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  1. The Dwindling Oceania Community (and what to do about it)
  2. 2 years later
  3. [ISSUE] Can't enter the store in game
  4. Executions in Arcade
  5. How to Eradicate the Black Prior on every character!
  6. Nerf Shaman
  7. Shaolin is crazy stupid.
  8. Zone Remap for Console
  9. choose from 2 different people after respawn in breach
  10. Bug Report
  11. New Game Type/ Wait Times
  12. Nobushi Balance (with newer characters)
  13. Matchmaking Penalty???
  14. Can we stop getting event awards for heroes that we don't play?
  15. Got banned for hitting refresh
  16. Best PC Controller Configuration For Duels (XBONE/PS4)(custom configuration showcase)
  17. Moving away from the bash meta
  18. Nerf cent
  19. 3 new heroes Idea
  20. New game mod?
  21. Fix ranked
  22. Bug report - Kazan castle
  23. Is difficulty level on arcade weekly quest a joke?
  24. Lag abused advantage
  25. Bugs?, Glitches?, or intended parts of the game?
  26. Poor design waste of money
  27. Matchmaking penalty
  28. Gladiator the worse assasin
  29. Matchmaking and bots levels
  30. Balance..where?
  31. 戰隊/軍團/公會系統
  32. Cent is too op sometimes he can hit peoples
  33. Looking for a current tier list of characters, from best to worst!
  34. An Idea for DEVs to consider I guess..
  35. Bots (Again)
  36. Rate my Tiandi Gameplay
  37. Matchmaking Balance Suggestion
  38. gameplay
  39. Some console bugs - please read
  40. Unbalanced Matchmaking
  41. Willing to overlook all of the issue with the game if Apollyon event is re-released:)
  42. Please give us a Random execution button
  43. Your Competitive Environment Needs Boost
  44. Guard break cancel and latency
  45. Ubi is this type of game mode possible?
  46. More assassins creed events!
  47. Can you reset my skill rank
  48. Ranked matches
  49. suggestions improvement ideas
  50. Victory screen is a little bit annoying
  51. Possible Idea for Shinobi Rework/Adjustment
  52. Im feels ubiosft nerf to much warlord plesae rework warlord
  53. should we remove roll dodge from games
  54. Stuck on loading screen
  55. Suggestions
  56. Female tiandi has more health than male tiandi
  57. Did you guys revert the revenge in 1v1 change?
  58. Faction war rewards suggestion
  59. Orochi buff suggestion
  60. https://www.healthlione.com/shape-x2-keto/
  61. Mega Thread For Honor/Open World RPG In-Depth
  62. New effect, idle, execute, emote.
  63. https://www.maleenhancementsupplement.org/tevida-ca/
  64. https://www.maleenhancementsupplement.org/tevida-ca/
  65. Neues Bannsystem
  66. Fix Tiandi Health
  67. Suddenly I'm waiting in matchmaking for 10+ minutes.
  68. LawBringer Needs a Buff
  69. Ottoman faction ..?
  70. Immortal Valkyrie - 3 Kills and she is still alive!? How?
  71. A fix to Warlord's customization
  72. Why have side deflects on assassins not been addressed yet?
  73. Problem with the breaking team UI
  74. Opener for Orochi
  75. Tiandi Stamina Bufff
  76. Lock out its annyoing it why
  77. Help me choose an assassin to play.
  78. Victorious animations after the duel
  79. Black prior stam drain nerf
  80. Block, or...?
  81. Shinobi Improvement Suggestions
  82. Black Prior Outfit Improvements
  83. The ***uro Festival impossible to win
  84. Level 3 bots
  85. The faction war is completely flawed
  86. Open world PVE
  87. New event idea
  88. Matchmaking? Matchmaking machine broke.
  89. i got 15 min penalty for anti cheat ?
  90. New armor and weapon and execution for warden
  91. Everything that's wrong with the game
  92. Aramusha
  93. Introducing the Spartan Warrior
  94. Swapping contracts
  95. Can we get an Achilles armor for Centurion?
  96. New Spectator Mode
  97. Speed things up between matches
  98. When do you wanna fix this?
  99. Female Orochi Face rework
  100. Aramusha rework
  101. Cooldown on wallsplats to ease gank pressure
  102. Ornament Ideas
  103. How can I contact Devs?
  104. Fixing matchmaking a little bit more
  105. How to counter a spamming feinting berserker??
  106. Revenge rework.
  107. Raider: Nerf it, Rework it, or Delete it
  108. Shaolin as he is right now needs TO GO!!!
  109. Greetings from RU community
  110. [PC] In-game UI crosshair.
  111. Extra XP fest and PVAI.
  112. Controller remapping on pc
  113. I have someone id like to report
  114. Aramusha Smoothness/Changes
  115. Enrage/Revenge | Revenge Changes/Enrage Addition
  116. Remove Player Left Notification
  117. Why orochi is one of the weakest and why he needs a buff.
  118. i keep getting a bug which isn't fun at all
  119. Please reduce the launch time for the catapult, you really ****ed it up with the nerf
  120. PvE survival based in Game of Thrones
  121. Please bring back the apollyon event (including the loot of course)
  122. Thoughts on the most annoying characters to fight against in the game
  123. Not funny joke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  124. Give us our steel back for every DLC character we buy
  125. [New] Hero Idea
  126. Nerf shugoki
  127. Spamming Guardbreaks only
  128. Rework/Remove PK bleed mechanics already.
  129. Orochi new Execution camera glitch
  130. Can we please get an update on side deflects?
  131. Couple of really annoying BLARING DESIGN ISSUES with the UI
  132. Ubisoft Can't/Won't Resolve This Bug
  133. If you can justify PK's damage reduction, why can't you apply the same logic to zerk?
  134. Option to Change the Gender & a new story
  135. No, Nerf the Juang Jun
  136. Please, add splitscreen
  137. Nuxia`s trap shouldnt be orange
  138. Why I uninstalled this game
  139. Why Matchmaking Doesn't Work (And Probably Never Will)
  140. Could you make Gladiators "Roar of the crowd" a passive feat
  141. Would love to enjoy an execution....
  142. Loading screen still freezing
  143. Regarding the Shizuka ni nemure execution for Kensei
  144. Please fix multiple users on one network
  145. No rewards after the end of a game
  146. New Characters
  147. Warlord buff/rework suggestion.
  148. Deflect frames having priority over Invincibility frames
  149. Bigger inventory
  150. Matchmaking, Dope or Nope?
  151. Hitokiri kit was created to mock Centurion - Change my mind
  152. Problem with not moving and Cooldown
  153. Story dlc
  154. Lawbringer "rework" - buff or nerf?
  155. Lawbringers buff unblockable still doesn't apply enough pressure to enemies
  156. Can we get more hyper armor on the actual armored characters?
  157. Any idea when matchmaking will be fixed?
  158. 안전놀이터 메이저놀이터 추천">안전놀이터 메이저놀이터 추천 by good
  159. F.u.c.k you ubi.s.h.i.t.
  160. Console 60fps
  161. Why ubisoft should stop adding characters to the game
  162. Quit penalty after being kicked
  163. Uncapped Reputation For All Heroes?
  164. Orochi's saya/sheath
  165. Nuxia's Facial Expressions Seem to be Broken in the Latest Update [With Imgur Link]
  166. What I think of the Game
  167. Bring back minion animation kills and gear stats, but leave revenge out.
  168. Why wont you balance bezerker?
  169. I don't care about weekly releases, I (and not only I) want the game fixed!!!!!
  170. Can we please get an update on side deflects?
  171. Fixing Centurion: How he needs to be reworked
  172. Champion status idea
  173. Battle royale and Frontline modes
  174. Everything wrong with for honor
  175. Fix side defects
  176. Fix side deflects
  177. Fix side deflects
  178. Maybe a new voice line to replace Tiandi's 疯狂就是力量(insanity is power)?
  179. Why For Honor
  180. Definitely not a good game
  181. Suggestion to ganking problem on dominion
  182. Please balance out the teams in PVP!!
  183. Choose between Elimination or Skirmish
  184. Raider buff
  185. Menu mid rounds
  186. So many changes needed, so little done
  187. Leaping GB and tracking Unblockables
  188. Removing from game becaus of AFK and 15 min punishment.
  189. Dominion, Breach & Brawl Ranked mode
  190. valkyrie
  191. Thoughts on Hietokiri
  192. sakura ( or whatever that newest hero is named )
  193. Raider buffs so SO good.
  194. Sound Issue
  195. Year 3 Season 2 Arcade Mode and Weekly Quests
  196. A new Mechanic of Buff/debuff to encourage Offensive moves and Punish OOL/backdodge
  197. New Character suggestion
  198. What disappoints me the most about lbs rework is this is the best we're gonna get
  199. Missing Rain SFX
  200. Button for Random executions please
  201. Thank you
  202. Star wars game with for honor fighting mechanics
  203. Ubi a response would be helpful,
  204. Raider speed ... something is wrong?
  205. Year 3 season 2 Sakura
  206. IF i want a JEDI game, i can buy one.
  207. Can you make the star war effect optional?
  208. My thoughts on y2 s3 (warning, vary long)
  209. Respawning problem
  210. A critical analysis and discussion about Lawbringer's rework, Y3 Season 10
  211. Why I quit, and what will bring me back.
  212. It has to be said!!!
  213. Additions and Improvements to Hero special moves and Game User Interface
  214. Hitokiri First Feat (Deliverance) is Buggy
  215. Add Weapon effects cosmetics.
  216. Duel and Ranked Duel are dead, merge them
  218. Who want to use lightsaber at a medieval game?
  219. We Need to STOP THIS LIGHTSABER abomination
  220. I hate you ubisoft , really.
  221. From Trash, To Trash.
  222. Why are there still people complaining about Orochi ?
  223. Improving Lawbringer with 15th and 16th century fighting manuscripts
  224. Please Keep May the Fourth Lightsabers
  225. Hero Suggestion, Overlord
  226. Make Lightsaber effect, client sided or optional.
  227. This game is going so bad now
  228. It's time for us to give up on Lawbringer's rework, it's clear that the devs have.
  229. Please allow bots to use random executions
  230. Very irritating sound bug
  231. Hyperarmor is not the solution
  232. Console raider rework
  233. For Honor needs a forfeit option.
  234. Lawbringer need Hyper Armor (Super Armor)
  235. Invulnerability Frames On Lawbringer Unblockable
  236. Game mode to bring back: Assassini e Templari
  237. I'm too tired reason of 0006000139 v70.90
  238. Shinobi unlisted change
  239. Suggestions: Ideas for a better For Honor
  240. So, still one big problem with lawbringer...
  241. New map idea
  242. Laser Swords.. Possible visual setting?
  243. Lawbringer is still bad - here is why
  244. A way to combat HA for assassins
  245. Skirmish: some ideas
  246. Existing stuff could become interesting and easy events
  247. Let your bots wear all the effects and outfits
  248. Server crashes
  249. Left / Right Handed Default Stance Option for Heroes
  250. raider's rework