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  14. A few things, from a fellow game dev
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  16. Game does not start
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  18. Cant find the config file to change the res for this anywere
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  25. Up arrow spamming in menu
  26. Can you store your default pistol and cricket bat?
  27. Does this version still have the supermarket bug
  28. Anyone know how to skip the annoying startup logos on the PC version?
  29. Buckingham Palace error
  30. Generator bug
  31. ZOMBI glitch just screwed me!!!!!!!
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  38. Game doesn't start
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  42. Game breaking bug Survive Arena and ubisoft cba to answer my ticket.
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  44. Thank you! I just survived!
  45. When??
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  49. Patch v.1.1 available now for PC!
  50. Searching for Diagram of PS4 controller actions for Zombi
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  52. Anyone know where to get or has savegames for certain areas?
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  59. Thoughts On The Game?
  60. How to fight ? Seems the PC mouse doesn't work as it should
  61. White/Gray bar bottom right across from Mini Map never disappears.
  62. PS4 Zombi 'Survive the Arena' glitch - STILL no response or fix
  63. Can't quit game, always shows as running.
  64. Zombi Game-breaking glitch pls fixed it!
  65. [PS4] Wasted 2 hours of my life trying to finish "Get inside the Supermarket"
  66. Great game -scary but with knightmare bugs
  67. Bug on The Nursery
  68. Got a blue screen shooting with the sniper carabin
  69. zombi Ps4 fuel is gone
  70. Fallen down Elevator shaft in Brick Lane Flats and cant get gear back
  71. Activating generator does nothing. Help?!?!?!?!
  72. Gamebreaking Bug
  73. Arena survival bug still not fixed
  74. Bought Zombi on Steam and Codes don't work for it
  75. 136 hours of game play...GONE!
  76. ERROR "MSVCR110.dll is missing"
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  78. Bugs, in London tower, Doctor labs, and gas problem. IN PS4
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  80. Will ZOMBI sequel be ever created?
  81. Bug on the game
  82. Game crashes when it starts launching
  83. No C4 to progress to the next level:Do I need to restart the game or will it respawn?
  84. Remapping controls
  85. Uplay is too stupid to recognize my drive
  86. Pls refund my Uplay-Points
  87. Inconsistency in the game.
  88. Playable Queen’s Guard?
  89. Zombi - ps4
  90. Zombi - Bug - Refill Generator XBOX
  91. At that circus, how do I lay mines or throw flares without my BOB?
  92. Punk's not dead Cricketbat / Punk ist nicht tot Cricketschläger
  93. Can't Click Enter
  94. Tower of London loading screen
  95. PC Keyboard not recognized
  96. Bugs & Glitches
  97. this is some joke of a product. Even for ubisoft "standards"
  98. Bug ao pegar o olho do doutor.
  99. can not change resolution it crashes the game
  100. I am Looking for a Game Modding Collaboration with Regular Non-Ubisoft Staff Players
  101. Zombies med online
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  105. Crash
  106. Rewards problem
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