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02-01-2015, 08:57 PM
So I solo'ed a two player co-op mission and fulfilled all objectives perfectly for each stage, yet when it was complete, I only got 1/3 of the promised rewards (skill points, gear, etc.).

What's up with that?

I mean, it's bad enough they are forcing MP game play in this game by tying the skill points to co-op missions, but they feel they must penalize those who solo it as well? Seriously? What is this? Match.com for nerdy teens?

02-01-2015, 09:15 PM
For the points, there are some 'hidden' in the mission and you have to find them. It is a pain in the ***, because some are way ut of the mission area (youtube it). For the gear you have to play a co-op 3 times to get them all. Personally I think it is bs to forces people to play a co-op 3 times to unlock all the gear.

02-01-2015, 11:02 PM
Oh, yeah. Thanks for the reminder. Back in Nov. (before I put the game on hold), I now remember reading about the hidden pickups. I don't remember reading about having to play it multiple times to get everything. You're right. That sucks.

On a tangentially related subject, as skill points seem to be scarce (hence my foray into solo'ing co-op missions), I only just now purchased the Money Pouch skill as I haven't considered it a high priority. Excuse me?!??!!? I have to give a vendor money to get back money to throw on the ground? What kind of inane logic is this?

02-02-2015, 12:14 AM
If you ever find a vendor in real life who exchanges his money in return for nothing... let me know their location ;)

Everything (I believe) you can buy from a vendor can be looted from bodies you may have to loot many to find the right items but you will always get money anyway so you are not using your money but stolen money to buy items....and besides, you should see it as buying counterfeit money in a special bag designed to scatter the coins to use as a distraction.

You are not compelled to do the missions and heists multiple times... you can just complete the game ... the additional gear is there if you feel you want or have to obtain it... it rewards the first 3 times you do the co-op so you can see what it is, what it can do and decide if it is worth replaying the mission....

you could just buy a game that as soon as you start it... it says Well done you have completed it 100% and got every achievement and every reward you are the greatest..... but it's more fun for most people to earn things... it gives us a sense of personal satisfaction to have beaten something, someone or got an achievement. If you do not want that... don't do it.

02-02-2015, 02:23 AM
Well, before you get dizzy from standing up there so high on that judgmental soapbox, please reread my two posts. My reason for doing these co-op missions is for the skill points, not the other rewards. The gear itself, though, is not trivial and can't be put under the "completionist" OCD umbrella. Different gear has different stats in this game. Wanting to get it all without having to replay the same mission multiple times has nothing to do with getting some stupid 100% completion achievement.

02-02-2015, 02:48 AM
Aren't you being judgemental saying something is inane ? :D or something "sucks" because you do not like it... ? but this is a forum and I'm used to people trying to make a debate personal when someone dares to voice a different opinion ;) Plus you say you only want the skill points not the rewards but contradict yourself by saying you want it without replaying the same mission... so I'm not clear on what it is you are trying to say.:confused:

The people who make the game make the rules... if the rules say you must do this or that... x amount of times to get this or that... then that is the game... just because you want it but do not want to work for it or you want to change the rules to suit you... regardless of what others may want.... will not make it happen. The co-op missions do not need to be done more than once If you're doing it for the skill points, every one is achievable by playing each mission just once, but that is everyones prerogative.

Heists can take as little as 6 minutes once I saw it in under 4 minutes so I do not think 8 or 12 minutes too much to ask if I want them items and.....

Besides... after the mission/ heist story at the beginning (which can be skipped by holding the E key) it is exactly the same as playing any other part of the game... same guards same weapons same kills... everything the same... you press the same keys and you go somewhere and interact with something.

Also re-reading your first post... it is only MP if you play with others not if you solo-ed a mission ;) so nobody is forced to MP

02-02-2015, 08:07 PM
My inane statement was based on logic and is, therefore, objective. Your statements and play style preferences were based on opinion and are, therefore, subjective. Try as you might, you can't equate the two. The "that sucks" statement you conveniently cited out of context. It was just a statement of agreement with The Rabbit. Entire context: "You're right. That sucks."

My point was that I don't need some self-appointed father figure to instill in me the life lessons of gaming like I was some eight year child. Like you, I'm an adult and have been gaming for decades, and I don't need you to teach me about free will in gaming. It's completely inappropriate and off-topic in the context of the subject of my thread as this isn't about earning some achievement nor getting some item just for sake of completing my wardrobe.

Ubisoft is, in fact, forcing MP game play. Co-op missions can only be solo'ed once, so if I want to get all the gear, or pick up the skill points I missed the first time around, then I'm out of luck. After I play a private session, the next time I click the mission icon (for the same mission), I can only choose a public session (private option is greyed out). Clicking the public session does nothing but queue me up while waiting for someone else to join. (And in offline mode, I can't click either option. Sounds obvious, but I mean one would hope that at least a 'private session' would still be available. It's not.)

Anyway, respond if you must. Hopefully, you don't. If you do, I'll do you the courtesy of reading it, but I won't reply any further. Like you, I think, I have no real interest nor motivation to argue with strangers over the internet.

02-02-2015, 11:42 PM
Coming to a forum and making a statement is the very last thing you should do if you do not want a response from strangers over the internet :D

Oh still with the personal attack... your views are logical (I'm assuming that you are the sole judge of that) and mine are mere opinion... and I'm the one up in the dizzy heights lol :D

although you do raise a point about the co-op missions... I've done them solo loads of times so I am not sure if you have a glitch or not but my play in private has never been greyed out. I did "it belongs in a museum" 5 consecutive times last night as it has 70,000 livres each time if undetected.