View Full Version : Level Editor for Trials Frontier?

X QuickNova X
02-02-2015, 01:51 PM
Are we ever going to have a level editor system? It would be cool to make our own tracks and get other players to set their best times on them:D:D

02-23-2019, 05:22 PM
Hello, but from the future!

It was possible to make and edit levels for the Android & iOS game, Trial Frontiers. You would go to the credits, and click the little button, with the Ubisoft logo on it. Then, it would take you to a screen with touch screen controls, with the ability to place objects, change backgrounds, and so on.

If my memory is correct, this was in the game until version 4.4.0, or older.

There used to be a video documenting this, but it appears it has been taken down, hence I can no longer access it.

As for Ubisoft's side, sure, there may be a level editor at some point, but no where in the future. We still hope that, one day, the gods will give us the power to make our own levels, without needing to know C# or Swift and spend a helalalot of time poking around the game's engine and such.

Hope this gave you info, traveler from the past! :o

02-23-2019, 05:30 PM
Psst, also found https://rutube.ru/video/37eb1aa5288e5341ff6d117e9cb87f2f/ this video, which gives a behind the scenes look on how it used to be! I also learned through this video, that, the main-menu is actually a level!

The person recording this moved the scenery and buildings a bit, and also revealed that there was a sidebar with different categories for each object available, and also a ton of debug stats. I think this level editor was kept in the game by accident, used by the developers while making the game. They most likely forgot to patch it out of the game, so it remained there, until we discovered it.