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  1. Warlord testing grounds ideas
  2. Season 1 Main Menu Theme should be added back
  3. Where is realistic mode and realistic ranked match
  4. Start from beginning
  5. Cheating bots
  6. Warlord Rework Looks Disappointing
  7. Please let us report Intentional Friendly Fire
  8. My thoughts on this game
  9. Guard Stance
  10. Severe server issues since the last patch
  11. Breach Guardian
  12. Broken and Bugged Feats
  13. Additional Faction
  14. wing tsun hero
  15. Ideas for a Shugoki buff
  16. help bug
  17. Shaman stamina problem on fw-bash
  18. Dear ubi devs-regarding nobushi tweaks.
  19. Just an idea or two for Ubisoft
  20. New Character Idea
  21. Помогите Пожалуйста
  22. Health makes no sense and how to properly balance it
  23. Gladiator changes are pretty bad - why and how to fix him.
  24. A suggestion for an execution
  25. Centurion knee to heavy
  26. Centurion suggestions
  27. More stamina for duels
  28. centurion rework is kinda not enough
  29. Gladiators toestab in the testing ground doesn't give a heavy on knockdown anymore
  30. Please stop doing new chars or buffs please D:
  31. Centurion heavy easily guard broken
  32. Training Grounds with AI?
  33. Please allow combination of effects
  34. Centurion Testing grounds feedback.
  35. Training Grounds in Training & Custom Match
  36. Warlord update: A little goes a long way
  37. Gladiator nerf and testing grounds suggestions
  38. Shinobi needs hyper armor.
  39. Opinion of Testing Ground Tweaks
  40. Knee to legion kick centurion
  41. Centurions stamina
  42. If you want people to keep playing the testing ground, you need to add incentives
  43. Hitokiri and the problem with hyper armor in general.
  44. Need Fixes
  45. Make Shinobi viable again
  46. Duel matchmaking
  47. Knight Hero Idea Fortress
  48. suggestion for renaming the game
  49. Tiandi QoL
  50. These things still need to be changed on gladiator
  51. Testing grounds: Centurion (opinion)
  52. Revenge problem
  53. Display groups and match 4 man teams against other 4 man teams etc
  54. Testing Grounds Suggestions: Centurion feets (Opinions)
  55. How do I fight 4 orochis at once light spamming
  56. Feedback Testing ground: Centurion
  57. In the next patch, can we get a fix for shaman's flicker bug?
  58. Ubisoft’s Game of Thrones + Horde Mode
  59. [Serious] Can we put people who Turtle in duels into Turtle lobbies?
  60. DETAILED rep 170+ review Centurion Testing Grounds FEEDBACK
  61. [New] Hero Idea
  62. Remove Guardian from breach
  63. Use of multiple different materials at customization
  64. Male & Female Options for EVERY HERO
  65. Help to make the community less toxic
  66. MAKE BREACH & TRIBUTE 5 Players!!!
  67. Updating old hero effect.
  68. Respawn bug
  69. Match Making
  70. Jorm's HA
  71. Testing grounds Centurion Feedback
  72. Hitokiri
  73. Return Minion Executions
  74. Why did Warlord got slowed down
  75. Some heroes are bigger than others.
  76. New viking hero idea
  77. Change "You're On Fire" Achievement
  78. Thx for some Valk attention
  79. Great idea for a Loading Screen that keeps us waiting
  80. Make tutorial easier/more balanced for new players
  81. Peacekeeper Issuses That Is Needed To Be Looked At Instantly
  82. A Small Rant :D
  83. Jormungandr
  84. Ranked Needs to be Changed
  85. Nuxia heavy finishers suggestion
  86. Warlord testing grounds feedback
  87. Уровни развития снаряжения игрового пер&
  88. Saudi
  90. Deflects over unblockables
  91. Ideas for the future of For Honor
  92. Shaolin blocks
  93. Please give us a "Play random execution" button for finishers.
  94. When you guys make TANKS, make TANKY TANKS, no hybrids please
  95. More dismember-able parts please
  96. Training Arena improvements
  97. Idea for Warden Execution and game idea
  98. Ingame issues
  99. Alternative Duel/Brawl mode suggestion
  100. Remove side based colour pallets.
  101. You better postpone the patch, and quick
  102. Are we ever gonna get a fix to conq/shaman's flicker bug?
  103. Respawn as a new hero upon death
  104. Raider Bug- Weird Colors
  105. Why did we go back to the Power Rangers fashion? [Viking issues].2
  106. PC Ridiculous vs AI loading times still
  107. Please tell me why Ubi hates shinobi so much.
  108. Fix gold material
  109. Just spitballing here.
  110. Nerf hitokiri and Jormungandr
  111. lawbringer and his blue pants
  112. Black prior buff
  113. Character with hammer needs nerf
  114. Fix your ****, this game is unplayable
  115. I have a very petty request about the hero selection screen.
  116. https://topwellnessmart.com/bella-bright/
  117. Please fix your servers
  118. Nerf Jorm's stamina damage RFN!!
  119. Incompatible with discord overlay, so much that it breaks the game.
  120. Tool - Invincible
  121. Getting penalty for idling
  122. Gladiator's skewer still needs tweaks before his update goes live
  123. How come there is no way to reconnect to a game after you dc?
  124. Сбой системы
  125. The New Execution, minor improvements.
  126. Allow us to change Main Menu Theme Music
  127. Breach maps playable in duels and brawls
  128. Jorm's running speed
  129. Make revenge a "use it or lose it" tool
  130. Make it easier to go up inranked duels
  131. Normal Breach Instead of Event?
  132. Expanding the Hero Cultures
  133. Gladiator deflect against kensei
  134. Review, Suggestions, Revisions and Praise
  135. Why does it require stamina to use gravity and slide down a ladder?!
  136. Crash Bug
  137. Create ARMOR for events not weapons.
  138. Player fortress. Far fetch or awesome?
  139. Possible changes to the game.
  140. Matchmaking level rebalance
  141. Should Tiandi's Kick Wall Splat?
  142. When are you gonna update the lawbringer?
  143. Knights need hyperarmor moves in there set
  144. New Knight Hero
  145. "kai" ability cool down.
  146. Nobushi kick bug / glitch
  147. Bring back Nobushi's Swift Recoil!!!
  148. how to fix NAT TYPE:STRICT
  149. Let Centurion whiff into punch?
  150. More gear and customization please
  151. Sound on Hitokiri's "Kamaitachi" execution is very disproportionately loud.
  152. HyperDmg!!!
  153. New game mode: Massive battle
  154. Social Aspects
  155. Game crashed -> got a 15 minute penalty
  156. So, out of frustration I bought Hitokiri, and this happened.
  157. Opinions on Lawbringer as of now
  158. Aesthetic Options [Viking mostly and color pallets and aesthetic]
  159. Anniversary 1 year for Wulin. Next Season 12 for Wulin. All Wulin need buff or rework
  160. raiders lights animations
  161. assassin isue
  162. More things that I'm ranting about
  163. Ranked Rewards easier please And unblockeable symbol bug
  164. https://www.collinsdictionary.com/dictionary/english/balancing
  165. Overall Game Change
  166. fast heavies and vanguards
  167. Well done
  168. ヒーローの再ロックについて
  169. Training mode improvements - let us record/play back inputs
  170. Remove fire damage by rolling
  171. Bring back the pre-reworked characters
  172. Sell CC,CVV Fresh 100%,Dumps,Paypal,Western Union,Bank Login/Transfer
  173. bot mode option after 5 minutes of match making waiting
  174. Bashes that stop stamina regen.
  175. aramusha
  176. lawbringer needs and update.
  177. pointless
  178. Some suggestions to improve Dominion
  179. Match Making Has Gotten WORSE
  180. An idea for a brand NEW game mode in For Honor.
  181. Arcade mode feedback after playing during my Uplay+ trial.
  182. Editable Larry’s banner/color palette changes
  183. Colors change
  184. gladiator toe stab bug
  185. Suggestions for the halloween event!
  186. Various ideas of additions for For honor!
  187. Aesthetic Viking
  188. No More Exclusive Loot from Ranked?
  189. balancing
  190. Who thinks this game should have more HP?
  191. PVE Feedback
  192. Ornaments regarding raider and valkyrie
  193. Data sets for "top level" ranked duel should start at Masters.
  194. Player vs AI Duel Difficulty
  195. For Honor Future New Faction Suggestion: Saracens
  196. Animation skip
  197. If you want to keep hito as a heavy on red hero, at least remove her ability to feint
  198. black prior shield bash ... spamers... its too fast
  199. Servers in Africa
  200. Duel tournament
  201. Cosmetics and be gentle
  202. System dobierania graczy
  203. Fangs of the Otherworld Event - Remove purple flashes
  204. Can you give LB's chain shove better tracking when target switching?
  205. New Leonhardt Sword is inverted
  206. Minion Executions
  207. Why was gladiator's skewer stamina drain on parry not addressed?
  208. Bots in duels
  209. New Dynamic Effects Input
  210. Peacekeeper "martyr" bomb
  211. Turn off the strobe for event
  212. Just an idea for a hero.
  213. Halloween Event loot
  214. Tiandi dodge registration
  215. Guaranteed guardbreaks
  216. My Suggestion For A Sequel For For Honor
  217. New execution idea
  218. Tiandi's Dragon Dodge Guard Break vulnerability Window Is To High
  219. lightsabers
  220. For my sanity, please sort out the stamina system.
  221. 4 Gestures in free-mode instead of 2
  222. PK feels like fighing with a fork
  223. So do you plan to make shinobi playable again?
  224. Change rapid chat command color
  225. Custom UI colors
  226. Matchmaking is a Nightmare
  227. Improvements for this game (from my opinion)
  228. Make past things available to buy
  229. Hitokiri
  230. Suggestions For Upcoming Hero Changes
  231. Can you take another look at feats? Some of them are really dumb.
  232. Nobushi reigning inferno mask outfit problem
  233. New Feature Suggestion: Combo Executions
  234. whoa on the nerf requests
  235. Make wu lin cost 10k not 15
  236. Lawbringer execution
  237. Selective Play Styles of Reworked Heroes
  238. Shinobi needs hyper armor on something (even if not kick)
  239. :dddd
  240. Stamina needs a complete rework. It's a complete mess rn.
  241. Taking a note from the Hitokiri
  242. Please put in the "Random Execution" Button
  243. A Ranger Character. Suggested Idea
  244. Need a slight nerf to the Vortiger
  245. Problem of integrated circuit
  246. 4v4 Duel Mode
  247. Hyper Armor and DLC Characters Ruin The Game For Me
  248. Death, game intro, Warden feats, monkey boy
  249. Ideas For a playable Officer
  250. Another useless "buff" for Orochi