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  1. Are some missions not possible in single player?
  2. Outfit/Weapon Paint
  3. Favorite Weapon Category In Loadout
  4. Enemy scaling
  5. Your update broke the game. I can't summon a Heli anymore.
  6. Hide corpses
  7. [Patch 2.0] Can't load save, GAME BROKEN
  8. Adding Ingameshop vehicles to the Vehicle Drop list
  9. Light Machine Gun Suppessor
  10. Title update 2, ammo issue fix not included?
  11. How can I avoid getting matched with the same (annoying) people?
  12. Network headset
  13. Replay Campaign...with my top tier equip
  14. How can I avoid getting matched with the same (annoying) people?
  15. Helicopter passengers/gunners need a "decoupled aiming" option.
  16. WOW Ubisoft You Did It Again...
  17. Thank you for the upcoming radio fix!!!!!
  18. AI Changes that I Want to See
  19. Cluster bomber...
  20. My feedback and some ideas (PC)
  21. Ubi have you quietly changed cam distance?
  22. How to tag on GRN
  23. AI team disable?
  24. Two questions for the Devs
  25. CoOp questions
  26. Come on Ubisoft!
  27. Ubisoft Please Add Option to Disable AI Chatty Cathys
  28. Command wheel/squad AI suggestions
  29. SYNC SHOT MARKER display options
  30. New difficulty settings for old ghost recon fan and for a more challenging experience
  31. What causes the tactical rating?
  32. Flashbang ammo acount fixed with latest patch?
  33. Helicopters visual glitch and flying mechanics suggestion.
  34. Enemy classes/behaviours for better missions
  35. The update is a really good start, but we still need...
  36. Anyone else notice the new disclaimer on Bolivia and fiction in the splash screens?
  37. Restart mission option after failure/death would be just fantastic.
  38. Good work by Ubisoft
  39. SUGGESTIONS: AI Teammate/Rebel Behavior
  40. Idea for DLC
  41. Laser Pointer and Night Vision client based??
  42. Why cant i choose vehicle in rebel wheel! I don´t whant a chooper!!!
  43. long shots miss??
  44. Enemy Marker Suggestion
  45. Ghost Packs
  46. Feedback truly deserved
  47. Patch 2.0 - what are the new interface options?
  48. Can we get the ability to zero our sniper scopes to adjust for the range? Please?
  49. WHY turn off the option type of vehicle in rebel skill it was a choice you can made.
  50. Thanks You !
  51. Please expand capture area around in-game pickups
  52. Patch not Fixing multiple save game weapon case issue.
  53. Ghillie wrap for the sniper rifle
  54. *Spoiler alert* Ending after completing 100% of the missions
  55. update 2, thanks devs! :)
  56. Console Custom Button Mapping?
  57. Task Force Events
  58. GR Wildlands Update Wishlist
  59. UBI REQUEST: Option of disabling AI Team when playing Solo
  60. 627m Solo Kill with video clip
  61. Implement a "cover-free" lean mechanic please!
  62. Game intro video
  63. Please let us throw grenades from the left hand!
  64. Prestige System and Unlocking Legendary abilities
  65. Lets talk about the GRN (please read Ubisoft)
  66. Major Intel not showing up in Espíritu Santo
  67. No Boss in Media Luna or Monte Puncu
  68. Possible new difficulty mode setting.
  69. Selecting drop vehicle?
  70. Who hates PvP?
  71. Level cap should be cranked higher.
  72. Future Daily & Weekly Activities
  73. Uhhhh...
  74. Shoulder Fired Missile
  75. things i want to see
  76. Weapon attachments not appearing properly. (PC) (GRWL) (images of problem included)
  77. Thermal Vision is pretty useless in this game.
  78. Physic NVG and a better animation for vehicle drop!! Please Ubi!
  79. Permanent XP Boost for Deluxe edition ?
  80. Neverending waves of fkn Unidud pigs....
  81. Cannot find the Ice Shard Shotgun in Store
  82. EMP Drone is now Explosive Drone
  83. SIG556 Llama
  84. Suggestion/Request - Ability to Buy Better Rebel Support using Food, Coms, etc...
  85. What happened to the number of enemies!?!
  86. Ubisoft patrols
  87. Give the HUD some more LOVE!
  88. Can't wait for PvP Show us some gameplay please
  89. Radio option
  90. *spoiler* after wildlands, where do you think we're going now?
  91. Console Patch release time?
  92. Outfits are a con
  93. Setting in-game time
  94. as soon a i spawn somewhere i get tohelicopters attack me
  95. Please fix this!!
  96. sync online friend error and sniper shots missing when they should not
  97. Unidad Ghost Pack available after patch!
  98. Title update 2: console patch feedback
  99. Love the game. Thanks Ubi.
  100. Enemy Numbers
  101. Missing sniper scope?
  102. DEVELOPER SUGGESTION - Outfit pack changes
  103. Can't Shoot Through Leaves
  104. Game is stuck
  105. UNIDAD Conspiracy DLC
  106. Rpg?
  107. Bullets STILL getting stopped by leaves, chain link fences, travelling too slow
  108. Two issues not fixed; What have you found?
  109. Sniping
  110. HQ app crashing when trying to view Ghost Recon Network
  111. Solid 60FPS impossible with this game?
  112. Ideas and changes that can make GRW an even better game
  113. Helicopter support spawns are F-ed.
  114. Gameplay oversights
  115. Exiting Vehicle Bug
  116. UBI, can we have an updated know issues list?
  117. Vehicle seating
  118. Mission "NO DETECT" marker
  119. Ghost recon HQ app not for everyone.
  120. Drive Vibrations
  121. Ghost Recon Network - Can't Unlock actions for chat and tagging friends
  122. Poll: After playing GR;WL, are you going to purchase the Season Pass?
  123. Have good content cut ?
  124. These trains stop for nothing!
  125. [SPOILERS] Your final mission impressions?
  126. Knives: why are they not available?
  127. Missing Kingslayer Files Possible answer
  128. So the leveling glitch still hasn't been fixed
  129. Current playable PvP options
  130. Binoculars and drone need som work
  131. Replay side mission ?
  132. Sniper Rifles and Logarithmic Damage?
  133. Achievements Problem ??????? No shame from Ubi****
  134. some ideas
  135. Rebel side missions...Turn on radio
  136. ADV Suppression still broken after patch
  137. Rebel support vehicle misssion exploit
  138. Please please please FOR THE LOVE OF GOD....
  139. Can I get a definitive answer on provinces?
  140. Take Wildlands to the next level
  141. Feature Request - Differentiate already completed Resource Missions in Co-op
  142. Any way to STOP rebels from helping?
  143. PVP where the beep is it at or when is it coming
  144. Wishlist for GRWL
  145. Missing sound effects since latest update
  146. Astounding incompetence
  147. flying the airplane
  148. Ghost Recon Wildlands Network Achievements
  149. Emblems
  150. 2nd or 3rd toon playing
  151. [IDEA] Cosmetic Mask Idea
  152. How to find your missing Kingslayer Files
  153. Map Legends Request
  154. No drone cooldown
  155. Bugs, general anoyances n possible ideas
  156. A huge step in the right direction
  157. PvP - 4v4 is weak
  158. You keep saying things UBISOFT, do you know the meaning?
  159. Anyone played the last Splinter Cell? Wildlands could learn so much from it.
  160. Death statistics, reviving mechanics need overhaul.
  161. Distance and sound travel time.
  162. 5% permanent xp bonus
  163. PVP - Will be full of hackers - Lets not forget The Division
  164. Missing missions
  165. Zip Lines and Grappling Hooks
  166. Would you like to see preset loadouts
  167. Dear Ubisoft: Please fix these glitches
  168. Things I think they could add
  169. Driving Mechanics... Seriously Ubisoft
  170. Patch minus season pass fix equals disregard
  171. Better Micro transactions
  172. New patch, but no season pass fix? Seriously Ubisoft?
  173. Boquita [SPOILER]
  174. I love this game (Bug thread to help dev's)
  175. 8-12 player co-op
  176. The Truck Depot, Koani - Boston Reed
  177. Auto save versus manual save??
  178. Photo Flare
  179. Patch 3.0 suggestions
  180. The enemies and SAMs respawn way too fast and unrealistic
  181. No more RADIOS!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!,!
  182. Missing Kingslayer files in the Media Luna area....
  183. National Flag patches
  184. Title Update 2: Playstation
  185. Thanks UbiSoft
  186. Ubisoft no ghost recon wildlands
  187. Stuck at lvl 15 and lvl cap?
  188. Love the game and have suggestion for "Wildlands 2" scenario
  189. I STILL have not received my season pass/gold edition content...
  190. Make it rain
  191. Team chatter
  192. Option for friendly fire for the hardest difficulty settings (extreme, advanced)
  193. Best sniping locations
  194. endovex
  195. Any way to get matched up with players who want to stealth?
  196. Appeal to Ubi -
  197. [Feedback] Rebel Mortar Fire
  198. Question about influence
  199. Helicopter Control
  200. Disappointed in squad AI and what sync shots actually turned out to be..
  201. Flashlights
  202. Get rid of the feedback icon
  203. Audio andvisual issues with guns
  204. One more suggestion: Battle Royale / "King of the Kill" / Survival mode in future DLC
  205. End game
  206. Another minor problem for hudless players
  207. advice from 8k subs facebook group
  208. Suggestion for rebel support unlocks - mix up the mission types
  209. Can't destroy enemy helicopters anymore?
  210. [PS4] When disabling ammo/items from HUD...
  211. I find the content in the UBI shop shallow.
  212. "In position"
  213. Why can't I access my Future Soldier content?
  214. [BUG] Supressors keep disappearing during co-op
  215. Ps4 or Xbox One?
  216. Laziest Story Mission Writing in any game *Possible Spoilers
  217. This Game Need Some Events Or Something Quick
  218. Squad AI Talk about SA80. Where is it in game?
  219. To the DEV TEAM: A Few Suggestions
  220. GRW Skills - Weapon Web Access
  221. Why does shooting out lights not remove the lighting effect?
  222. BUGS: Resolution bug
  223. Questions to general players about resolution
  224. The future of ghost recon
  225. Patch Notes
  226. Need someones assistance for just a short time (5 minutes or so)
  227. If there is one thing Wildlands can learn from The Division
  228. A Cartel Criminal Mode
  229. No HUD Users Thread
  230. Just an amazing idea/question.
  231. Ubi, what did you do to the AI chatter in the last patch?
  232. New Video card opinions
  233. Missing some Nomad dialogue?
  234. Minor Suggestion
  235. Season pass
  236. Unidad Ghost Pack available in USA, or not yet?
  237. Server issues
  238. Nvidia & GRWL
  239. HUD - on/off button!!!
  240. Radios off but we're not completely free!
  241. Requests - Features, Fixes, Cool Stuff.
  242. TDB looking to help (PC)
  243. ETA on other Tom Clancy themed skins?
  244. Redesigning Grenade Selection (console)
  245. Do something about the Unidad IDIOTS
  246. Dead zone problem?
  247. Would be more fun if we able to interact more with the world
  248. Where is the last document of Media Luna??
  249. Just a thought after playing the game from start to end at the Highest Difficulty
  250. the m82 barrett as a dlc weapon or simply a free update ?