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  1. Nerf OP characters
  2. Can't block
  3. Combat & Strategy forums
  4. Change in Steel Earned?
  5. Optimize Garden
  6. Fix your servers
  7. Pre Match Purchases
  8. Give us good looking armor.
  9. More Outfit Slots
  10. Suggestion for development: A new hero for each faction: Pirate
  11. If They Rework Lawbringer
  12. Suggestion: A way to mitigate the deathball strat and dishonorable kill problems
  13. Orders changing language glitch
  14. Fix Matchmaking - Paired With Scrub Teammates
  15. Team shuffling
  16. Remove free heavies from gaurd break
  17. Please Consolidate All 4v4 Battle Modes into One Playlist
  18. Ubisoft: please show us Arcade Mode
  19. Death ball fix!!!
  20. Ubisoft thank you!
  21. Idea for a new class
  22. Warhammer battle front
  23. Anti Gank Feat Suggestion
  24. Ubisoft: Shaolin sweep mix up
  25. Siege mode survival pool
  26. Balance the stances.
  27. New Content Interface
  28. Conq, does he need a nerf? explain why he does, or does not.
  29. Block and parry stamina drain problem.
  30. Warden teleport dash heavy slash
  31. Change the SCORE system!
  32. Guardbreak is too OP, needs a little nerf, just a little.
  33. The game For Honor(erros& feedback)
  34. Kensei's Yasuraka Execution - Missing Blood effects on opponent
  35. Suggestion: Dominion archers and captains
  36. Suggestion: Friendly fire negative score
  37. Apollyon's Legacy Event Returning gear
  38. Lawbringer Rework?
  39. Misheard centurion voice line
  40. http://supplement4reviews.com/vida-tone-keto/
  41. Give an adavantage to the ganked player.
  42. EXP & Steel Rewards For All Gamemodes
  43. Jiang Jun weapon idea
  44. Feedback/Discussion: New Perk System
  45. conqueror Bug with suprior block heavy attack
  46. Upcoming Minion Changes
  47. Blocking and is completely broken in this game
  48. What would you like to be able to do more?
  49. Warden insane pickrate in duels and balancing issues with reworks
  50. Conquerors mongrels charge
  51. Customization getting interrupted by every little thing
  52. Anti Gank thoughts
  53. Don't make every little thing cost steel
  54. Playing Orochi right now feels like you would put a hero from FH1 to FH2
  55. Deflect of Nuxia still blockable (with and without static guard)
  56. Domain Bots
  57. Raider Changes
  58. Female/Male bug
  59. Can you please nerf zerkers damage
  60. Marching fire is great and all, but it sucks trying to play LB in that mode.
  61. Arcade mode feedback.
  62. An Aspect Ruined.
  63. Worst experience
  64. We got better clouds, can we PLEASE fix the game?
  65. After patch discussion
  66. Can we please get a reconnect system?
  67. Pk deflect is useless.
  68. Swap conqueror and lawbringer
  69. The New Lighting Succs
  70. Marching Fire - BUGS found so far, crashes and personal notes
  71. Breach Mode Complaints
  72. Can i have the old game back?!
  73. Nuxia tier spot
  74. Fix UI
  75. Paint pattern on Valk's cape
  76. Those Who Are Uninstalling For Honor Due To Perks.
  77. AI still bugged
  78. "New Menu screen"...
  79. Console 400ms attacks and other issues
  80. Why??? Graphics, lighting, perk system terrible
  81. Ubisoft !!!!
  82. Ubisoft messed up for honor gear stats
  83. General Marching Fire Feedback
  84. Marching fire ranked
  85. Can we take another look at light spam
  86. New raider set leather mask doesn't change with the selected material.
  87. Kensei execution bug?
  88. what Lv3 BOT
  89. Idle Effects for Season 7!
  90. About Clipping issues with Shugoki
  91. Nerf the new characters in marching fire
  92. EMOTES please
  93. Guard break is broken
  94. Level 3 bots are still ridiculous
  95. Just a Terrible, Terrible Update (NOT about perks or washed out graphics)
  96. Warlord please big buff or rework
  97. Ubisoft, this is why I must leave the game... hopefully just for now.
  98. Warlord please big buff or rework
  99. Feedback on Shaolin
  100. Revert Animation for attacking Soldier-minions
  101. BUG: Loadout selection is still bugged
  102. Timing of effects for executions.
  103. Why not?
  104. Regarding new perk system
  105. Two New Modes Idea
  106. If somone sold you a car and came back at night for the tyres = perk rework
  107. Stagger after hit
  108. Missing Symbols
  109. Premium gear packs have same gears
  110. 请官方把剑圣最新处决 愿你安息 改回更新前
  111. Do something to lagswitchers.
  112. Realy critic no swearing
  113. About tiandi
  114. AI bots too hard
  115. My Thoughts and suggestions on this Perk Dilemma
  116. Stance emote effects
  117. Graphics and customization menu still too bright
  118. Another Shugoki Rework Idea
  119. Final Stage of Breach Spawncamping
  120. New Marching Fire update over all
  121. Did we choose the random character?
  122. Jj bug!
  123. Aramusha and Orochi slight buf
  124. Valk nerf
  125. Problem with current content release system
  126. I think the way you go about reworking could be improved.
  127. Another story mode chapter for wu lin
  128. No more Moveset during Duel round Win/Loss
  129. You are nerfing the WRONG heroes!
  130. Breach is extremely boring
  131. Breach feedback
  132. Perk system broken
  133. Faction Board for World Map
  134. arcade
  135. Chat and quick chat still break down all the time on PC
  136. Guard Stance Change Delay?
  137. many people got piss off about berserker Nerf
  138. Thanks Ubisoft. I like the "big" update!
  139. Breach mode idea (8 vs 8 or 12 vs 12)
  140. new idea heroes
  141. Cowards they be...
  142. Arcade Suggestion
  143. Marching Fire - Wu Lin Feedback
  144. Marching Fire - Breach Feedback
  145. Marching Fire - Map Feedback
  146. Marching Fire - Perks Feedback
  147. Marching Fire - Arcade Mode Feedback
  148. Marching Fire - Bug Reporting
  149. Reviving dead modes idea
  150. Five crates compensation
  151. Why didn't I receive the pre-order bonus for Marching Fire?
  152. Jiang jun HA bug?
  153. New update totally ruined the game
  154. Brand new idea: How about some "quit game" option when you cannot connect to servers?
  155. I found centurion bug effect
  156. Marching Fire Hero Feedback
  157. Arcade Suggestion
  158. Perks, why does everyone hate them so much
  159. I like perks!
  160. Marching Fire characters
  161. Strange Jiang Jun side heavy property, needs looked at
  162. Major Problems of Breach
  163. Maybe bigger refund for gear?
  164. Well For Honor, it's time for a big "F*** YOU!"
  165. Shaolin doesn't do sun kick after doing a light into chi stance.
  166. Jiang Jun feedback, full writeup
  167. Might be time to lay this game to rest.
  168. Ubisoft show us shugoki Rework
  169. Centurion rework ideas
  170. Custom Emblems on Warlord's Shield.
  171. Perks
  172. Perk system
  173. Breach Minions
  174. Orders and Faction War menus in lobbies; Centurion zone attack feint
  175. Tiandi's dodges
  176. Why people don't like perks
  177. Suggestion for LB and Shugoki
  178. Orochi rework suggestions
  179. Disable the auto start next game (very annoying)
  180. New faction+First hero in this faction
  181. For honor changed guys that were fine
  182. Add fantasy characters like demons orcs and animal people
  183. Arrowstorm sucks
  184. Things Breach Needs fixed VERY Badly
  185. Revenge is broken and Warden's heavy is too strong
  186. The MUCH needed switch to perks system. Its a good change!
  187. No XP for Wu-Lin heroes?!
  188. After Wu Lin whats next??
  189. Special Orochi in arcade mode
  190. TUTORIAL FOR DEVS - How To "BALANCE" [few easy steps] [100% legit no scam]
  191. Late game disconnects in Breach. Devs, this is unacceptable.Pls do sth about it
  192. Last laugh is dumbest feat ever and completely out of place after resent feat nerfs
  193. Few Opinions Since Update
  194. [broken] Voice over / taunt / execution volume
  195. Solving the Game Mode / Low Player Base Issue
  196. Solving the Pay-to-Win complains (and still make you money)
  197. Solving the immediate Perk issue
  198. Seijuro
  199. Can Warlord get some love
  200. The Console Problem
  201. Why Assassin Block is Trash
  202. Dominion Changes
  203. Upper Guard "Dead Zone" kb/m users
  204. Deflect Suggestion
  205. Multiple Duplicate Matches Shouldn't Affect Ranking
  206. Less Undodgeable Lights for Tiandi
  207. Matchmaking Feedback
  208. Bots , minions
  209. Lawbringer is in need of a Buff or Rework
  210. Player notifications are annoying
  211. Cent and Aramusha are trash
  212. ETA for Marching fire fixes
  213. Some ideas on a peacekeeper buff
  214. Done.
  215. What all the work and experience of the dev team have created
  216. Suggestion/Request: Sit emotes!
  217. Ubisoft needs to STOP with this.
  218. A Comprehensive Opinion on Perks.
  219. This shouldn't be tolerated (player feedback)
  220. All Black Shader
  221. Jiang Jun feedback
  222. Do not pass away! Read this! It is important! New perk system robbery!
  223. Wu Lin immune to Aramusha?
  224. While you're reworking Shugoki...
  225. Is there something you didn't give to Shaolin?
  226. Compensation for bad Launchevent
  227. Back to Realism!!!!
  228. Here's why Warlord needs a buff
  229. warden's purchasable signature have graphic issue.
  230. Ubisoft destroyed For Honor
  231. Soldier executions,Am I the only one that liked them?
  232. Nobushi is unplayable
  233. THAT post about Nuxia's traps, 400 ms lights and reaction time
  234. JJ Needs a Few Buffs
  235. Nintendo switch port begging
  236. The core of For Honor's identity is compromised
  237. Once again they ignored the playerbase
  238. Arcade mode difficulty quest choices could be done another way
  239. Suggestion for bringing duel modes outside of "duel/brawl" and why
  240. "Blled Out" Bug in Breach Mode
  241. its game problem with dodge roll like dark souls 3 [Ubiosft]
  242. what its point conqerior its strong defense [Ubisoft]
  243. New characters
  244. Please get rid if this bug/feature
  245. New characters
  246. Viking class is too versatile
  247. Kensai is too strong, needs nerfed, weak classes need buffed.
  248. 3 Random Suggestions/Changes for Faux Honor
  249. Shinobi NEEDS a Rework, and THIS Is How They Should Do It
  250. Where is the "Pull Under" effect for Halloween !? Why won't you take my money?