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  1. Easy way to keep players from quitting
  2. Discussion - Gathered community feedback
  3. Hacker?
  4. warden's move set
  5. Shaolin? My head hurts!
  6. основы основ, и геймплей
  7. Matchmaking ranking (reputation of enemies)
  8. Marching Fire - Arcade disconnect
  9. Old Event gear
  10. Perk System is terrible, reduces skill, and ganker friendly
  11. I like the Perk System
  12. Nobushi Buff or Rework?
  13. What is even the role of Lawbringer?
  14. Killing minions much less efficient without animations
  15. How to leave groups?
  16. For Honor (open world multiplayer)
  17. So when is the block bug getting fixed?
  18. Fix your game Ubisoft
  19. Stop gving Moonlight Sonatas to heroes I dont play.
  20. Damien Lied to Us
  21. 2 Changes we got, AND DIDN'T ASK FOR
  22. Fix the Bot AI please... Ladders > than bots??
  23. Perk system is fine. Stop whining
  24. Next two Heroes for Wu Lin
  25. Ideas of weapons for the Future heros
  26. 3 Thing's that NEED to CHANGE ASAP!
  27. Idea fhow to personalize your Character more
  28. New faction (The saracens)
  29. (Dissappearing heroes and minions)
  30. [BUG] Highlander new execution with Reigning Inferno effect
  31. Server connection & game crashes.
  32. Remove the in game chat please. It serves no actual used or useful function.
  33. Don't Nerf the Wu Lin
  34. Heavy into guardbreak softfeint doesn't work
  35. Lag compensation seems nonexistant in MF
  36. Suggestion - Multiplayer Matchmaking
  37. VALK'S sweep should have a bigger (side to side) hit box
  38. Nervous about new re-works
  39. A suggestion for the music
  40. Bug Report on Walled City Breach (also some feedback on the map)
  41. Kensei problems and overall problems with For Honor
  42. overlooked feats
  43. Perk system rework suggestion
  44. [Ubiosft] find bug need fix
  45. Future Heroes
  46. Raider Update
  47. Gender Glitch Still Not Fixed
  48. Final Feedback on the game from a beta player
  49. Suggestion for Raider without breaking him
  50. Marching Fire Arcade
  51. Love the Valkyrie Rework!
  52. Game is still too laggy.
  53. Shaolin issue
  54. Vanguard contract suggestion
  55. A much more strict score punishment for dishonorable Kills should be implemented
  56. Hero specific perks
  57. New Vanguard/New Heavy
  58. Looks like Ubisoft is going to be like EA now....
  59. Hit Sounds need to Change
  60. What are the most up to date tier lists of heros and feats
  61. I don't understand this hero, please nerf him or you are stupid.
  62. full block stance its useless here we can fix
  63. Soldier killing animations
  64. A Broken game ubisoft breaks even more
  65. UI Change Suggestions and MatchMaking
  66. Running in duels
  67. [Ubiosft] Nerf Nuxia to overpower im have proble with nuxia ubiosft not still Balance
  68. Free for All/Battle royale
  69. Dear Dev team PLEASE take 15 min to fix this UI "bug" after match
  70. Can't open uplay overlay and can't join friends
  71. Marching Fire is great ♥
  72. Arcade Weekly Quest Feedback, week of 11/1/18
  73. Berserker feedback
  74. Please fix immediately
  75. Quick chat option "Nice emblem!" or similar.
  76. Conqueror bug
  77. Matchmaking
  78. its game annyoing [Ubiosft]
  79. nerf orochi
  80. 4th feat wouldnt unlock
  81. Spartans
  82. Limit same character selection
  83. lobby stuck
  84. Please change your UI system!
  85. SUGGESTION: Keep track of match reward on disconnect
  86. Zoom function for weapons and armor
  87. Please make more heroes like Centurion.
  88. Just a suggestion that could be in any faction
  89. Game bug
  90. Ready Button
  91. SUGGESTION: Idea For A New Set Of Warden Armor
  92. Suggestion: NERF JIANG JUN
  93. really thinking about leaving for honor , for ever.
  94. Blocking / parrying / - system on PC -- Isn't this supposed to work on a gamepad?
  95. More Loadouts
  96. So... how bout some AI imporvments?? Specifically in P v AI modes
  97. 4 matches- 10 centurions - fix this hero already... properly.
  98. The TTK is shorter than the time it takes a shaolin to teleport to you.
  99. Can we get a boot vote function
  100. [ubiosft] problem Nuxian
  101. Simple and effective way to nerf conqueror
  102. regarding the grinding issue in this game.
  103. its game not have Balance
  104. Why do I hate the new wardens armor
  105. its why nuxia its op
  106. Eye sight issue
  107. Peacekeeper is Outclassed please help.
  108. Stop patching this game
  109. Bug: Hero Reworks not carried over to Story Mode
  110. suggestion we should add its new heroes in game
  111. For Honor Bugs
  112. More Bugs for Honor!!!!
  113. Suggestion: Story Mode Feats in Arcade Mode
  114. Setting the Standard: Wu Lin
  115. Mechanism of characters in Campaign are not up-to-date
  116. Marching Fire refunded on steam but still in available in game
  117. Ruining the game
  118. Suggested Changes
  119. Horrible multiplayer system NAT is about to change for the better.
  120. Shaolin....
  121. Highlander needs buff/nerf Shaolin
  122. Who's ****ing idea was it to make the weekly quest rewards RNG.
  123. Hello Ubi, About the OG cast
  124. Is this a visual bug or a technical bug ?
  125. Weekly quest is just stupid. And i will tell you why.
  126. Lawbringer needs Fixing.
  127. Balance this game
  128. Useless salvage and terrible chat
  129. Dominion server Lag
  130. Crossplatform settings
  131. Suggestions & Feedback
  132. Help i cannot do crashing counter with tiandi
  133. Damage Feedback Values not working in Arena
  134. Buggy Queues!
  135. Centurion's rework suggestions
  136. Please dont make weekly quest rewards this cancerous to get for next weeks quest.
  137. Fix Your ******* Game for Console
  138. Community Discussion: For Honor Operation Health
  139. character update suggestion
  140. New hero
  141. Female Tiandi Redesign
  142. Laggers or Hackers
  143. Shaolin Imbecile?
  144. character rework
  145. Lawbringer isn't generating Revenge
  146. Stuck in "Loading Map"
  147. feedback misc
  148. Lag and dropping from games
  149. [Suggestion] Shaman
  150. Jj op bs kk bb
  151. whats the point of warriors den?
  152. Apollyon event
  153. Everything Wrong with the Aramush
  154. Everything Wrong with Aramusha
  155. Arcade Weekly Quest Feedback, Week of 11/8/18
  156. Simple Aramusha Fix
  157. its game need balance with heroes
  158. Balance suggestions
  159. Monthly Balancing, Ongoing Test Servers, and Hero Dedicated Sub-Forums
  160. UNPARRYABLE Attacks
  161. Warden Armor
  162. great video about problems in the game
  163. Aramusha's Optimal Rework
  164. Bring Back Last Bar Health Regen
  165. (BALANCE) Tech That Cripples Highlander's Offensive Capability and more...
  166. Disconnect Compensation
  167. Button Assignment "random" For Executions
  168. Regarding a Translation Issue in the Simplified Chinese Version
  169. getting absolutely destroyed,issues and gear
  170. Possible bug with JJ's heavy attacks and GBs
  171. Advanced Hero Tactics (The New Hero Counter Tutorial Thing) Can Save This Game
  172. Abo****ly LOVE this game. But ranked play needs attention
  173. Give Goki Some Shugga!
  174. The CHAIN EXTENDER Concept
  175. Peacekeeper Rework Suggestions
  176. Can we get the bots fixed?
  177. Execution Timing Wrong?
  178. Lawbringer can't generate revenge.
  179. Greeks/Romans Faction and new knights to replace them
  180. Very Bad Bug; Fix This Immediately
  181. Shaolin, a needed tweak.
  182. Full list of rebalance suggestions for each hero
  183. New characters
  184. Add English for each region
  185. Suggestion for Faction War
  186. New hero: Praetorian
  187. Why does Bulk Up not stack with Tough as Nails?
  188. Make Warden a Swordsman, Not a Shoulderman
  189. For honor for free
  190. Rework, Buff, And Nerf a few characters!
  191. Minions Interupt Executions now?!!
  192. The only thing needed to fix a centurion
  193. Shaolin needs a light attack speed decrease
  194. Please bring back animations for attacking minions
  195. Neutral Color Scheme for all players instead of red vs blue...
  196. Please fix the Jing
  197. Much Like Brawl, Once a hero is selected, That hero is out of the rotation
  198. Balance
  199. Stefans comments from Warriors Den light spam on competative lvl
  200. It's time to think about keep away: an observation of the shifting meta
  201. Add a Bot Difficulty selector to PvAI matches
  202. Conqueror OOS Punish is Severe
  203. Idea for leavers and report system!
  204. New viking hero suggestion - Varangian Guard
  205. Carousel of Death more often
  206. Losing points while game crashes?
  207. Tiandi dodge attack
  208. Balance for tiandi, JJ, shaoling and nuxia
  209. Carousel Of Death In place of Deathmatch and Tribute; time to gut the modes
  210. [BUG] AI bots can self revive
  211. New hero for Knights the crusader
  212. Egyptian Faction next year?
  213. Can you allow to hide or reposition that info (i) that blocks everything on screen?!
  214. Buff Bulk up im going talk about bulk up and head hunter perk
  215. Please fix its bug bulk up perk
  216. Rework entire combat system for every character
  217. For Honor is great game
  218. Having text chat banned?
  219. Team balancing ...STOP !!!
  220. Balance suggestions! Must read!
  221. [Event] Duels/Brawls with feats and perks
  222. how to make the game better
  223. [B]Dance of Death Event Feedback[/B]
  224. Decapitating executions
  225. Loadouts
  226. An easy way to improve the game
  227. its berserker Op? need nerf?
  228. Balance Questions from Competitive Players (recap)
  229. If there will be a game similar to For Honor
  230. (Weekly) Arcade mode bugs and misinformations
  231. A small talk about 1 wu lin... Shaolin (More like a topic on light spam /shrug)
  232. Short little thing about custom game.
  233. Tiandi problem/bug
  234. New heroes suggestion
  235. i want a refund!
  236. EU Breach 9/10 games stomps against 2-3-4 bot teams.
  237. Valkyrie right shoulder armor needs null color pattern option!
  238. Old heroes more fun?
  239. id like to buy marching on fire but as i spend 15k steels on tiandi id rather not.
  240. It's been a month, why is arcade mode still this abysmal?
  241. nerf new heroes
  242. A lot can be done...
  243. Gear Currency
  244. Nuxia need nerf with traps rason
  245. Nerf gladiator
  246. Buffs while we wait for reworks?
  247. Shugoki Ideas
  248. Why light spam is bad for most of us.
  249. Peacekeeper feat reworks
  250. How to counter 400ms lights on ps4