View Full Version : Unity is a big flaw, tell you why i hate it so much!

02-01-2015, 04:30 AM
i can't say how angry and upset i am!!!!!!

let's have my point clear first:
if ubisoft has AC like Unity again, i am gonna drop AC!!!!!!!

since Altair, i am a big fan of AC. i explored every single game of it, and i was satisfied. nice story, nice structure, nice graphic, everything was fine, until Unity.

in short, Unity is a big pill of ****. you know what? if ubisoft keeps making nice game, i don't mind you guys release an AC every half year to suck my money, and i would be happier. now, you guys made this pill of ****, and have me pay $70, i really felt my loyalty had been abused.

first of all, the game is intent to be over-difficult. no whistle, no basic assassination skill, even no guy, no knife, no double kill, no everything. are you kiding me?!!! wtf that setting is?!!!

and then there is a ridiculous phone app for this game to open box! wtf that setting is?!!! i really don't mind you have double numbers of boxes instead of having this piece of **** wasting my time!!

the thing today drove me crazy, i was almost so angry, that i was about to throw my gamepad to the ground, is the saving points are too ****ing few! i spent lots of time assassinating Templars and met a few guards got killed. i did that stupid mission for almost 2 hours!!!! wtf!!!!!!

you know what, i really feel there is absolutely not sincerity from ubisoft that they want to make this series better. the most great hit Ezio was several years before now and the games are one worse than another. i feel so tired of them.

if you guys don't know how to make good AC any more, i hope you guys just end the story. i can tell there is a big plan for you guys to suck money, but please, at least it has to be worthy.

02-01-2015, 05:17 AM
oh yeah, forgot to mention the stupid micro transaction

even gameloft they release a stupid game with this sucking feature, they set the game free.

what about Unity? $70 and with micro transaction???? was that not enough, huhh?