View Full Version : XBOne [XBOne] Multiplayer still not working

02-07-2015, 06:36 PM
Unity multiplayer for friends worked one time for me and my friends. That was Wednesday for about an hour, ever since then it went back to a connection error try again later. That is the same response every time we try to connect. There was that big patch in December, but we downloaded the game two weeks ago. Player with random players works fine, no problems what so ever, but you can't play with your actual friends? We have uninstalled U play (heard that could work) it didn't work. We have uninstalled the game and re-installed, (heard to try that), that didn't work. We changed our port settings on our Xbox one, and even replaced a modem and router...still nothing. What is going on with this multiplayer or is UbiSoft given up? Or did we miss the new way to finally get it to work?

02-08-2015, 02:39 AM
Same problem with PC. Can't see friend in "online", but he shows in "In-game". We can send game requests, but we can't accept them. We also can't see the request in in game message section. Only in Uplay when we tab/alt to desktop. Im REALLY disappointed in Ubisoft. I HOPE, that they don't release next AC game in this year. They should check and recheck it tens of times and after that recheck it again. They should take as much time to make their game PERFECT and WORKING before releasing it. I don't care if it takes 5 year as long they do it right. I swear a god if they F**k up next one, then it will be the last Ubisoft game I will ever buy.