View Full Version : AC Unity D.I.C.E & BAFTA Nominations

02-12-2015, 01:19 PM
First of all, congratulations for the various D.I.C.E & BAFTA Nominations for AC Unity. Well deserved.

Thankfully, your own peers are acknowledging the incredible achievements that went into creating AC Unity and if anything, getting praise from your own peers - those who know, how hard it is to make such a AAA game - should ease the backlash you received from the code illiterate mob (I am talking about the profession, calling themselves*video game journalists* especially) on release.

Now that the dust has settled down, I see more and more people in my social media sphere figuring out what some of us knew on Day 1 = this game is incredible and a technical(!) masterpiece! What this engine is capable of doing, the amount of animations, art assets, sound design, etc, etc, etc in it, is incredible!

Yes, some open world jinks are still in it, just like with Skyrim or GTA V, etc - but this is making petty complaints, ignoring the bigger picture. I play video games for 40 years now, and am awestruck again and again, when walking through the streets of AC Unity's Paris.

Video games have come a long way.