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  1. Welcome everyone!
  2. System Config
  3. black screen, then crash to desktop - no error message
  4. Me too, black screen crash to desktop. Dxdiag.
  5. Same here, black screen crash to desktop. Dxdiag.
  6. Black screen for a few seconds and crash to desktop
  7. Black screen for a few seconds and then back to desktop.
  8. black screen... and back to desktop :p
  9. demo#1 black screen, immediate crash to desktop
  10. So what becomes of the Nvidiacards owners? Can we play too?
  11. There are 2 versions of the Demo
  12. Will not load!!!
  13. AMD Patch
  14. New Nvidia drivers don't help
  15. Unable to install Direct X 9.0b
  16. Problems with Saitek X45
  17. another black screen crash again
  18. Game moving slowly
  19. Black screen o' doom
  20. no color avatar crashes after few min of play
  21. Crashes to desktop --Dxdiag enclosed
  22. Not Compatible with Radeon 7000 ? (32mb DDR)
  23. Crash to Desktop after first scene
  24. game freezes at start. wont play
  25. glitch at the 3rd part of the slaughterhouse
  26. I can play for 5 minutes then BOOM
  27. Crash to desktop -Full version
  28. Widescreen mode for Widescreen monitors
  29. Problem with demo. Need Help
  30. Irritating sound problems with full version
  31. Camera freezes for 30 seconds when taking pictures
  32. Video / Audio Synch
  33. Request for widescreen support
  34. Plans for compatibility?
  35. games PC compatibility
  36. Crash to desktop after leaving Hanger.
  38. Crashing to Desktop - Full Version
  39. AMD CPU
  40. Video glitches
  41. Full Version - Game Wont Even Launch - D3D Error
  42. Immediate game crash
  43. Install Stupidity
  44. Video Problems
  45. DEMO: Black screen, crash to desktop SOLVED!
  46. Video Memory error
  47. Yet Another crash to desktop
  48. AMD patch update?
  49. Gamepad/joystick...why doesn't it work?
  50. Patch for amd urgengy
  51. Blank screen, then crashes to destkop. Dxdiag included.
  52. Fix for GeForce MX
  53. Installation problems
  54. instalation problem
  55. Installation problem (another one)
  56. Crashing trying to load from Hangar into Hylis
  57. Video moving ahead of audio in cutscenes!
  58. stuck at the hangar as well...but what the hey
  59. Poll: Has Ubi-S. sell the demo-version?
  60. Hangar + AMD crash
  61. Patch Update
  62. BG&E reboots or shuts down computer..
  63. Patch at Gamershell
  64. The Official BG&E Patch V1.01
  65. im happy
  66. Patch issue...
  67. BG&E 1.01 patch for PC
  68. Stuck in widescreen.
  69. Anybody got it working with Nvidia's 52.16 drivers?
  70. Mouse inverting problem (PC-Version)
  71. crash and sound issues
  72. Yet Another Install Problem - Computer Freezes
  73. You don't need a supercomputer to play this game!
  74. What file is the savegame-file?
  75. Slaughterhouse/3 Robots/2nd door card for DoubleH CRASH!!
  76. Can't uninstall this game.
  77. Video card support
  78. Good Computer - Poor Preformance
  79. PC Version: Direct 3d/ Open GL?
  80. Incredibly annoying BG&E bug (hovercraft camera jittering)
  81. Control just don't save!!!!
  82. ***
  83. Random freezing *small spoiler*
  84. radeon problem?
  85. Taking Screenshots?
  86. FYI: Nvidia users having graphical problems
  87. will it work?
  88. Strange lines with GeForce2MX with installed patch
  89. What Drivers Do I Need?
  90. How should my TI4200 behave?
  91. No dialogs
  93. Computer crashes at the moonbase-transmitter when u are sending data to Hillys about ur report
  94. strange problem
  95. double H in the slaughterhouse!
  96. Very dark graphics on
  97. Jade not viseble (DXDiag include)
  98. I have a sound delay comparing to the video
  99. Corrupted Graphics (I think?)
  100. Key stuck in ceiling in slaughter house
  101. Slaughterhouse crash(3rd part i think).
  102. playing with gamepad?
  103. Camera zoom!
  104. Game Crash & Sound/Graphics Error
  105. Amazing! A widescreen game doesn't even have widescreen support!
  106. Beyond Good and Evil installation problems please help!!
  107. Shaky graphics, slow computer, sound/graphic...
  108. ATI Radeon 9000 Mobility problems...
  109. where are configuration settings saved?
  110. Death to Windows XP....
  111. Audio/Video delay
  112. Severe Graphics & Sound Problems
  113. Double "H" disappeared in the slaughter house! bad for me
  114. i need help i think in the game save
  115. reboot during games...
  116. game does not recognize disc 3
  117. Reboots with Pentium 4 system also
  118. The game is going haywire
  119. Installation!!!!
  120. AMD problem lives on?
  121. Texture Flashing
  122. How to save a game
  123. Service Pack?
  124. ATI Radeon 9000 Mobility problems...
  125. Iris room after dropping off HH
  126. Demo Won't Start
  127. Flickering textures?
  128. Why is there a long pause each time I take a photo?
  129. Settlers3 iron smelter
  130. Please Help!!
  131. Code to Akuda‚¬īs bar closet
  132. Another gamer with Graphic/Sound Problems
  133. No graphics.
  134. Any way to play this game in fullscreen?
  135. Camera freeze for long time
  136. BG&E won't start
  137. Yet another post about crash at [Central Hall] (Slaughter House)
  138. Odd jerkiness.
  139. cave crash
  140. Audio/Video Problem in cut scenes - Not just another repost
  141. is this a stereo game or a surround?
  142. Problem: IDirect3D9_CreateDevice failed
  143. Slaughter House Factory Key Crash Fix!! The real thing!
  144. noise instead of music in the main menu
  145. The computer reboots every 30 minutes
  146. Problems with opening the game Beyond good and evil
  147. IDirect3D9_CreateDevice failed on my system too
  148. Yet another graphics/audio problem
  150. slaughterhouse
  151. Camera Invert
  152. Hanger fix?
  153. Problems!!!!
  155. Once and for all: how do you take a screenshot?
  156. can't access my saved games after patch install
  157. Hangar Crash Fixed
  158. why?
  159. Oplossing (solution)
  160. Can't even play the gane! HELP!
  161. Game locks up on opening cinematic
  162. Sound problem when I hit TALK
  163. BG&E Settings screen keeps reappearing when starting game
  164. Whoa, New Video Card, Lag on Lowest Res setting
  165. Geforce FX 5200, graphics corruption (green dots)
  167. Intro Crap at the start of the game
  168. Cmon....
  169. problem!!
  170. Crash on intro.
  171. Here piggy, piggy (Where did Pey'j go?)
  172. Problems with the graphics and sound
  173. Sound synchronization issue; what causes it, and can it be fixed?
  174. SaveGames Corrupted
  175. Geforce 2 GTS shows corrupt graphs
  176. Phantom critter in Black Isle (SPOILER)
  177. Fuse problem in Slaughter house
  178. disable fog??
  179. Antialiasing level adjustment?!?!
  181. Solution to the Slaughterhouse Bug(Key, Crash, ect)
  182. BG&E radomly restarts on my computer.
  183. i called ubisoft.
  184. Game randomly reboots my computer
  185. Jerkyness and slowness problems.
  186. Possible solution to instalation problem
  187. game crashes at beginnig
  188. Logitech gamepad + profiler + BGAE
  189. Resolution Problems
  190. Help me..I'm desperately need a savegame
  191. Game crashes at startup
  192. Possible solution to crashing at beginning
  193. How to dissable blackbars, I'm on a widescreen monitor! 8:5 aspect.
  194. no mouse button remapping!
  195. Game freezes for 1-2mins when taking pictures
  196. controller mapping sofware
  197. FX 5200 and this (and other games)
  198. how to move savegame from one computer to another?
  199. some jerking when walking/running and in hovercraft
  200. the game works slow!
  201. Camera pictures are black
  202. Is it a good idea to buy PS2 version instead?
  203. Same crash when i click "New Game"
  204. ati 3d graphic accelater problem!!!
  205. When will there be a patch for the sync errors ?
  206. Game Locks Up
  207. exporting photos
  208. [Q] 3D graphic accelater problem!!!.
  209. Installation Problem
  210. Cabinet code won't work
  211. Crash to dekstop when starting new game.
  212. Video and Audio Not Synced
  213. Why does it take so long to load?!
  214. woops! guess it'll be the Gamecube version
  215. someone can please post a pic of the game settings?
  216. Sound problem
  217. 1.01 patch cuase my game to lag
  218. help
  219. Game Freezes when I take a photo
  220. Mouse inversion
  221. Refresh Rate w/ WinXP
  222. Save Game.
  223. windows xp sp 1 broke my installation
  224. Not enough video memory?
  225. Should I revert to v1.00?
  226. Another DDHelp error?
  227. Screenshots
  228. Only loads 3/4 of disk 2...
  229. Gamepad Support
  230. crash to desktop on intro!
  231. High Resolution bug??
  232. Fog!
  233. Sound skips, game hangs
  234. deleted save games
  235. Video/Audio out of sync
  236. Weirt bug when buying neutralizing cannon at mammagos
  237. HELP ME!!!
  238. Can we fix it ourselves? (Dutch Disc 2 error issue)
  239. another bug...
  240. 3D Graphics Card
  241. Playing BG&E Windowed?
  242. Where to get drivers & Audio/Video
  243. Bad framerate
  244. GeForce 2 issue
  245. Frame jumps during action scenes
  246. Game crash when I click 'new game'
  247. IMPORTANT !!! Please help me with code for locker near Francis in Akuda Bar
  248. Widescreen Resolution Issue
  249. Got BGE to Work (Finally)Here's How....
  250. Help plz. Bug, cant buy the Neutralizing Cannon at Mammagos shop