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  1. Splinter Cell Chaos Theory soundtrack Remixed
  2. Spy Craft : Tools of the Trade
  3. For Splinter Cell 6
  4. What is this i heard about HD remakes?
  5. Add your Splinter Cell video
  6. When is the Splinter Cell movie coming out?
  7. Splinter Cell Mechanics
  8. Ubisoft/Splinter Cell at Smthsonian art exhibit. Congratulations.
  9. Hi all!
  10. Why not PS3 format?
  11. 3DS Hotfix or DEATH
  12. To the tech savy, can anyone help me with router/Xbox live connection?
  13. Whos still here???!
  14. E3 Games
  15. Netflix, is a movie god.
  16. Does anyone here live in Washington, D.C.?
  17. Splinter Cell: Domestic Disturbance (Live Action Video)
  18. Computer query: off-topic
  19. PAX Prime
  20. Radical idea into the SC series
  21. Mac Forum?
  22. Resident Evil 4 HD revival
  23. fav job
  24. jurassic park operation genisis
  25. My opinion for the Splinter Cell series evolution
  26. who wants a new splinter cell?
  27. Pointless Poll: So is this forum dead?
  29. splinter cell pandora tomorrow problem profile
  30. The time has come.....
  31. My crazy Splinter Cell dream (in video!)
  32. Rainbow Six: Patriots
  33. Dead End Thrills- Virtual Photography..MUST SEE!
  34. New Year, New Games, New Forum
  35. E3 09 Extended Trailer - music
  36. Avenger controller great. Their sales rep not so great.
  37. Forum Rules
  38. Petition Discussion - Splinter Cell VS. Multiplayer Revisited - BRING IT BACK!
  39. Splinter Cell HD collection.... NOT FOR 360???????? :O WHYYY?
  40. E3 Speculation Line Up Thread
  41. Splinter Cell: Black Echelon
  42. Forum Rules
  43. Tom Clancy has lost his mind!
  44. Sam Fisher's getting too old for this.
  45. Splinter cell Double Agent, coop missions
  46. Back in the day
  47. How to get the new armour after buying it??
  48. US government can now legally Kidnap anyone anywhere!
  49. lysco contracting newbie here...
  50. The Lose of the voice of michael ironside is unnaceptable
  51. Splinter Cell should be harder
  52. Modding the game puzzles for hacking access controls and computers in-game
  53. Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell games becoming Third Person Shooters than Stealth games?
  55. Splinter Cell: Extinction - Web Series
  56. Watch Amazing Spider Man Movie Online
  57. Check out my first completed game!
  58. Do people still play Chaos Theory Spies vs Mercs on PC?
  59. Splinter Cell: "Operation Phoenix" - A New Fan Web-Series
  60. doubleagent players
  61. Hitman: Absolution will have seriously improved version of Deniable Ops!
  62. Splinter Cell Nexus - Fanfiction
  64. Favorite Uniform
  65. do you guys think sam fisher has any "white guilt"
  66. [Off Topic] Mark of the Ninja
  67. Ubisoft Shanghai: Will they ever return to the series?
  68. OT: Dishonored Review
  69. A rant of all things about the gaming community.
  70. Eric Singer to write the Splinter Cell Movie
  71. Community with nice pictures
  72. OFF TOPIC: Absolution
  73. Project Stealth
  74. OT: Project Stealth
  75. RPS: How Hollywood Should Adapt Videogames (Splinter Cell, DXHR, Assassin's Creed)
  76. @Much.I forgot the Specifics about what happened to Game Devs who were held hostage
  77. Splinter Cell Chaos Theory on Uplay?
  78. My signature PS Progression
  79. Psychology study - sleep patterns and gaming
  80. Splinter Cell HD Triology for PS3: Stuck in Mission Mouke Tsoe Bo Meats(Part 1)
  81. Can I Be a Moderator?
  82. That Awkward Moment When a Nation is Defeated by Activision
  83. OT: Dark - Stealth game with vampires (that doesn't sparkle)
  84. Splinter Cell on Xbox original
  85. Basejumping
  86. Splinter Cell Blacklist
  87. Where are all the oldies at?
  88. Splintered Past - DIY Steadicam short
  89. Thief 4 Petition
  90. [OT]Batman: Arkham Origins
  91. [OT] Remember This Soundtrack?
  92. (OT) Metal Gear Solid Speed Painting- Just wanted to share it with you all
  93. OT: Any inFamous fans on the forum?
  94. [OT] music
  95. [OT]Rid**** - Trailer - "You're not afraid of the dark are you?"
  96. [OT] Batman Arkham Origins teaser
  97. [OT] An example of why focus-testing is bogus.
  98. Enjoy my reddit post, titled From The Shadows: Why stealth is so empowering
  99. Most Underrated Game
  100. [OT] The new Xbox..
  101. [Slightly OT] How did you get into the stealth genre and Splinter Cell franchise?
  102. Have you guys ever play Killzone franchise ?
  103. [OT]Xbox One - why not just buying a PC??
  104. [OT] maddd
  105. Xbox or PS4 ?
  106. Youtube Help!
  107. [OT] New game for tactical players: Door Kickers
  108. [OT] The best way to play Hitman.
  109. [OT] David Hayter back for MGS5 ?
  110. SC7 announced!
  111. (OT) Who would win in your opinion?
  112. OT: Gunpoint
  113. (OT) Deus Ex The Fall
  114. OT: Who's into The Last of Us Multiplayer.. until August comes?
  115. Is anybody lucky enough to go to E3?
  116. Kiefer Sutherland as voice of snake. Thoughts??
  117. (OT) NSA spying on Americans
  118. 7 Georgian soldiers killed in Afghanistan
  119. (OT) For those of you who are fans of Classic SOCOM games...
  120. (OT) Is gaming additive?
  121. ot) mgs5 new gameplay. Kojima is going all out.
  122. Off topic: Playstation 4 & Xbox One Coferences. Have you chosen??
  123. (OT) DEHR Directors Cut NOT Exclusive for WiiU
  124. (OT) Watch Dogs E3 youtube video.
  125. [Slightly OT] Takedown
  126. [OT] Metal Geat Solid V for PC. Being developed - no priority
  127. Splinter Cell and boobs
  128. [OT]More tactical goodness later this year
  129. (On Topic/Off Topic) Scariest Game Availble.
  130. Thief (4) is coming to current-gen consoles
  131. [OT] Article - AAA Hitman In Devleopment
  132. Splinter Cell Blacklist Testing
  133. (OT) If you haven't bought The Last of Us yet, then BUY IT NOW
  134. [Off Topic] State of Decay
  135. "I am sam Fisher.... I Am A Splinter Cell"
  136. (Off Topic) Why did you join this forum, because of this game or something..
  137. (OT) ive. been ACCEPTED for stem cell treatment for those wantijng to hear back from
  138. Sam's goggles
  139. [OT] ACIV: Some nice OW and Stealth
  140. OT: "Tangiers", a stealth-game Kickstarter Project
  141. OT: Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Director's Cut
  142. OT: Multiplayer Announced for Arkham Origins
  143. OT: Red Cell
  144. OT: Thief Reboot New trailer and release date!
  145. [OT] Mark of the Ninja Special Edition
  146. [OT] Syria
  147. [OT]EU May Order Speed-Limiters Fitted To UK Cars
  148. Uplay app for android AND Ios splinter cell blacklist spiderbot
  149. Tom Clancy Web Hub
  150. splinter cell series
  151. (OT) New Kickstarter Stealth Game: Light
  152. Immportaint message
  153. [OT] Takedown: Red Sabre
  154. [OT] MGS V: 12 minutes gameplay from TGS 13
  155. (Off-topic) MGS V - Full Special Ops gameplay
  156. [OT] Relive the Bank mission in Thief
  157. How about an all-inclusive Tom Clancy game?
  158. [Android] WordArts for Chat on phone
  159. (OT) Thief Gameplay Trailer
  160. [OT] New Tom Clancy(ish) movie
  161. Fox News, REALLY??
  162. Games You're Playing and Looking Forward To (semi off-topic but very loosely on)
  163. [OT] The Dark Mod (Thief Remake)
  164. Fourth Echelon
  165. [OT] Project Stealth Facebook Page and UE 4
  166. (OT) Hitman Absolution
  167. (ot) 2 gems found in bargain bin
  168. So hu... just found out that GTA5 of all games has a full in depth hacking mini-game
  169. (OT) A Christmas question for the SCB forum members - you got to help me guys :)
  170. [OT] Dishonored (2) - It's all about the players
  171. Your Top Games of 2013
  172. it's been awhile
  173. Croft - Tomb Raider fan film
  174. If you want splinter cell trilogy for xbox 360 POST HERE!
  175. OT: Alien: Isolation Announced - An FPS Survival Horror
  176. [OT] OMG Deus Ex - I'm flipping
  177. An open letter to all Hitman fans (by IOInteractive)
  178. crisis3 sale for 10 bucks, ps plus for 5
  179. Hitman 6 : "an open, non-linear level design approach to the game"
  180. stealth, action, strategy, good story and dozens of hours game time
  181. (ot) Anyone excited for Jack Ryan : Shadow Recruit
  182. [OT]New Thief Footage: The Architect's Mansion
  183. Jack Ryan
  184. [OT] Thief game customization
  185. Two new "Thief" videos
  186. Anyone else little upset with MGS Ground Zeroes length?
  187. Sniper Elive v3 features L&S and sound mechanics
  188. How to Play "Thief" in Old-School Mode
  189. Thief Lockdown Mission
  190. Styx: Master of Shadows
  191. Intruder: Jonesing for your SvM fix? Try this...
  192. MGS Ground Zeroes Next Gen Comparison
  193. [OT] Irrational Games studio shutting down
  194. [OT] Strider HD (2014)
  195. [OT] Assassins Creed 3 - Funny but true
  196. Volume (the game)
  197. [OT] Dishonred II ?
  198. [OT]Batman: Arkham Knight
  199. [OT Kojima Interview - MGS V: Ground Zeroes and The Pantom Pain - Level design Focus
  200. [OT]Article about lighting in Bioshock Infinite
  201. [OT] Watch Dogs release date announces + story trailer
  202. (OT) Let's prey that the missing Malaysia Airlines jet is found before it's too late.
  203. [OT] MGS: Ground Zeroes Review
  204. [OT]Which game should I get?
  205. Cyber Heist: Asymmetrical multiplayer coop
  206. [OT] Assassins Creed unity - sneak peak just turned up
  207. Invisible, Inc
  208. [OT] Far Cry 4 - Himalayan setting
  209. [OT] Deus Ex - I need your advise guys...
  210. [OT] Shamus Young dissects Thief's story
  211. "Deus Ex: Mankind Divided" trademarked by Square Enix
  212. The Amazing Spider-Man 2
  213. Square Enix New Strategy: Focus on the Core
  214. Monaco f2p this weekend on Steam
  215. FTL: Advanced Edition
  216. [Completely OT] - HIMYM finale
  217. Without Far Cry 2, there would be no Watch Dogs
  218. Please Play This Game
  219. (OT) Watch Dogs. Playing in a open-world.
  220. Splinter Cell Chaos Theory Versus
  221. [OT] Deus Ex DC - Kind of feel cheated
  222. Complete this sentence ? You're not a true gamer if you never played ....
  223. Stealthy gameplay creeping into action games
  224. Splinter Cell 7
  225. Cold War era all over again
  226. SCDA loking for players
  227. (OT) The Simple Idea behind This Mind-Blowing 3D Interactive Sandbox.
  228. Bring Back Splinter Cell
  229. Post MGS Ground zeroes gameplays here
  230. 24: Live Another Day - Discussion Thread, SPOILERS
  231. [OT] CD Project
  232. Project Stealth gets a trailer
  233. OT: Death to Spies 3 DEMO
  234. Enemy Front
  235. Hitman 6 news and artwork
  236. New MGSV: Phantom Pain Clip (Cardboard Box Action!)
  237. [OT] The Witcher 3 Brand New Trailer (all InGame)
  238. Rainbow Six: Siege
  239. MGSV: The Phantom Pain E3 Trailer
  240. Counterspy: a cold war era 2D/3D spy game
  241. MGS The phantom pain e3 gameplay
  242. Steam Summer Sales 2014
  243. Chaos theory Spy vs Mercs Players on pc?
  244. (Off Topic) Can you ghost through The Last of Us?
  245. [OT] Sniper Elite 3 is a good stealth game (too)
  246. Hollywood Sure Loved MGS5 Trailer
  247. Ubisoft's New Love of Women
  248. Live-Action Splinter Cell Movie: Hidden in the Shadow (2014)
  249. OT: Dishonored 2 to be shown at Gamescom 2014?
  250. [OT] New trailer of Styx : Master Of Shadows