View Full Version : PS4 In need of more rangers! [MightyMorphnWolfPack]

02-06-2015, 09:02 PM
MightyMorphnWolfPack [MMWP]

We are 11 members currently and are willing to accept more in our club.

Our club has yet to lose for 5 weeks in a row and we have been active since the game came out. We currently have a x1.4 and only missing the last 10% to make it a solid x1.5.

We may not have as many legends inside, cause of jobs and life in the real world, But every member works as a machine. If a member wants the winning gear, we will push ourselves beyond the limit to win. Otherwise play for fun and enjoy racking up points.

And as for one special thing around our club, we do not have a strict color preference. If you ever watched power rangers, or follow jason david frank around, we go by that color scheme. Pick a color, you are that color ranger. Outfits are also allowed if desired.

To join, all you have to do is when you're in the game of Unity, look up those FOUR letters (our club gamertag) in the club search, request to join, and we will accept you immediately. We would gladly help anyone to rank up, gladly help get any sync points, and gladly play along side with you all.

Best of Luck

Leader of MightyMorphnWolfPack [White Ranger]