View Full Version : AC 4 , lost progress

02-02-2015, 06:23 PM
What happened with the Uplay cloud? I made all the story and had the ship full upgraded. I decided to install it again to try to complete AC 4 100% but all my progress has been lost. Why? It will be so annoying to do everything from 0% ! :( :(

02-02-2015, 08:19 PM
Uplay cloud is simply buggy. Today AC: Unity started at 0% for me, even though I have a 100% savefile. My savefile wasn't even being overwritten at first, yet the game insisted on starting from the very beginning. I had to disable the cloud, load my 100% save and make sure it saved once, then enable cloud saves again and let it upload the new save. Now everything is back to normal, but it seems to be an issue for many (most?) people that the Uplay cloud randomly loses your progress. Because of how Uplay works it will then automatically overwrite your perfectly fine save file, which means that anyone who's not taking backups can randomly lose their progress forever.

02-02-2015, 08:56 PM
I tell people this all the time: uPlay cloud is pointless unless you're playing on multiple computers. Turn it off and just make local backups on your hard drive. Too much can go wrong when its constantly replicating those files to and from the server and then deleting your local files.

Find the thead for the uPlay backup app Yaz made. I'm pitching it all the time. It'll back up your saves for you.

02-02-2015, 10:57 PM
Woah, before u do anything rash...

It happened to me recently too. Check ur save slot number 1 - 3

See if theres a file with the word old in it.
Should have the time and date the latest u played on.

If yes backup all the files and delete the word old and overwrite or delete the other file without the word old in it.

"old" is ur original save file...
Dunno what reason that happens... Maybe an auto backup met huh od when something wrong with the cloud?

When I did this all my progress is back.