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01-22-2015, 10:07 PM
good :
My name is Jonay ( nick: Er_Iac0 ) I'm a little tired , going into clans, supposedly assets, and never find anyone to play with ...
Currently I am part of a Spanish clan, and hope this weekend get match one of its members , if not the case and this post is well received , I am willing to create a social club , I have private server teamspeak and I wide availability ...

a greeting

Mi nombre es Jonay (nick: Er_Iac0) estoy un poco harto, de entrar en clanes, supuestamente activos, y de nunca encontrar a nadie con quien jugar...
actualmente formo parte de un clan espaņol, y espero en este fin de semana conseguir coincidir con alguno de sus miembros, si no fuera el caso y este post tiene buena acogida, estoy dispuesto a crear un club social, dispongo de servidor privado de teamspeak y tengo una amplia disponibilidad...

un saludo

01-23-2015, 05:28 AM
I feel you man, it's very boring to play co-op missions by yourself and with random people. However, maybe you should join my clan/club. We almost do all of our co-op together while we are having fun doing it. Being 1st place every week in club competitions is our goal and so far we haven't failed yet. You will find that we are very competitive. I hope you decide to check us out.