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  1. Game modes that need to be added
  2. Does anyone else have to do scout duty all the time?
  3. Unique Class XP?
  4. [suggestion] Can we have Smoke Grenades?
  5. Foul People
  6. Team balance in GW or how to piss off new players
  7. Ghost War: Sign here when you Reach Level 50+ Prestige
  8. Squad Privacy?
  9. Watch Brand Watches
  10. Outfit loadouts and Drones/Thermal problem
  11. Spawning on the wrong side bug
  12. Thermal Vision
  13. Jammers
  14. The camera is too close to the character..
  15. [BUG] Sniper Scope is gone
  16. Sniper bolt action shouldn't be one shot
  17. [SUGGESTION] [FEEDBACK] Shotguns need a desperate buff! (Repost)
  18. PvP with friends
  19. No Thermo vs Thermo Gameplay Videos (compare and discuss)
  20. [SUGGESTION] Competative or Leaderboards
  21. Access to More (or all) Weapons in PVP & Weapon Customization.
  22. Suggest a classic game mode to bring back for GR
  23. Reviving should not make you Rise to Knees
  24. Dev's what is short to medium range for the thermal nerf?
  25. Tier one mode worth it?
  26. PC - Free weekend profile/progession wipe after purchasing the game
  27. RU/EN language issues
  28. [FEEDBACK] I see a divided opinion on how Ghost War gameplay should play out
  29. [suggestion] [bug] explosion barrel
  30. [Request] EndWar Veterans' Pack
  31. [Feedback] Allow RMB to be used for switching 3rd person & Iron Sights [Ghost War]
  32. Can't use grenade launcher
  33. Stuck on Coca farms not loading?
  34. [FEEDBACK][SUGGESTION][SENTINEL] Concerned about class, and other things
  35. When are we getting sharpshooter ?
  36. Please keep updating PVE
  37. Please add some AI teamate cutsomization function
  38. Best PvP out!!!
  39. BUG on Ranger loadout
  40. [Suggestion][Weapons] Recruit weapons for all classes?
  41. Sentinel Bug? Or OP Range? Detection Radius at Spawn [Video]
  42. [PVP] [BUG] Aim Down Sight Problem [Video]
  43. PVP Victory Dance
  44. Good news that thermal is being nerfed and why....
  45. [FEEDBACK] Weapons rant
  46. My suggestions for Ghost War
  47. Suggest keeping squads together even if not friends
  48. Some fan made GRW video
  49. Statistics and inviting Friends to Taskforce (Browser)
  50. [Suggestions] 4v4 Ghost War
  51. [SUGGESTION][FEEDBACK] Gameplay, game modes, customization, 4 diffrent uniform sectio
  52. Great start to PvP... keep it up
  53. Some Feedback for Ghost War in no particular order:
  54. [REVIEW][SUGGESTIONS] - Add an Objective – This is Ghost Recon
  55. Scout class weapon
  56. Couple of suggestions for the perfect GW PvP
  57. Ghost WAR Prestige? Tier 1?
  58. Unable to join/invite friends on GW
  60. [BUG] Using preset weapon paints you do not have unlocked. (PC)
  61. Lobby/Custom Room
  62. Ghost War Game New Mode Suggestion
  63. [BUG] Repeated New Reward Unlocks
  64. Problems in PvP
  65. GhostWarLeague.com Announces Ladder/Tournament Rulesets
  66. Thoughts on a great game.
  67. INFINITE LOADING (Ghost Recon Wildlands)
  68. Title ideas for next Ghost Recon game?
  69. [SUGGESTION]11 fixes that would probably make the game better
  70. [FEEDBACK] [SUGGESTIONS] Improvements for Ghost War - Read and bump this!
  71. Three suggestions for ghost war maps.
  72. Weapon customization ideas
  73. PS4 Ghost War HUD Issue
  74. [SUGGESTION] Ghost War with ambient civilian NPCs
  75. [Suggestion]Weapon Paint
  76. Feedback suggestions for ghost war pvp
  77. Ghost War= Huge Massive Disappointment
  78. GW no melee?
  79. Lol this game is bad
  80. Improving the Diversionist's usability
  81. [Suggestion] [Smoke Grenade - No Red Circle]
  82. Possible to sync progress across PC and Conlsole?
  83. Hti ??
  84. Anyone know if you have to reinstall if purchasing after playing free weekend?
  85. [SUGGESTIONS] Gameplay Issues & Feedback for Improvement
  86. pvp game mode ideas
  87. [BUG] on Xbox one and my [SUGGESTION] for thermal users
  88. [BUG] Unlocks do not reset properly when going into prestige
  89. We need a PvP forum...
  90. major malfunction
  91. [Feedback] Ghost War Match making
  92. Ghost War
  93. [SUGGESTION][STATS] Ghost War Stats
  95. GhostWarLeague.com - Ladders are now LIVE!
  96. [Suggestion] The counter thermal plan
  97. Too many drones? How about.....
  98. Post launch patch date?
  99. How Locked down is this Region Lock? Ghost War Multiplayer
  100. [FEEDBACK][SUGGESTION][BUG?] Thumbstick Sensitivity Xbox One Problems (REPOST)
  101. Unused/Weak Ghost War Classes
  102. [FEEDBACK/SUGGESTION] Game chat while loading
  103. Ranger: PSG or SASG-12?
  104. [FEEDBACK] Landmines
  105. PVP Detailed Stats
  106. Need more time to spend upgrade points
  107. Hip fire inaccurate
  108. [FEEDBACK][SUGGESTION] How to fix Ghost War PVP
  109. Devs... if we are stuck with P2P then we need our points as it happens.
  110. [FEEDBACK][SUGGESTION] Some feedback from ps4 and some more
  111. [FEEDBACK][SUGGESTION] Silenced Pistol Damage Output
  112. Ghost War Badges
  113. [BUG] Progression Bar/Points problem.
  114. unlocking classes
  115. Ghost Recon Wildlands Season 4 Bonus Episode El Tio Solo Challenges 1-3 Videos
  116. Clarification on Drones in Ghost War
  117. Third and Fouth Class Weapons
  118. Brazillian Ghost Youtuber!
  119. Season pass early access?
  120. ghost war thermovision
  121. Possible to gift GRW to a friend?
  122. Ghost Recon Network bugs?
  123. Medic
  124. Team of Ghillie Suits??
  125. [BUG][SUGGESTION][PVP] Aim Assist
  126. [FEEDBACK] First person view
  127. [Suggestion] Please add MARPAT camo
  128. [SUGGESTION] Clan Names and/or tags
  129. [Suggestion] Intel Bonus.
  130. [Bug] Wildlands PVP Spawn
  131. [Suggestion] Wildlands PVP Taskforce Battles
  132. some idea to make GW better
  133. To UBISOFT: Thank you
  134. Are we going to get our bonuses back?
  135. PVP draw system is stupid.
  136. Tier One contemplation
  137. To wildlands Devlopers please read. AK-12 Network [PVP]
  138. Changing camo colors
  139. Could you make handguns....
  140. To draw or not to draw.
  141. Things that still lack in the game
  142. [SUGGESTION][FEDDBACK] Bullet drop.
  143. White El Tio Mask
  144. Ghost of Duty: Infinite Thermal
  145. Pvp matchmaking needs fixed
  146. Health glitches?
  147. Adrenaline Rush now comes with damage reduction? Better than tank class.
  148. totally random and minor recommendation
  149. The pvp is awesome! When can we get more?!?!
  150. Ghost War - Feedback & Greetings
  151. Narco Road Bug
  152. Bug Bug Bug only Bugs ------ damn ubisoft
  153. Ghost War "Feedback"
  154. EL Tio task force challenge problem.
  155. Ghost War Thermal Hotfix
  156. We need a matchmaking system!
  157. [FEEDBACK][SUGGESTION] Orders Wheel PVP
  158. Ghost Recon Wildlands Season 4 Bonus Episode Task Force Challenge Video Walk Through
  159. Prestige credits
  160. Drone setting off mines
  162. [PVP][SUGGESTION] PVP Squad up option like campaign Co-op
  163. Some Campaign Improvements
  164. Jammers....A second thought
  165. [FEEDBACK] M4A1 scope
  166. Why isn't this in singleplayer already?
  167. Can we get some real ghillies Ubisoft?
  168. [SUGGESTION][CUSTOMIZATION]It has been asked for ever since beta.
  169. switch between heli controls via macro possible?
  170. Too many drones that can spot
  171. New Maps
  172. Sniper - Perks
  173. To the Modders, a request
  175. Drones
  176. Title Update 6 - Helicopter breaking law of physics
  177. Headshots and spotting
  178. Medic drone = OP
  179. [BUG] My Mine Problem - Can't Place a Damn Mine! [Video]
  180. [BUG] enviroment sound cutting in and out
  181. Should DLC weaponry be available in the Main Campaign of Wildlands?
  182. [BUG] or built in?? extra third person veiw ??
  183. Ghost War Proximity Chat and Mic Kirk
  184. Drone names!
  185. [FEEDBACK] [DRONE] Drone Names!
  186. PVP Weapon Customization
  187. Chat in loadout screen!
  188. Season 4/5 Challenges Suggestions still open?
  189. It was a FUN week BUT...Im Finished Aready I Think!?!?
  190. Trophy doesn't unlock
  191. Thermal fix incoming
  192. Match Victory moment needs improving.
  193. Need competition on this game
  194. [SUGGESTION] Medic drone range
  195. Jammers. Suggestion
  196. Spawns, Deployment, Drones
  197. 8.2 feedback: Devs got this one right.
  198. [SUGGESTION] Rebel Support costing resources
  199. SUGGESTION REGARDING THERMALS (Read upcoming patch notes)
  200. Make sprinting a bonus not a perk!!!!
  201. [Feedback] Make drone thermal view always available and not a Perk
  202. [SUGGESTION] I just had maybe a good idea for Diversionist
  203. Matchmaking and Leaderboards
  204. Health in classes
  205. Thermals see through buildings?
  206. uhmmm... really
  207. [SUGGESTION] Different Game Modes
  208. Please fix the aim assist setting
  209. [Suggestion] Camera Zoom
  210. [BUG] Mele doesn’t work
  211. Nerfing Thermals is a bad idea.
  212. [FEEDBACK] [SUGGESTION] Ghost War Lacks Focus With No True Objective
  213. I just noticed...
  214. [SUGGESTION] New perks
  215. Ghost Recon Wildlands New El Tio Devil Mask Store Items Video
  216. The thermal nerf has me nervous
  217. Ghost Recon Wildlands needs a overhaul
  218. UBISOFT: What constitutes CQC?
  219. [SUGGESTION SINGLE/CO-OP] Bolt cutter and spots
  220. [UBISOFT] Enemy AI in Campaign.
  221. Headshot Notifications
  222. [FEEDBACK] Evolution, increase of public and faith in the game!
  223. [SUGGESTION] [FEEDBACK] 3 small suggestions that would go a long way.
  224. [suggestion] [feedback] bleed out timer
  225. [suggestion] [feedback]tier points - tier one mode
  226. Dying after round ended? lol
  227. controller input latency (input lag) - PS4
  228. Weapon parts?
  229. [FEEDBACK] Stick DeadZone fix
  230. [Feedback On Game play & Suggests]
  231. New PVP Player - Rank 5 matched against Prestige 1 premade
  232. [SUGGESTION] Tac-Lights for Rifles.
  233. Max Test Ultra likewise gives clients a characteristic
  235. [FEEDBACK] Sentinel sat com deployment on ps4
  236. [SUGGESSTION]More Color Variations for Shemaghs
  237. Issues That Need Fixing
  238. [BUG] [Ghost War] Visual Sync Mismatch [Image Inside]
  239. Community Question For fun (Singleplayer)
  240. Ghost War Team balancing?
  241. [FEEDBACK] Aim Sensitivity is very inconsistent
  242. [BUG]Ghost War Class
  243. Pilgrims Retreat minor glitch if one at all
  244. [Feedback] Thermal Drone Hot Fix & Beyond...
  245. [FEEDBACK][SUGGESTION] Perk usage
  246. After playing the PVP now...
  247. Squad Voices (jokes / comments) and Detection Ping.
  248. To break the monotony.
  249. [FEEDBACK][CUSTOMIZATION] How about character model presets for Ghost War?
  250. Prestige points?