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02-10-2015, 02:31 PM
Hey guys. I am the leader for the club called Noxxies and we are now recruiting active players. By active i mean players that will answer the call when you get an invite to join co-op missions and heists, the main focus of our club is to win competitions. For that we need players that are willing to play at least a couple of hours per day and a couple of times a week with us in order to get points enough to win the coming competitions. We are a tight group and teamwork is valued as our number 1 priority. A lot of our members has headsets so usually those take charge during our sessions. We have quite a few officers that you will get to know and i trust these guys. We have a certain playstyle that you will learn during your time with us and. Just one little warning though, if you do not answer the invite or do not accept during an extended period you will be kicked and that is the only way it can happen. All in all we are focused on one thing, winning competitions so if you feel like joining us please write here or on PSN.

My playerid on PSN is Dannemannr14life
I hope to see you all in the club.
Our tag is NOXX