View Full Version : XBOne XBOX Club (ADOX) Adrastianox Recruiting

01-31-2015, 04:14 PM
(ADOX) Adrastianox is looking for all types of players I am Gold 5 Diamond Legend Rank averaging 3-400k creed points by myself atm and am looking for some multiplayer people any rank or strength to help fill my club. I Have won 2 weekly contests(both since I started) and am interested in winning all of them to unlock all the benefits/gear/gold possible. If you are looking for a laid back club yet competitive and active search for us and apply I will accept all and together we will conquer the competition to unlock the legendary gear. Search ADOX or Adrastianox and apply today as I would like to fill all 50 spots so we can easily make all the other clubs look foolish. I am also a Tech and proficient in IT and programming so if you are having issues with your connection etc I can help you resolve all those issues so we can all have fun together on AC Unity and many other games in the future. Thanks all hope to see you in game soon.