View Full Version : The Annoying Dead Kings Carriage that is a SPOILER Trap and should be moved.

02-13-2015, 06:20 PM
I'm talking about the annoying and badly coded Carriage of No Choice & of No Return that drags you kicking and screaming to Saint Denis (until Mission one is completed according to other trammelled players who have mistakingly triggered that waypoint thinking they are returning to the Café Théatre (the icons, when you discern them are exactly the same)). I'm currently stuck in Saint Denis. The opening titles have been spoiled, and the dlc opener is about to be spoiled. I needed to rereturn to the Île Saint Louis in order to collect my earnings (why don't they just get added auto?). Yet when the map opens, it is zoomed right out. I can barely see what is what, even on a giant 55"Bravia, plus the icons on the map are very unuser friendly, colourless wise. Would it not be logical to ask us "Do you wish to start the Dead King's DLC? Yes? No? And once we are unwittingly shunted there: Would you like to return to the Île Saint Louis and leave Dead Kings? as an option in the options menu?, or better yet for more SPOILERWARES make the unwelcome thing unavailable until it is ready story and SPOILERwise so it can be played and enjoyed when players actually want to play the thing.

I'm not the only one this has happened to. I see four other entries when making a search online about this. And if that many had issues, then others also did under different search glosses not to mention those who had it but didn't post.

Now I read your SPOILER thread Ubisoft. Bannings and other nazicistic reactions to those whom offend... So, is the bright spark whom made all these mis-decisions being banned form his job for life? No, I should think not. Just give ím five years packing AC game discs into boxes in china (next to the iPhone factory that has nets installed around the sleeping quarters so the depressed over-worked children don't die when they throw themselves off the top of the dorm building (sad, but very true).

Really all that needs doing is moving the carriage AWAY from the Île Saint Louis. To the north-west edge of the map towards Saint Denis would be perfect.

And lastly despite my whinging, I still wish to say thank you very much for giving us the Dead Kings DLC.At least your heart is in the right place Ubisoft. I look forward to playing Dead Kings once I finish playing in this recreation of my favourite city in the whole wide world, once I finish the story therein.

02-13-2015, 07:58 PM
How many times (in other games) I did something accidentally that I had no intentions to do? If I could have a dime for each I'd could buy myself a nice car. If such thing happened to you for the first time ever, well, you have a lesson learned: always zoom in on the map. I'm sorry you spoiled yourself the dlc, but a rant?