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02-02-2015, 12:10 AM
Dear Ubisoft and Assassin's Creed Fans,

I wish to post some ideas to help with the Assassin's Creed franchise. Anyone who read this post is welcome to add their own ideas for the series (just PLEASE be nice about).

A. Victory:
1) From what Ubisoft reveled about the next addition there will be a carriage-fist battle. I think what might make a nice addition is the assassin's not only travel in the carriage, the carriage can be an early James Bond spy car. The carriage can have secret gears and weapons that adds the assassin's fight against the Templar's.
2)Victory should also reintroduce the race mini-games, from running around London to reach the check points to horse track races to earn money.
3) The hidden amore from Unity and Rouge did not provide much (property wise) compared going through the trouble of obtaining. If ACV also introduces an hidden amour or weapon, they should have superior quality in defenses, abilities and features (lesser damage from enemies, hold more ammo, reduce enemy detection, etc.)
4) The customization of weapons and amour can be taken further by letting players choose what to upgrade. For an example, if a player has a pistol the player can choose rather to improve the pistol's damage output or add more ammo.
5) If Victory can include the ability to call upon Assassin's AI like in Brotherhood and AC3 they should give the player the opportunity to program them to accomplish certain task and performance. An example you can be in an open space and have some targets to assassinate and distract, you can open up an menu and instruct them where to go, where to hide and wait, who to assassinate, and who to distract.
6) Ever since the first AC the eagle visions has follow the same basic principle of finding targets and objects. In future installations Ubisoft should include a new functions to the eagle vision in battle . What I am thinking is that when the player enters a conflict and activates the eagle vision instead of hid lighting the enemy's/allies the player enters a state where everything is in slow motion which gives the player to move stiffly and deals enormous damage to the opponents.
7) In order for mission's events and conflict to be more interesting, ACV should include button tapping and order sequences into the play mix. Basically what happens is when a player enters a conflict the player can initiate an opportunity for kill streak. Than the player can enter certain buttons icons displayed and the player have to pressed the button on the controller in the correct row and timing to defeat the enemies. Similar the AC Liberations only with more target selections and moves options. This also can work during missions where the main character must follow sequences of button icon input (pressing) displayed to make a scene where the player not only successfully avoid his/her opponent's but eliminate the target (similar to Pirates of the Carribiean: At World's End game PS2)

B. Arno, Connor and future
Although the story conclusions of AC3 and Unity was somewhat short, their story is not over. I believe Ubisoft will not only continue telling Arno story, they will also include Connor, Shay, even Aveline. I imagine that when Napoleon declared himself emperor of France and began hunting down both Assassin's and Templar's (because they are a threat and might be related to Shay's revolution ideas). This situation not only creates a situation where Assassin's from other countries coming together to repel the threat, they also corporate with Templar's.
If this does become the main story plot for a new release not only will this provide more open world, but also provide an option for players can take up the role of different main character from previous AC games. These characters can also have their own abilities and advances. For an example, Connor (AC3) can have additional battle strength and rides the Aquila (love to see that back in action) while Arno can have an advantage in stealth and puzzle solving, while a Templar character can acquire money. Also Ubisoft should give the Arno and Connor some comfort in what they were fighting for and give them some sort of sense of peace.

Hope this helps Ubisoft with some ideas for the franchise. Any who reads this is welcome to add their own ideas for the franchise.


02-02-2015, 12:16 AM
Ubisoft please listen to this guy. He knows what he's talking about. That seriously sounds sweet.