View Full Version : The WRONG story!!!

02-04-2015, 10:58 AM
the combat in AC Unity was a roaring success as was the beauty of the game and the massive crowds on screen atr one time with very little or no duplicates, thats as much praise as i can give it however... but i think its main failure is the stepping away from the first civ story arc and the modern day missions, though they have been poor since the removal of a thrid person main character (what were they thinking turning a completely third person series into half a first person half a third person!) As I played Unity all I thought was they are telling the wrong story! who cares about this lets make templars and assassins friends stuff?! the real unity story should have been about the Sword of Eden and the codex from the intro! the templars searching for De Moleys vault so they can use those items in the French revolution to easily win and seize the power for them selves! hell the romance stuff could have easily fit into that! but what do we get? a shot of it in the intro then its never mentioned again except for Arno's "what the hell was that?!" comment at the end (Really?! thats it?) and when you win it just passes into your equipment... no big deal and no mention of the codex again as far as I could tell... unless that's what Napoleon took from the kings chamber not sure about that. They seemed more into their micro transactions than staying true to the assassins creed feel. Like most of you I look forward to the assassins creed games every year and feel ridiculously let down by unity especially after the master piece that was black flag! hell if black flag had the combat mechanics of unity it would have been the perfect game!