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01-26-2015, 10:17 AM
Hello there! Playing on Unity and looking for a club to get club competition goodies then look no further as UrbanAssassins maybe for you.
We have currently won 3 club competitions in a row, since our club was founded we haven't lost a single club competition and are on our way to winning the fourth in afew hours.
As we are currently in Gold Division 3 we're looking for more people to win the goodies club competitions have to offer we currently have 13/50 members and have completed 8/11 objectives giving us a x1.5 creed point boost

We're looking for players who regularly play, can communicate with mics, who understand the creed point system and ways to get sufficient creed points per member of the group

Our club leaders GT is SEMER, if you're considering joining give me a message my gamertag is ScrummyD :)