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02-05-2015, 03:55 PM
Who likes tracks? Well, even if you donít (why would you be reading this?!), we do! Here are 5 more awesome tracks being made available for every Trials Fusion platform. Please note that some of these tracks are on the extreme side of the difficulty scale. What tracks are they? Read on, friends. Read on.


Rhomulus X9 by illobear
So, people were worried. And they should have been, because this track is freaking difficult. I feel like that dude on the phone when that guy calls and he says ďIíll find youĒ, and then I get to say ďGood LuckĒ. Thatís how hard this track is going to be for some people. Oh, youíre also in space, and jumping around on a technical driving line. In this case, people CAN hear you scream in space. Be kind to your neighbors and just quietly seethe on the inside.

Hereís a video for the people who donít feel like throwing their controllers through their televisions.


ďNothingnessĒ by TEKIPLOW
Not as difficult as Rhomulus X9, but I still assume that most people will eat some dirt before getting a solid run in. Thereís a difficult line, but the decoration is what Iím seeing the most, and itís not as easy to describe as I would like. Weíll just go with mechanimals, thereís like a metal jelly-fish.

If you rage quit Rhomulus, donít miss out on Nothingness.


An der frischen Luft by KingDurex
Nature tracks can be difficult to get to look natural, but An der frischen Luft (Outdoors) is exactly what its name implies while be a nice blend between flowing speedrun line, and technical driving action. The world looks completely believable and the driving line, while easy to see, fits well with the environment.

Check out this video and relax as no wildlife is going to come eat your face.


Blackened by ConfusedMuscles
Letís get it out of the way. CM changed platforms. It happens. The good news is that Blackened will be playable by everyone who has Trials Fusion and the DLCs that were used in building the track. Speaking of the track, itís a technical uphill. I like that. I also like the almost ominous quality of this ore processing plant, which is what I assume I am driving through.

Check out the video if you need a refresher on why ConfusedMuscles is well known as a good builder.


Lashangri by CouPaln GoTiEr
Ok, so floating islands may not be the most original idea, but this track takes it seriously and offers up an amazing multiple route line that has a ton of detail packed in. So much detail that Iím actually wondering who might have built this world. Lashangri is a technical uphill, so you know Iím onboard with it.

Honestly, check out the video, but go and play the track.


Did you enjoy the more difficult tracks this week? Did you miss having more medium and below tracks? Let us know what you like and give us some sweet examples. You never know, you could be the missing step between your favorite tracks being added to Uplay Recommended.

- Shifty

02-05-2015, 04:10 PM
I wasn't expecting the next trials drop for a few days, since the sc drop was yesterday, Can't wait to give these a go.

02-05-2015, 04:48 PM
Sweet... forgot it was Thursday! :D

edit: Liked all the tracks this week, though Rhomulus was pretty difficult for me... 51 faults with a mini-rage lol.... :o

02-05-2015, 09:22 PM
Liked all the tracks this week, though Rhomulus was pretty difficult for me...

Yep pretty nice track. Nice tracks as always. Do you find the second version of Lashangri ?

02-05-2015, 10:04 PM
Yep pretty nice track. Nice tracks as always. Do you find the second version of Lashangri ?

I didn't know there was a second version, firing the game up now to have a look. :D

edit: it was cool up until the jump across the pit with the fender-grab, I had 15 faults up to then, 109 when I got past that bit lol, and 111 at the end. It just needed a checkpoint on the other side of that jump, was annoying having to repeat/fail the fender grab bit just to get to that ledge bit I was stuck on lol... :cool:

02-05-2015, 11:38 PM
Im happy if i got past this with 109 faults :p. Later i want to try it again.

Rudemod 69
02-09-2015, 12:04 PM
Nice drop, really good tracks. Nice to see some trickier tracks get some love.