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  2. Call to Arms: Bugs Squashing
  3. [Must Read] Bug Reporting
  4. Manaferatus not stunnable during sprint
  5. Reporting 2 bugs
  6. Horse haven
  7. Runaway skills bugged!
  8. Bubble guardian shield remaining after death
  9. Treasure Room Door Wont Open
  10. Smell Hound AFK
  11. Far cry 4 Hovercraft stuck
  12. Cannot see items in storage for horse haven
  13. Фаркрай 4
  14. rainbow six siege host migration bug
  15. Far Cry 4 lose all money glitch
  16. Siege bugs
  17. Map glitch and loading problems
  18. CSI hidden crimes continuous crashing
  19. MQEL : Game keeps freezing up against Players but not during AI-Castles.
  20. The crew
  21. assassins syndicate..its not even a glitch i literally see nothing but white.
  22. DLC Serious BUG - fix please
  23. Player Exploiting Bug
  24. Ajit is not on my map
  25. Flickering grafic
  26. Weapon scope keeps unequiping
  27. A little problem with the recent update
  28. key bindings reset to default
  29. Still have not received items.
  30. Blackscreen
  31. [BUG REPORT] Treasure Chamber Door wont open
  32. Clever AI going behind the treasure room door to not get killed
  33. I lost everything on The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot.
  34. Crashing on Bluestacks
  35. Game Crash on Auto-Loot Selection
  36. Mighty Quest Crashing losing keys, diamonds and items
  37. Bug report: clicking on Arena button and then the Back button has a minor error
  38. Bug when upgrading gauntlets
  39. Bug Report: Can't open application
  40. I cant connect to the game
  41. Mean side of the moon
  42. Stuck at preparing mobs