View Full Version : Uplay cloud not working! I have to start all over!

01-26-2015, 02:56 PM
I turned my computer off as always but when I woke up and accessed ACU it says "Cloud and Local saves are out of sync". I thought ok no problem I'll just use the cloud. Everytime I did uplay would crash! So I decided to use the Local save and it booted with the Helix intro and it put me into the very first mission at the castle. Cloud has been broken for me for 3 days already and I was looking forward to using the Schianova sword. I really don't want to restart because I've already unlocked a majority of equipment and I've beaten both the story and dlc. I spent days and days farming heists, doing quests, etc for this to happen!

01-27-2015, 05:57 AM
Unless you're playing on multiple machines, there's no reason to use the cloud. Your hard drive and doing a backup of your save files once in a while is more reliable than resyncing with the cloud every time. Too much can go wrong swapping those files out every time you play.

Sorry this happened to you. I learned the hard way once too. Turn cloud saves off in the settings and just keep a local copy. I use Yaz's backup tool which can be set to run while you're playing and make a backup every X number of minutes. It's great. There's a thread on here with more info.