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01-30-2015, 05:38 AM
For the past few months the cave has refused to register my times on the leader board. I got a score that should put me in 11th or so place and it says my score is that when you select the track but the leader boards won't update it. It keeps my old times. The worst part is I have beaten my old time several times over but never the new one so nothing updates it. I would have posted this earlier but the showdowns came out and then i took a month long hiatus (which I've just returned from) from the game so i forgot about it.

01-30-2015, 01:42 PM
Mati had the same problem. He actually has the WR for that track but it never registers. He thought it was because there was something about going below 10 seconds. But maybe there is more to it. Did you go under 10 seconds each time?

01-30-2015, 06:58 PM
Yes I have gone under 10 seconds at least three times and neither times above or below register. my best time is 9.953

02-03-2015, 09:13 AM
Anything above 6.5 seconds will be saved in the leaderboard. Can you elaborate more about the bug?

02-03-2015, 09:45 AM
This is what happened to MatiSport back in July


02-03-2015, 11:19 AM
Yes, it should be fixed now.

02-03-2015, 11:40 AM
Is it possible that a personal best set before the glitch was fixed is the problem? The leaderboard personal best is slower than the actual personal best. Any times that beat the leaderboard personal best but not their actual best time are not added to the leaderboard. I think this is what Sespion means.

Example - Mati's PB is 9.808. But his leaderboard time is 10.0xx. He now sets a time of 9.9xx. It doesn't record on the leaderboard as it's not an actual PB, even though it beats the leaderboard time. The only way for him to set a new leaderboard time is if he beats 9.808. So he's stuck with a 10.0xx time unless he beats 9.808.

02-03-2015, 10:49 PM
It is not fixed for me so i must have set it before the fix. It still sets my time on the leaderboards as higher than my PB. Also Iviark your example is exactly what happens. If I beat my Leaderboard but not PB it won't update.

02-18-2015, 04:06 AM
Just to update I, against all odds, beat my old time and the leaderboards updated so if you can post fix it it can be salvaged.