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  1. The Future for Multiplayer(PvP) - The Potential for Greatness
  2. [AI] Some quick vids of how useless the enemy AI is in this game.
  3. Bad Publicity & Sync Shot
  4. Can I stay crouch after tagging resources or picking up anything else?
  5. Give us the ability to choose between pistol or knife please.
  6. Well Personally
  7. Remove friendly AI option??
  8. Always Hunted
  9. some crazy physics
  10. [AI] Switch team AI with Enemy AI
  11. Enemy search patterns make no sence
  12. increase level cap!
  13. Unable to loot weapon/attachment cases
  14. Can't get the M40A5
  15. Ghost Recon Wildlands Character Customization Suggestion
  16. The most accurate review I've read to date
  17. Some camos look ridiculous
  18. Just like The Division, singleplayer gamers won't get much from this game
  19. QUINOA AI Squad Dialogue - Endless Loop of Madness
  20. Task force recruiting is not showing in search tab
  21. Just refunded the game to steam...
  22. Level 28, all skills GONE
  23. How about Future soldier outfit DLC?
  24. Possible glitch, problem or just a bug?
  25. Stats and Videos Etc
  26. Itacua Weapon case and Accessory case missing.
  27. Stuck too often, and why can't we just jump
  28. Ghost Recon profile.
  29. Weapon DLC suggestions. What would you like to see?
  30. The beautiful screenshot thread
  31. custom task force emblem
  32. Xp
  33. Parachute assaults
  34. Ubi can we please have a camera zoom option
  35. No PvP = no buy
  36. Enemy AI vs Squad AI
  37. Need Help With Unlocking Story Missions
  38. Weapon wear idea
  39. Disconnects from ubi servers!!?
  40. I can't be mad at you if you wait for patches before purchase
  41. My own personal issues with Wildlands
  42. Big question
  43. Optimization
  44. Handgun optics
  45. Progress save syncing.
  46. Undecided
  47. Improvment for the game!!! FOR UPCOMING PATCH
  48. Question: Possible to play without Player or AI team?
  49. More options
  50. Story Videos (Question)
  51. Compass
  52. To be or not to be: are flight controls better than flight controls of a mobile game
  53. How To Stop a Heavily Guarded Convoy
  54. As fun as this game is, the loading bugs need some serius attention
  55. Weapon glitches and voice over problems
  56. Vechicle Stealth
  57. Can't Keymap the Tacmap
  58. joystick support?
  59. Camera positioning needs more options
  60. Allow us to call a car in after helicopter unlock
  61. Sync shot ist not overpowered.
  62. GRW HQ so what am i missing
  63. Wildlands = Guerrilla Warfare Goldmine
  64. Advanced silencer needs to be fixed
  65. Laser Sights
  66. 3 things that should be changed about vehicle drop off
  67. [BUG] Can't pick up weapons and attachments in new game
  68. "We need to tag that vehicle up ahead, watch your fire"
  69. Almost done and longing for multiplayer
  70. Bug Feedback - Squad A.I. Vehicle Threat Detection
  71. CHATTER & MUSIC is way too much at times
  72. Need a shooting Range
  73. Suggestion: Loadouts so we can swap from stealth/combat fast
  74. Remington R5 RGP full auto only?
  75. Still Haven't Received My Collector's Edition Game!!!
  76. Last story mission in libertad
  77. PLEASE FIX the Team AI
  78. Glitch Parachute under the map
  79. Most scopes for SRs/ARs are misaligned
  80. I completed a mission, but missed out on a video
  81. Suggestion: supplement co-op squad with AI
  82. This game drastically needs an "Unequip" option...
  83. Ghost recon network question/help
  84. Questions about randomly spawning enemies
  85. What's the chopper's weak point?
  86. Anyone up for coop? XBONE...
  87. Missing Province Content (Weapon Cases/Accessory Cases)
  88. Weapon Firing selector
  89. Suggestion: Hud Markers > Drone Only
  90. Phoenix Patch
  91. Is that a Bug or wut?I should be able to carry more flash bang.
  92. Weapon problems
  93. Melee takedowns
  94. M16
  95. Hate-Love Relationsship with the game
  96. Split squad and customize AI team mates
  97. Rebel Vehicle spawning suggestion
  98. Still haven't gotten my 800 credits or boosters?
  99. NAT Type: Offline (weird)
  100. In all fairness i tried to dig this game, but it wont let me
  101. Use fast travel to control the weather.
  102. Needed! Spotting scope!
  103. Ubi response requested- Any plans to adjust sniper rifle bullet performance?
  104. Current bugs that I've experience - PS4
  105. Press Esc to skip
  106. Ghosts Constantly Repeating The Same Dialog
  107. Unidad bullet-sponge soldiers
  108. HQ App Question
  109. Day/Night Cycle info
  110. Any word on Gold Edition missing contents issue?
  111. Requesting Closed Beta
  112. (Possible spoilers) My final thoughts on wildlands.
  113. Option to turn off enemy markers on the minimap
  114. Question about Task Forces
  115. Enemies spawn on top of defending objectives! SOME TIPS?
  116. Connection Query, Welcoming Any And All Advice
  117. No Enemy Heat Map on Mini Map
  118. Anyone else think Ubisoft should have made it cross platform with xbox?
  119. EXP Boost Ripoff
  120. The el jefe cigar...
  121. GRN Needed Features
  122. Suggested change to stealth mechanics
  123. [BUG] Suppressors only affect bullet velocity if you apply them in the Gunsmith Menu.
  124. I'm honestly very unimpressed with the game.
  125. Wrong STD grenade launchers for guns
  126. Disconnecting while riding in chopper.
  127. Unidad are annoying and make no sense
  128. Dear Ubisoft - A letter to you hoping for change
  129. Suggestions
  130. Return to Solo
  131. So no hud = no sync shot?
  132. Some opinions about this game, suggestions and what not. How I feel it lacking.
  133. Accessing menu for gun and cloths
  134. Please improve AI team or give us option to go SOLO.
  135. Are there many 'I cannot be detected' missions?
  136. Skills not working!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  137. Damage reduction through Vestīs
  138. Ricky Sandoval missions
  139. Can't level up
  140. Getting spawn trapped by enemy AI when I spawn!
  141. Im spooked
  142. ADV Suppresion is not working.
  143. Do "Boss weapons" also age with time?
  144. enemy
  145. If everything on this list gets addressed...GOTY
  146. Ubisoft Please Fix
  147. Looking for Tactical Players - PS4
  148. [BUG] Feedback - Boats
  149. Drive & shoot for solo play, seat swap not working
  150. My enthusiasm for this game has waned.
  151. Adding Realistic Magazines
  152. Are you playing CO-OP or SOLO? Join the poll
  153. Tagging Friends on GRN
  154. Request - Commands & Tacmap
  155. Aircraft Control Suck
  156. Game crashes to Desktop while trying to load the Campaign
  157. How you swap/change drone payload ?
  158. Dualshock 4 Controller Symbols In-Game
  159. REF: Flight changes rope wheels etc...
  160. Stucked in a breach
  161. Survival mode!!! DAYZ H1Z1 alike... THOUGHTS ???
  162. Getting new weapons
  163. Missed Technical Test
  164. When you add pvp...
  165. What's the lastest on the missing "5% XP Boost"?
  166. Giving up on tagging friends and other ppl on GRN.
  167. Issue with leveling up
  168. ghost network headset help?
  169. extreme difficulty - single player - asking for advise
  170. Intel and Interrogation issues
  171. Koani Story Mission: The Convoy
  172. Issue of Same Team Talk That Keeps Repeating Over & Over
  173. logging in on another system
  174. Help me please - cant play the game on coop with friends - host migration in progress
  175. Just wanted to point this out in case
  176. About the DLC
  177. Sniper And Dmr Ammo
  178. Club Action: Got There
  179. Rebel vehicle drop selection?
  180. Option to remove bodies and wire cutters please
  181. Suggestion: Let us toggle between levels for "Vehicle Drop Off"
  182. The Money Truck
  183. Infinate XP
  184. Can I get some smoke?
  185. Request - Airstrike Support
  186. Minigun vs Sniper
  187. Advice with grass glitching on GTX 570
  188. Would you kind add feature: Loadouts, favorite weapons.
  189. El Pulpo...issues
  190. Persistent SAM sites gotta go...
  191. Santa Blanca is attacking Unidad
  192. Use a key to unlock this item
  193. Collectibles Glitched
  194. The World is Bigger Than the Gameplay is...
  195. Ghosts are basically achieving nothing
  196. G28 Scope glitched
  197. In Game Map Freezing?
  198. Ubisoft - beyond annoying, ignorant and lazy
  199. Can we get some realistic ghillie suits please?
  200. This isn't a real Ghost Recon game
  201. Delays are ruining the game at the moment...
  202. Ugh, we don't want rebel help! Is there a way to turn it off??
  203. Freezing and drop fps
  204. This game is so irritating
  205. Reset Campaign w/ All upgrades achieved
  206. Just a tip to the developers team!
  207. Some minor gameplay/server/account issues I've noticed
  208. No HuD improves gaming experience a lot! Only 2 important requirements are missing...
  209. NAT TYPE issues
  210. Drone EMP issue
  211. Ghost Recon Network Game Stats Reset
  212. Gameplay Demo
  213. Driving Bug-Report
  214. This is not OK
  215. A of model errors.
  216. Weapon Accessories
  217. When game launches, brightness for entire PS4 display adjusts?
  218. Multiplayer online idea
  219. Vehicle List
  220. Where do I find old videos if I missed them when they popped up?
  221. So many inconsistencies
  222. Quick Question about differents editions!
  223. Why is there (did I miss it?) no CLOCK?
  224. Questions/experience
  225. NVIDIA Simultaneous Multi-Projection? Not a thing?
  226. Some suggestions, and grievances
  227. Future implementations
  228. [SPOILERS] Ubisoft, can we get a mission
  229. Unique Jeep
  230. REQUEST - AI Squad Clothing Customization
  231. Extreme difficulty should disable drones
  232. BUG : Spawn camped by enemies on rally point or other spawn point
  233. Suggestion: Intel reveal too much
  234. Is it possible to disable drone inhibitors?
  235. run under the lake
  236. Modsupport ever?
  237. Bugs!
  238. Anybody willing to help me get the AK12 and do the chat Achievement?
  239. I'm entitled so I need you to get on this, Ubi.
  240. The big problems no one is talking about
  241. game
  242. Desperate for Middle East???
  243. Just to say ... Great game
  244. Deactivating Network Antennaes Side Mission
  245. Unidad are too annoying.
  246. Question for the Devs
  247. APC is more PC than A.
  248. Problems with Task Force Tag
  249. 2 issues killing stealth approach
  250. Ghost Recon Network Problems