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  1. Video cards: Matrox: Pharelia vs P650
  2. Crashing... (PC)
  3. I can't change the resolution in Myst 4
  4. Can't share the love
  5. Graphic problem - imager and zooms
  6. any luck with a PowerBook
  7. Printing from the Logboek?
  8. Sound Disappears. Now What?
  9. Game doesn't start :(
  10. PC crashes
  11. Demo just turns black?
  12. Multiple problems (Mac version)
  13. Screen turns black & game wont run at all!!!
  14. Couldn't run better
  15. Myst IV EAX or Multichannel Audio
  16. Sound Problems
  17. Runtime error
  18. Can't find Invert Mouse Option
  19. Revelation Locks up on Mac.
  20. Mac navigation delay
  21. PC Lock Up
  22. Is it really a bug? Or a feature?
  23. No Way To Correct Mouse Y-axis?
  24. Save Game Transfer
  25. Myst4.exe could not be initialized?
  26. Can't choose smaller install size
  27. Myst IV Revelation languages in Limited Edition (English Box)
  28. slow transition between screens
  29. No Multiuser Capability??
  30. New Driver for Raedon 9000 ?
  31. mangree sound puzzle crashes game?
  32. Compaq 716ea laptop please help
  33. Attention LG DVD-Burner Users !!
  34. Can no longer launch Myst (Mac)
  35. nVidia Graphic Problems...
  36. Locating save files
  37. Windows accessibility features are not functioning in game!
  38. Star filled skies and clouds. No clues.
  39. Radeon 9600/PC -- no display/garbled artifacts
  40. Game crashes to desktop
  41. Mac Audio Output failing
  42. WooHoo, ive found a Mac demo that actually seems to work
  43. [Unofficial & Unsupported] Enabling Windowed Mode (for you LCD users)
  44. Voice sound is very low
  45. Haven problem/glitch
  46. Serious graphic problem with nVidia Card!
  47. monkey puzzel
  48. Multiple DVD Drives Bug
  49. would my system rum myst IV?
  50. Spoilers: Possible bug in tuning-puzzle, Spire
  52. Spire - Crystal Puzzle Crashing
  53. Spire puzzle error
  54. [solved] Computer freezes while starting Myst 4
  55. HAVEN : Creature Puzzle
  56. ATI 9000 graphics card w/ laptop
  57. Freezing(minor spoilers)
  58. (radeon 300 series) no sound at all
  59. Crazy Issues with Mac version...
  60. Crashing and stays crashing until restart!!
  61. Myst IV won't run/play
  62. CD/DVD Emulation Software has been detected. Advice Needed
  63. (Haven) Monkey Puzzle glitch
  64. Help with Help
  65. windows xp pro. x64 edition
  66. If i change my graphic card would the game work?
  67. Unable to create dircetory error
  68. Blurry Environment
  69. Reproducable crash in Haven
  70. Audio clicks, video stutters
  71. Game minimizes whenever I click the mouse
  72. Any chance of running Myst IV on a Matrox G550
  73. Where did my question go?
  74. telescope chap.1
  75. I can play!!
  76. Game lockup at book
  77. Monkey Puzzle spoils game!
  78. MYST IV for Playstation?
  79. Radeon 9000
  80. Crystal Communicator Problems
  81. Installation and running problems
  82. Desktop Crash - I've tried EVERYTHING!
  83. Will there be a solution for the Mac graphic problems?
  84. Another crash to desktop :(
  85. Game freezes at menu
  86. Serenia: Marble Puzzle Bug
  87. Main Menu getting slower with each save.
  88. Can't install on Mac G4
  89. changing the language
  90. Warning Error on Loading Game
  91. Problem with Demo Download for Mac
  92. Video problems with SiS M650
  93. Saved Games
  94. radeon problems
  95. Help Request for extracting Pictures
  96. Is there a way to fix the stuttering/lagging with the voices on the video?
  97. Drivers detection/Red World
  98. trouble installing--PLEASE HELP! I'M PISSED!
  99. Revelation on CD ROM?
  100. New commer in the game world.
  101. Myst 4 Demo controls
  102. How I solved all my Myst IV installation problems
  103. MYST IV graphic and DVD problems
  104. Speed, cursor
  105. [Mac] Do you think it can run on a G3?
  106. Admitting I was wrong!
  107. Can any Mac users run the "emersive effects" option?
  108. installation problems (grmbl)
  109. radeon cards
  110. Possible Memory Leak
  111. MystIV refuses install when no 700mHz?
  112. DVD Burner Issue
  113. DirectX 9.0 requirement ??
  114. does this card work with Myst 4?
  115. Myst IV crashes constantly on a Mac (non-demo)
  116. SOUND DISPLAY ERROR: Error #21
  117. Cursor Lag
  118. [Mac] Monitor goes black!
  119. Can't even install
  120. DELL Inspiron 9100 and XPS laptops. No DVD PATCH!
  121. Pbook 17" 1.5Ghz: ATI 9700 Graphics stuttering
  122. Stilted movement frustration
  123. I'm not too happy with curser movement
  124. Play disabled
  125. Second Monkey Puzzle
  126. Maztec's Computer Specs:
  127. Spire rock ship puzzle
  128. Technical log message
  129. Mac Users - Myst 4 Crash solution?
  130. crashing to desktop... give us an answer!!
  131. Missing bottom of HELP instructions in Spire
  132. Mac crash in Haven
  133. DVD Issues
  134. a way in........at least for me!
  135. [nVidia GForce 420 Go] Some problems on First-gen Powerbook, but works
  136. Mouse jumps to top of screen
  137. Is this an official UBI Forum?
  138. Mac and NVidia 6800 graphics card crash
  139. New guy having Haven monkey problems
  140. Fix- New Game won't start after reinstall...
  141. Fix- New Game won't start after reinstall...
  142. installation problems
  143. Unable to install Myst 4
  144. Widescreen Myst4
  145. Game goes back to Desktop after launching game
  146. Myst IV Saved Data Location
  147. Camoudile Puzzle problems
  148. Slow Transitions
  149. "Please login with administrator privileges and try again" error
  150. Crash to Desktop... graphics & sound fine
  151. Subtitles, how do I get them?
  152. Demo Puzzle help...
  153. avoiding intro help request
  154. installation errors
  155. Can't mount DVD1 - DVD 2 mounting (OSX Panther)
  156. Ingame prima help text truncated
  157. Need help with demo, can't get it to open. Macintosh computer.
  158. hrm? lag?
  159. Can't get past the opening video of the girl in the monorail
  160. Disc 1 wont eject on installation
  161. NVIDIA Geforce users...
  162. Slow Loading Time
  163. still problems
  164. Black bars on top and bottom of the screen
  165. Mac iBook 933/764/ATI 9200 32MB. WILL GAME WORK?
  166. where are the saved games stored on MAC
  167. Installation Issues: Disc #2: Can't read? Install fails part way? In here!
  168. Do you want to Scream and Yell at someone? Please do it here...
  169. Installation Issues: Disc #1: Can't read? Install fails part way? In here!
  170. How do I submit a bug fix ?
  171. Starting Issues: Virtual Drives? SafeDisc? Can't get past Go?
  172. [PC: Patch v1.02 is out & works! MAC: Patch v1.01 Works!] Patch Related Topic
  173. A solution to CRC Errors
  174. Getting Around - keyboard & such
  175. Game won't start and tech support are on holiday
  176. Game Crashes to desk top
  177. Keystrokes
  178. Return to Desktop when I click my mouse
  179. Yeesha's platform - bug? (possible spoilers)
  180. What? subtitles only in Dutch?
  181. Crashing - does this help?
  183. Myst IV will not run
  184. Slow animations..?
  185. how to get the game to work without updating anything.
  186. 1280 by 1024 resolution for flat monitors?
  187. Mac user needs help
  188. Game crashing after power box puzzle
  189. So dark?
  190. Dodgy Myst IV Demo Performance on a Mac Dual 2.0Ghz G5
  191. Game crashing after power box puzzle II
  192. Myst IV working on laptop
  193. This blows, my disk skips and the visuals are bad
  194. Mac Cutscene Blues
  195. switching mouse buttons
  196. Audio choppy; was fine before
  197. This worked
  198. Windows won't shut down
  199. need help with memory failure
  200. If you didn't notice -- latest patch
  201. How to skip animated sequences?
  202. Requirement
  203. Still crashing after applying patch
  204. Patch
  205. unable to look some pages
  206. Demo32.exe error
  207. crashing to desktop
  208. Applying Partial Patch (Undo only what the patch messes up...)
  209. The Patch, More Bad Than Good - HELP needed
  210. help please !!!
  211. Mangree Commands
  212. File Transfer
  213. Uninstall does not work
  214. Myst 4 will not launch
  215. Do I need the patch? (very mild spoiler)
  216. Crash with Haven
  217. Mac 1.01 patch won't install
  218. Bad flickering problems on 9700 pro
  219. Incessant systems crash w/9700 pro
  220. [Mac] Has anyone tried it on a PowerBook G4?
  221. Myst 4 doesn't start (different issue than other threads)
  222. Feedback with Force
  223. Game minimizes if I click anywhere in it
  224. Time limited puzzles
  225. Can't Run Setup on Mac OSX
  226. Can't enable subtitles?
  227. *Sigh!* (from a Mac user)
  228. Is there an official no DVD patch?
  229. 1024 x 768 possible on a Radeon 9000 Pro?
  230. Files location
  231. adding line to ares -config.xml
  232. I get no sound at all
  233. Issue with Dual screens
  234. Mac: game runs in one user but not in other
  235. Personal Mobility Radeon Problem Solved
  236. DVD Drive?
  237. to patch, or not to patch?
  238. No Virtual Drives?
  239. Myst 4 on Linux
  240. Depth of Field Effect?
  241. System crash vs. CTD?
  242. Myst IV Doesn't Like UNC Path for "My Documents"
  243. 1.02 Patch now available! (Does it solve your problems?)
  244. Mangree/Camodile puzzle figured out BUT can't do it fast enough
  245. Working DVD drives?
  246. Print the Journal?
  247. Directx post
  248. 1.02 for Mac?
  249. Myst IV Mist-Revelation
  250. Demo patch