View Full Version : XBOne Looking for a Club or members to join my 1 man Club.

02-10-2015, 05:18 AM
I'm tired of being a 1 person Club! Out of the 6 competitions I have won 4 on my own, placed a very close 2nd and a 3rd during the week the servers were down. I'm looking for a club in the USA in the Eastern time zone on Xbox one with members who play to win and have FUN doing it. I am Legend with every skill. I use the Eagle of Sugar and have every piece of Legendary Equipment that has been unlocked or I won all upgraded, I've also purchased and upgraded every weapon and piece of equipment in the game which I can switch out on a per mission basis, I wear the McFarlane Master Assassin Outfit. I created my own club called NoShadow (NSHW) Gold Division 1, I am willing to accept any level member who is willing to put in playing time and can earn a PLAYING ALONE MINIMUM of 200,000 Creed Points per week (If you had to play alone) I would prefer to join an established club that uses group tactics and communication but I'm willing to give It a go if I get enough join requests.(Headphones are a must) my gamertag is Seraph Irae send me a message if you think I'd make a good fit in your Club.