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  1. Improve the actions of the hero in Wulin faction!
  2. Add another healing zone on breach
  3. A Suggestion: Regarding Statistical Analysis for Balancing
  4. Warlord Bugs
  5. A few things I think could make the game less irritating.
  6. Arcade mode isnt just hard its unfair!
  7. Warden need nerf Proof
  8. suggestion new heroes [Ubisoft]
  9. Suggestion: Fix the damn server connections
  10. Tiandi... dodge specialist?
  11. Suggestion
  12. Broken AF on PS4
  13. Bring it back and general opinion
  14. Billmen as a new knight hero?
  15. Nerf Warden with shoulder spam
  16. For Honor and the Modding Community
  17. shugoki its dead here ubiosft you going understad and need fix
  18. why wu lin faction heroes its overpower?
  19. The best idea of how to fix mid-tier and newbie problems with 400ms lights!
  20. ******ed Balance System
  21. Tigers!
  22. Actual Timeline for Updates Please!
  23. Remove leave penalty!!
  24. my concept from a new wu lin hero
  25. Apollyon's Legacy Event
  26. Foucse on the community
  27. 100% friendly fire in every team mode
  28. Discussion about guardbreaks and bashes
  29. Option to choose a map as well as the weather/daytime in hero tactics
  30. Wrong translation?
  31. Hero Balancing
  32. Gender unlock DLC. sure ill pay for.
  33. Nobushi Ornaments don't work with her face-reveal headgear
  34. here we can fix warlord buff and rework plz read
  35. Fram Recover rates and custom controls
  36. Gaining proximity to the community via for honor partners
  37. Nobushi improvement
  38. Main menu while in match bug *
  39. Fake execution on a ledged opponent
  40. Soldiers Attacks and Executions
  41. LEGENDARY Raider buff suggestions
  42. quitting game
  43. Guardbreak Problem [ubiosft]
  45. Remove 15 minute early disconnect penalty.
  46. New Execution Idea
  47. Ideas
  48. Game is dying. Need to narrow down game modes to increase population density
  49. Im very happy with the game
  50. After a few month...
  51. Improved peacekeeper (full moveset)
  52. BuffMyClass HL Adjustments Suggestion
  53. Rant
  54. Two incredibly simple improvements to the score tab and radar
  55. Fixing Console Gameplay
  56. Garde qui se fait traverser
  57. Revenge in 1v1
  58. Matchmaking. Add it. Please.
  59. End Game Summary
  60. Fix Leave Penalty?
  61. Orochi Light Spam is INSANE, please FIX
  62. Suggestion people can se enamy and team healpool with number
  63. How to nerf the berserker
  64. Please can you fix option select zones
  65. Progressive
  66. Harder Ragequit penality (1h)
  67. Perk Suggestion perk bug perk buff suggestion people can vote [Ubiosft]
  68. Annoying chat
  69. Reflex guard suggestion
  70. Lawbringer!
  71. jiang jun its overpowr
  72. Controller support / pk buff
  73. Nobushi mask bug
  74. Disconnected
  75. Game Crashing after starting a Duel with a Bot
  76. For Honor would be EVEN BETTER with Arabs/Saracens
  77. Tiandi iframes
  78. Why have you still not increased PK's damage?
  79. ******ed game companies like ubi should be bombed
  80. A.I
  81. Concept: Separating Hair from Face Paint for Shaman.
  82. Just some ideas I have
  83. Speed up the executions.
  84. When is Ubisoft going to bring back the animations for killing foot soldiers?!
  85. Orochi's Riptide Strike
  86. Game lags and disconnects all day
  87. Wood, Iron, and Steel bug
  88. Add in option to disable - (i) information in a circle
  89. Lecel 3 bots....
  90. New hero for Knights the crusader
  91. Making players wait 3 months for hero rebalances is making players leave this game
  92. Spartan for knights
  93. Matchmaking Penalty When Last Group
  94. Fix the ballista projectiles frames.
  95. No vibration on Elite Controller after remapping
  96. Executed: new type of emotes
  97. New Wu Lin idea
  98. Shinobi
  99. My goodness, what have you done to this game?
  100. i used to be an warrior like you then shaman kiss me in the neck
  101. Please increase the damage of PK
  102. Why is cent the only knight with no dodge attack?
  103. Assassini E Templari - Hate it!
  104. Id like to start playing the game again but
  105. Nice chat system, Ubi.
  106. Nobushi's hidden stance vs jiang jun's Sifu poise
  107. Feedback on the AC / 'Requiescat in pace' Execution
  108. Petition for Permanent 'Odyssey of the Misthios' Mask Outfit and AC Bundle:
  109. New assassanation tweek
  110. revenge mode get buff
  111. PK is such a ****ty hero now
  112. Whatís up with the hats
  113. who ever thought....
  114. Can we make Aramusha fast again?
  115. Feedback on the AC Hidden Blade Execution
  116. Why UBI love laggers
  117. YOUR SKILL = ON PAR with everyone!
  118. Possible pk changes
  119. Why this game is a joke for a full-price game and should be free2play.
  120. Add a rejoin system
  121. Players meating castle, and personal opinion of the game.
  122. For Honor is Garbage
  123. suggestion for pk changes
  124. The latest update ****ed up bad.
  125. High Latency Issues
  126. High ping players on console
  127. Why are we locked at sub30 FPS on console?
  128. Unfair Matchmaking
  129. Ubisoft thinks Fat > Metal
  130. Uninteruptible punishes
  131. Open map
  132. Leave penalty bad idea!
  133. Please make arcade mode less cancerous
  134. Message to DEV (guard imput controller)
  135. Buff Lawbringer
  136. Dumbest targeting system in any game ever!
  137. Centurion is a Toxic Troll!
  138. Female Highlander Confirmed? (Gender Unlocks?)
  139. Most unbalanced game Iíve ever played.
  140. Matchmaking Penalty, The issues and tweaks that need to be fixed
  141. Help me understand?
  142. Console letters.
  143. Some suggestions about the outfits
  144. For honor Executions x ray vision mk style
  145. Bring back the old heroes fighting soldiers system/Arcade/Captain npcs in dominion...
  146. Support for New Graphics Card Series Nvidia Geforce MX 130/140/150
  147. The Raider changes that are needed
  148. No interest on building an equip
  149. Group combat suggestions
  150. Monks team can know enemies position for all the game
  151. Warden - Morale Booster Emote
  152. Get a penalty for being idle in game
  153. If zerker isn't nerfed in season 9, i'm done with this game.
  154. Ethernet Cable issue
  155. Fix f'ing Dodge already!!
  156. Give subtle hints/renown boosts for when a class does the job the class is meant to
  157. Buff Shugoki
  158. Buff Shugoki
  159. new heroes samurai Idea
  160. Heads Up! trophy bug
  161. Nobushi gear Idea for season 9
  162. Allow us to keep Creed music as an option
  163. Tranquil Wayfarer cuts off way too much of the paint pattern
  164. Stamina needs a complete rework
  165. light attack spam
  166. What happened to For Honor ?
  167. Make console For Honor 60 FPS
  168. PK Execution Idea
  169. 400ms lights, unblockable bashes and heavy attacks
  170. Ideas For Changes
  171. Warlord need buff or rework counter attack
  172. Shaolin + Tiandi
  173. Multiple ideas
  174. Penalty for being Disconnected at Character screen
  175. Buff Idea Shugoki
  176. Bring Back Minion/Soldier Takedowns/Executions
  177. Fix Shinobi's Version of 'Requiescat in pace'
  178. Wu Lin Faction
  179. 400ms light attacks need to go
  180. Warlord Rework Suggestions
  181. Stop matchmaking already stacked teams/groups agains randos
  182. Colors choice
  183. suggestion to Buff Steadfast
  184. Nerf berserker before people quit game
  185. Randomize the characters that appear in the main menu.
  186. Wu Lin
  187. can Ubiosft add to hide Rep and level with Options Off/On
  188. can Ubiosft add to hide Rep and level with Options Off/On
  189. Make 4v4 Elimination more popular--tag team with fight club rules
  190. Quit Penalty Suggestion
  191. Since gear stats are not coming back.
  192. For honor Suggestion
  193. Please make the volcano neutral territorry.
  194. Why are Ubi taking fun things out?
  195. Some Orochi's improvements? Appeal to devs.
  196. Gladiator outclass
  197. We need to be provided with details regarding warnings!
  198. Improving how gear and perks work
  199. Campaign and steel
  200. Can we get an option to hide Rep please
  201. Gear perk help
  202. Revenge mode is still terrible
  203. The latency is one of the biggest issues.
  204. Effects
  205. There is no counter to dodge spam, and it ruins combat need nerf
  206. conversatn and voicelines
  207. Punish campers?
  208. Old armor System and Character idea please
  209. input getting things from old events
  210. Developers of Ubisoft incompetent?
  211. Nuxia - Jade Blade Issue
  212. Bring back killing soldiers animations !
  213. Legacy weapon and armor idea's
  214. Injustices and last update problens
  215. [Suggestion] Unlock gear visuals with steel (and/or salvage) or rethink new gear?
  216. Berserker a bit too OP on console?
  217. Warlord with Gudmundr move (Shield Uppercut)
  218. How to fix matchmaking and make games funnier
  219. Simple suggestion for every dominion map
  220. Disconnection
  221. Please dont make us wait 4 months for the LB rework.
  222. Character Facial Animations stop working after playing a single match.
  223. Lower Damage evenly across all heroes
  224. Why can't we queue for multiple modes at the same time?
  225. Ubisoft please fix centurion
  226. Is this normal? Please Help
  227. This is a huge issue
  228. Small pk rework with the absolute minimal effort
  229. Raider/noboshi slight buffs before reworks
  230. Rework Chinese heros.
  231. Nobushi rework-forgotten hero
  232. Orochi's glitch feedback and some thoughts
  233. Necessary Changes
  234. Unused resources due to perk system
  235. Character Customization Bug
  236. Unbalanced light attacks on console
  237. !vortiger!
  238. The banning system for inactivity is lazy,unfair and disgusting!
  239. Gladiator improvements?
  240. Australian PC community dead - For honor
  241. Lag compensation
  242. new characters instead of addressing old
  243. New Factions (eventually)
  244. 15 min penalty!?
  245. Black Prior customization (please add)
  246. Warlord's buff was not nearly half what it should have been
  247. Vehement Axe Stomp looks silly.
  248. Bots
  249. Valkyrie Shield player emblem glitch
  250. [suggestions & feedback] add characters based from assassin's creed universe