish off the Eye for eye trilogy. Your work continues to constantly impress us and we look forward to seeing your next project :).

02-13-2015, 07:27 PM
Thank you very much for your comment and for your support to the community of mappers. :D

Kemet nubia
02-13-2015, 09:07 PM
Love the video man, i left a message on your youtube channel and subbed, keep up the good work, this is inspiring:cool:

02-14-2015, 09:51 AM
Thanks Kemet.
I've seen your message on my youtube channel ;)

02-14-2015, 10:58 PM
Very good video, It would be great to play the maps back to back.

02-16-2015, 10:04 AM
Thank You, ImGonaG3tUsucka.

Certainly recommend playing them in order to those interested in trying them.
In the background is a mini tale of revenge that will develop during the three maps.

I myself would eventually play the three chapters consecutively with a friend, now that the cooperative mode is available.
Certainly, it takes at least over an hour to complete all three together, previously knowing the maps. if not, can take much more. :)

02-16-2015, 10:41 AM
I need to get in a COOP match with you sometime Jaavaa - I need someone to show me around the Die Hard map (unsure where to go) & with Eye for an eye 3 I am puzzled at the giant Buddha statue.
This map starts off really well, the visuals are excellent and the layout is broken up nicely into areas that blend together and keep the player guessing.
I will try again later to see if I can get to the end.

02-16-2015, 12:36 PM
Thanks Steve, we will.
I can guarantee laughs with my pronunciation of English. Also I need time to think how things are said. That is, I am slower than the bad guy's horse. :p
Only I have to find the right time, without my kid hovering. Too young for this kind of games.:)

02-16-2015, 12:55 PM
I understand - shame they can't bring out a game that uses the same editor but without the violence, then you could both make maps.

Reference Eye for an eye 3, I was trying to wingsuit over a gate after finding out I could not blow the gate open - then I found that we can simply climb over the gate.
I got to the huge buddah but could not work out how to progress beyond that area - Tried climbing the statue - if there is a grappel point I missed it - Will try again later today.

The map is fantastic so far - the outside snow sections are great.

02-16-2015, 01:50 PM
Relative to the door, is one of the reasons why the jump is slightly modified.
Many people do not know is destructible with certain weapons.
So the most obvious to me was to be able to skip it and do clearly visible to approaching her.
What happened to you is that what you faced with the look of a mapper.
The only reason I put a door is to keep enenemigos behind it in that area.

And about the statue. That's almost the end.
When you're hooked on the head of the statue of Min, have two choices:
Jump, without letting go the rope, looking at the statue and will access two grappel point (there is one on each side).
The other way is up to the pedestal only, and from there will access those two grappel point.

02-16-2015, 02:18 PM
Thank you Jaavaa

I had a look in the editor and I noticed the grappel points when I tried to fly over and parachute onto the Pagan Min statue.
From there I found a way up and then turned to wingsuit through the Geyser (Red Flowers) where I made it onto the higher up area above those pillars - I had a look around but could not work out where to go and then I made the mistake to fly back through the blood waterfall back to where the buddha is with the large hands.

I jave been trying to play through the map again and after 6 or 7 attempts had to take a break - I keep getting killed because I am rushing:mad:
This is one of my favourite maps right now.

02-16-2015, 02:45 PM
Lol. have 2 entrances, one on each side of the wall of the raised area to reach the other side of the wall. XD