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  1. Hi -has anyone reinstalled with Save Games
  2. Crash to desktop in Serenia
  3. Fatal Error [game crash]
  4. Spire Crashed; game won't start
  5. [Mac] Demo for Mac Won't install
  6. Major (funny) Graphical Bug
  7. Letters etc Will not show up!?
  8. Audio/Video out of Sync?
  9. Serenia crash to desktop with Bell Rope
  10. Startup and ejection problems
  11. "Unable to create directory" problem
  12. Why isn't the patch available on UBISOFT's main site?
  13. Should I use FSAA or not?
  14. Contact Atrus in Crystal Viewer?
  15. Myst4 start only on windows limited account
  16. Configuring the crystals
  17. Hardware limit
  18. Don't install the Myst III patches if you have the Myst IV ver of Myst III
  19. Installation issues, incomplete install that runs...
  20. ATI Radeon 9200 problems on a laptop
  21. 256 mb of RAM requirment???
  22. Cursor warping
  23. Glitches in the animation
  24. A grahpics problem ?
  25. 0 Posts
  26. Myst IV Demo Crash, m4_thor_rd.dll
  27. (SPOILER! Serenia) Water Flow/Focus Issue - Glitch or DUE?
  28. English subtitles
  29. Should I Buy This Game?
  30. m4 crashes on startup. help
  31. Problem with the help system in the Dutch version of the game
  32. Mac Users - Probs/Warnings on Patch 1.01 !
  33. Crash after viewer explodes at beginning of game
  34. Video Card Drivers (ARG!!!!)
  35. [Mac] Not seeing fire droplets?
  36. [Radeon 9700 issue - perhaps?] Game won't start.
  37. Blurry?
  38. Strange rendering problems
  40. Mac Sound Problems....
  41. colors not right - black screen
  42. No cursor at opening scene of Myst4!
  43. how do i show a screen shot in my message?
  44. RADEON 9200 SE Family
  45. Disappointed
  46. want to play game
  47. [WINXP-SP2] Warning: unable to create directory at startup
  48. Different error from what has been posted
  49. Just bought Revelation,will it play on this machine?
  50. Mac Graphics
  51. Myst 4 movie crash
  52. Should this DVD Player work?
  53. HP DVD Writer 630External
  54. nVidia 66.94 Win ME Driver Breaks Myst IV
  55. OS X 10.3.7 + save game = Crash
  56. Lost hard Drive
  57. Myst IV and Virtualdrive
  58. Could I have a dud patch (or is it just me)
  59. flashing/red graphics (minor Spire spoiler)
  60. Random Crash on OS X.3.7
  61. starting myst 4
  62. Error 6003 when installing
  63. Got Myst IV From Santa
  64. Mac Application Launch - SOLUTION
  65. Note To Myst 5 Programmers (Possible Spoiler?)
  66. Audio/Video Slightly Out of Sync
  67. Pixelation on G5 iMac
  68. RAEDON 9000 issue?
  69. can't download the MAC patch
  70. quilt graphics program
  71. Help! Need saved game.
  72. Hellllllppppppppppp
  73. Game fails to start at all. (ATI X800 problem? XPSP2)
  74. Installing on iMac G5
  75. Radeon x300 Probs?
  76. everyones fav- (not so) random crash
  77. crashing on start-up :(
  78. myst IV demo graphics
  79. can't do anything with fruit in Haven
  80. Need some advice re: hardware upgrades...
  81. Insert Correct CD ROM
  82. have patch 1.02- still having graphics probs
  83. Mac Lagging
  84. Mac: after using menu, game crashes!
  85. I get a "wrong volume" windows error with the red x symbol
  86. Serenia graphics problem
  87. The patch killed my game
  88. what is the solution to the color code puzzle at end?
  89. saved games
  90. No problems yet on a Mobility Radion 9700
  91. Subtitles
  92. [MACOSX] Return to the finder without quit Myst
  93. os x 10.3.7 crashes - workaround
  94. Missing Gears and Crystals
  95. Radeon 9700 recently installed
  96. Problems with Ares?
  97. Serenia glitch - will the patch fix it?
  98. asking for "disc 0" on install
  99. Myst 4 Start-Up Problem & Temporary Fix
  100. Video Card settings help please
  101. Error message - anyone know what it means?
  102. Still having Spire problems
  103. Install Problem Solved
  104. Question about the resolution of Myst
  105. Moving saved games from Mac to PC
  106. Please advise before I buy!
  107. Buying a DVD-RW that works with Myst IV
  108. Crash on Haven: Achenar's Telescope
  109. Crash in Tomahna, Power Box riddle
  110. [Slight Spoiler] Crash in Spire
  111. About Omega Driver
  112. Printing
  113. MAC cursor problem
  114. How to get out when zoomed (Mac)
  115. Video corruption with ATI 9800 PRO Mac Edition
  116. Not able to install Myst IV on 10.3.7.
  117. Myst IV Compatable with a ''128MB PCI-Express ATI Radeon X300SE''?
  118. Unable to install mac 1.0.1 patch
  119. Help Needed - Driver Uninstall
  120. Well, you get it running then wham - another drop to desktop.
  121. Sky not the right color
  122. And the solution is....
  123. Loading image on image drive
  124. How to check operation of a video to debug crashes?
  125. Any word on the 1.2 Patch?
  126. Works in the UK?
  127. Has anyone had any issues with the Sony DVD-RW DRU-500A?
  128. Trouble with disk 2: defective or need new DVD drive?
  129. red blocks
  130. Game crash right after startup
  131. sound error crashes
  132. Mac- OS too old-any hope?
  133. Patch 1.02 Patch Problems
  134. how do you get the photos that i took
  135. Can't install Myst4 on this Mac
  136. Spire Chair!!!!!!!, Trouble with the # codes
  137. Before Asking For Help: Look Here First!!
  138. Sound Dies, then game locks up
  139. Game crashes, didn't used to
  140. Journal And Photograph Extraction Now Possible!
  141. Moving from one drive to another?
  142. Will Myst IV work on Dell Inspiron 5150?
  143. After Windows was reinstalled: can't run Myst4 most of my games!
  144. How do I turn the screen resolution notice off?
  145. error message whilst loading myst 4 at wits end
  146. Slight freeze up in Haven. (small spoiler)
  147. One more patch problem
  148. Overheating problems
  149. new dvd recommendation please
  150. is this dvd drive ok?
  151. DVD-RW Won't burn DVDs after install
  152. Myst Revelation Demo does not install
  153. Myst 4 Demo on iMac G5
  154. Myst Revelation crashing to desktop
  155. Heimdall G around?
  156. wot does this mean and how can i stop it
  157. Can't get the game to start... Can anyone HELP ME!!!
  158. colors weird in some areas
  159. Somewhat rough animation
  160. help me please
  161. Will Revelation run on this system?
  162. Critical clue in Spire doesn't show up on note
  163. cursor(hand) stays in normal position
  164. Firmware for dvd rom drive
  165. hallalula!!! but one snag....
  166. My cursor (hand)/view keeps jumping to the top of the screen
  167. iMac G5--"black" screen of death.
  168. Fireplace puzzle with the lasers
  169. video drivers
  170. Crash During 'Journey' to Dream. Will the Patch Solve the Problem?
  171. Spire Island viewer problem
  172. Display deteriorates at startup after sleep
  173. 2nd dream mouse problem-Possible spoiler
  174. Where to post this?
  175. Amulet bug?
  176. The very beginning
  177. wtf
  178. Why don't I have a journal?
  179. Compendium on the No Mouse In-Game bug
  180. Can my laptop run Myst IV?
  181. Sub-titles for Myst IV
  182. Tips that helped me (and a question)
  183. Disabling McAfee "Instant Update"
  184. GeForce 3 Glitch?
  185. Missing Nara in Spire
  186. I am stuck in Serenia.
  187. Graphics are messed up in URU
  188. Haven, Mangrees, timing, and patches
  189. Bug reports?
  190. Sound Display Error: Error #8
  191. Patch Killed Eliminated Myst
  192. Crashed/Frozen after solving spider chair
  193. In Serenia II, the Harvester
  194. odd problems with running Revelation
  195. Error Message when Loading the Game
  196. The patch to Myst 4
  197. Any chance ubi will support more video cards?
  198. sound glitch
  199. Is there a list of DVD-RW drives that work, or does any use this drive?
  200. Confused about sys req
  201. Crashes to Desktop, after patch 1.03
  202. Tomahna water wheel problem
  203. Myst IV does not start
  204. Error 6001 during installation
  205. Nasty clickingsounds after patching
  206. Choppy still in 1.03....WTH
  207. Macmini
  208. Colored Squares..a driver problem?
  209. No cursor in menu
  210. mac osx patch problem
  211. Crystal locks in spire
  212. Myst IV Revealtion -- The Revelator help!!
  213. Please help my gme won't load
  214. No Sound with new 1.03 patch!!!
  215. Gray, blanked out video -
  216. Myst IV Revelation Xbox major problem
  217. Graphic holes
  218. Is there ANY way to play Myst IV on a laptop?
  219. I get the "Please insert the correct DVD-Rom, etc...
  220. Game won't install
  221. [PC] Game doesnt show any cursor on the main menu
  222. How to toggle useful functions?
  223. Myst IV Mac Patch 1.03 Problems
  224. Myst won't run correctly on my mac
  225. myst IV not running
  226. Question about compatability of Myst IV
  227. Frustrating! Demo freezes whenever I zoom in on something!
  228. XBOX Myst IV - Serenia Water display bug
  229. application failed to initialize properly
  230. Defective Disk
  231. Repeating sound and Crash
  232. constant crashing at the menu
  233. MAC game runs only under one user
  234. Insert the Correct CD-ROM???
  235. some close ups in Tohmana glitch
  236. Installation seemed to work but game won't run.
  237. Patch Size
  238. help in haven
  239. How do I fix the motion and keep it there?
  240. "Green-Lit Panel" on SPIDER chair not working? (SPOILER)
  241. crashes to desktop after splash screen
  242. similar problem as poster "jentanne" below
  243. sound display error: error #8
  244. Game Won't Install on Mac
  245. Finally, what should be an easy question.
  246. Freezing before anything happens
  247. Myst4-spire I- it'a bug? i see nothing
  248. Sound dies, then game dies
  249. Problems installing any Myst IV patch on Mac OS X.4
  250. If I've only just now gotten Myst IV do I only need patch 1.03 or all three patches?