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02-08-2015, 03:48 PM
I recently finished my first AC game, Black flag, and it was amazing. I'm debating whether to buy another AC game and currently out of what has been released recently, Unity and Rogue, Unity looks like the better one. Rogue has basically the same graphics as BF and you are not even an assassin. However the ratings for unity is rather low but after reading why, most are because of problems with the Uplay or because it was a rebranded old game. Neither is really relevant to me because the most problems are fixed and I have never played the old game so the old stuff is still new to me.
So my questions are:
How is Unity's gameplay?
Is Unity the same level as AC BF?
In BF, there are essentially 2 aspects of gameplay, ship sailing stuff and land based stuff. In Unity there is only land based stuff so as someone who really enjoyed mostly the ship sailing stuff in BF, is Unity worth it?
Is there more to the land stuff in Unity than what was in AC BF?

02-08-2015, 04:48 PM
It depends on many things....

With Unity
Your PC specification must be quite reasonable... check out the requirement specs... you can play it with slightly lower specs but you may have to lower your resolution and turn the settings down or off.
There are some bugs that are being worked on , like some gear and weapons not unlocking and random pauses and some people have problems in specific points in the game.... but the game is vast, when you first see the map and see how many items, missions and collectibles there are... it is a lot (maybe too many) but you can go through them and get value for money by how long you can take to play the game.
The detail is incredible, the NPC's do interesting things, even the animals are good, the sounds are good and the graphics look great... some people are concerned by the detail on the background buildings 4 or 5 streets away and if you are someone who will obsess over the little things, or you can overlook 10,000 great things and only see 10 bugs then Unity is probably not for you. Don't get me wrong... these can annoy you but it is not life threatening.

The club competitions are not set out as well as they could be and there are various ways to constantly win or constantly earn points, but the co-op is good and I've met some great people from as far away as India, China, Middle east, Asia, Russia, Europe, Scandinavia... 1 other English guy ;) and lots from America. Kenways Fleet was great in BF and it's a pity we couldn't have a multiplayer pirate convoy and attack huge armadas of spanish ships in BF but Unity's co-op is fun.

Rogue will have sailing and I'm looking forward to that, BF was incredible as you have said... but Revelations and AC3 were also amazing and at the moment you can find them at ridiculously low prices in sales and on ebay.

If you want a more modern story I cannot recommend Far Cry 3 enough... FC4 is out and is fantastic but FC3 characters are unbelievably awesome and again it is so cheap it is not a bargain it is a steal.

If you want to wait till after the next patch or you think your system is not up to it.... get Rogue or one of the others.

02-08-2015, 05:10 PM
If you like sailing and that kind of stuff, than Rogue, because Unity hasn't got any of that. Also, that game has fairly low hardware requirements (although they do list Core 2 Quad or Athlon II X4 as minimum, but I think that that's exaggerated; the rest are 2GB RAM and Radeon 5670, which is really low).

Rogue, though, is a kind of a minor spin off. Unity is the true sequel. It's a huge game, Paris is beautiful (much more than locations in any of the North America based AC games) and it's really vivid. You go to a street where there are protests, you hit one guard and a full on riot breaks out. The topology is much more interesting. You can go around, above or through buildings, and sometimes also below. If you need to go inside a building, there are usually multiple entry points. The side missions are bountiful and this game is in the top two AC games in that respect. The main story, IMO, isn't that great and the game is still a bit buggy, but, apparently, Rogue isn't much better in those respects either.

If you lean towards Unity, keep in mind that you really need a strong PC to play it. These would be the minimum specs that I would recommend:

CPU: Intel Core i5 (any) | AMD FX-6300
GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 680 or GTX 770 | AMD Radeon HD 7870 or R7 270X

With that hardware you can count on running the game at 1920x1080 with fairly high details and fairly smooth performance.

02-08-2015, 06:13 PM
Thank you for your replies.
I do like sailing but I dont see why I would pay another $50 to buy rogue when I can do it in Black flag just the same. As for Unity's graphics requirements, based on benchmarks and youtuber's specs, I am expecting ~50 fps on high - max.
Ill probably take a look at far cry 3. Liked far cry 4 but some missions seem a bit rough on the edges.

02-08-2015, 06:59 PM
You are in for a treat... not only will you meet Willis again but Buck, Sam and Vaas are brilliant. FC3 is my all time favourite game. over 400 hours played and it is still great to replay.

02-08-2015, 07:15 PM
from gameplay experience unity is awesome and how Ac should be. Ofc it has some weakpoints like some features got deleted which existed in previous games but you can live with that. Difficulty is raised which is good and the city is beatifull. The story however is not that great. I think rogue has the better story. If you want an Ac with pretty good story i recommend Ac 3 or Ac 2/brotherhood.

And for far cry 3 . You definatly have to paly it. Story is very awesome and the characters are well made. What i liked most about the game you couldnt forsee what will happen and how the game will end.

02-09-2015, 07:52 AM
If you played only AC4 and choosing between Rogue and Unity get AC3 :p
Rogue is just a big standalone DLC for AC4
Unity is too short and too "basic", with most gameplay features being removed or simplified.