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  1. Gladiator block - What the hell?
  2. Long thread on everything I found wrong or just dislike
  3. Suggestion: heavy cancel suggestion
  4. [Ubiosft] New Idea Faction
  5. [Ubiosft] New Idea faction Sparta
  6. "New" Game Mode Idea
  7. Suggestion for core fighting mechanic changes
  8. Friendly fire
  9. The ten changes for a better for honor
  10. A Small Problem with Brawl.
  11. new gear suggestions
  12. Can shugoki have a few minor things cosmetically
  13. Whats the point in playing Ubi?
  14. Game forgets display settings on startup plus lag issues?
  15. Nerf Nobushi
  16. Extremely detailed opinion and feedback on the new voices
  17. carousel of death and special modes modifiers
  18. Shadows
  19. [To Dev Team] Suggetion and feedback for Valkyrie rework at once
  20. Fix your ****ing matchmaking
  21. devs time for a faction shake up
  22. The new voices are horrible.
  23. Is nobody talking about the Nobushi?
  24. I love the new minions !!!
  25. Still not increasing or decreasing in Ranked
  26. About the console versions
  27. Please dont change the voicelines
  28. Centurion rework ideas
  29. Marching Fire Test
  30. Culture boundaries after 1000 years of conflict. New idea for armor & ornaments
  31. Perks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  32. New for honor !!!!
  33. Open Test
  34. Small Changes That Need To Be Done
  35. Found this new way to die....
  36. Loss of ranks glitch?
  37. Shinobi problem
  38. New voice lines: A bit silly?
  39. Green mask for Samurais please
  40. Shaolin is trash/weak
  41. Death through Block damage!?!?!?
  42. New voice lines
  43. RANK MODE- Suggestions
  44. New Hero Suggestion! :)
  45. Nemesis & Special executions
  46. Matchmaking changes suggestion
  47. Ranked mode - ragequit issue
  48. More stamina for orochi's mixups please
  49. Champ. XP-Bonus is missing on Dailys & Orders
  50. Buff Shinobi a little bit.
  51. Guess voices are some kinda big thing... just sayin careful
  52. Also decrease a bit the Lawbringer's run speed.. he has heavy armour but...(pls read)
  53. How is possible, no there method of reconection?
  54. Make the game free to play to have a bigger playerbase
  55. Gameplay and faction war suggestion
  56. How many people would like to see a delectable bot opponent level for PVAI games?
  57. Counter guard break on console
  58. Bots need a good look, especially now that Arcade is coming.
  59. Dashing guardbreak
  60. How many people would like to see a selectable bot opponent level for PVAI games?
  61. [UBI] why raider get buff and why shugoki not get buff or reowrk UBI still forgot it
  62. Gamertag
  63. Bug on parry or intentional behaviour?
  64. Console vs PC; Treat, test and rework separately.
  65. Shaolin suggestion. For future executions.
  66. The new Perk system is crap. Please revert this.
  67. VO Toggle Option / Can we have both VO's as customisation options for our characters?
  68. Remove balista
  69. To Do List for the Future of For Honor
  70. Why i'm uninstalling the game;High level player perspective. A letter to the dev team
  71. Marching Fire Open-Test Feedback
  72. Possible Bug?
  73. The current balance of every hero in For Honor
  74. Balance the matchmakings
  75. Minimum distance for ulti
  76. Couple of suggestions as usual.
  77. Problem witch servers and more.
  78. New voices solution.
  79. 5-second cooldown on emotes
  80. Aliens vs Predator
  81. Actual Knight Characters
  82. Story Mode heroes are inconsistent with multiplayer
  83. Valkyrie is cancer
  84. Revive Gearstats - % of health on revive rather than speed
  85. wtf Ubi. 30 minutes penaly and less rank in rank mode for an issue with your servers?
  86. Ranked rewards and penalties are poorly thought through and punish players
  87. Please attach importance to these badges.
  88. Feedback
  89. warden control problem
  90. GREAT IDEA: Story Bosses Randomly Replacing Disconnected Players In Dominion
  91. Suggestion to shorten the time gap between character specific content releases.
  92. A little something about conqueror.
  93. Warden vs Orochi
  94. Remove feint
  95. UBI, can you please fix this bug?
  96. Does reporting In-game for cheating even works??
  97. Long Term (Ambitious) Game Mode Concepts - Down the (long) Road?
  98. Items counter is broken for the last half year -_-
  99. Why this game is still trash
  100. remove free damage from GB
  101. Season 7 ranked xbox
  102. how about doing For Honor Companion for smartphone ?
  103. Asthetics: A Better Placement for player symbols on most champions
  104. 4v4 meh i want 8v8 16v16 32v32
  105. The ridiculous "You have received a reward" "im happy" simulator
  106. Join/leave notifications covering the chat
  107. Gladiator: new emote
  108. Ranked Ornaments
  109. I want AUTOMATIC MOVE FORWARD in game.
  110. Shugoki Headbutt Headache
  111. The Big One - Shugoki rework suggestion
  112. Suggestion for end screen in marching fire
  113. Add an extra level of depth to Breach
  114. Remove team colors!
  115. Warden Sound Bug Feedback
  116. Parrying someone behind a wall
  117. Parrying someone behind a wall
  118. Guard mode showing attacks that are not in range to hit you
  119. [Suggestion] External blocking, feats and revenge
  120. Fix side deflects
  121. WIll you ****ing sort out the dodge roll exploit already.
  122. Fix infinite load screen!!
  123. Rep trading for characters
  124. Should remove NAT type?
  125. Rep, skin transfer
  126. Ubi, is there any plan to Fix Glad Guard ?
  127. For honor, needs more realism, motion capture some real medieval fights.
  128. For Honor Spam
  129. Loot bug
  130. list heroes need buff or nerf Idea [ubisfot]
  131. [Possible bug] Shinobi kick can be negated by Shingoki side attacks.
  132. Ubisoft, fix your ****ing ****
  133. Why are Warlords attacks so flipping slow?
  134. Conqueror/Shinobi suggestions and also fix some bugs on these characters. Important.
  135. Why are Warlords attacks so flipping slow?
  136. Orochi
  137. Cent
  138. Add some new tactical options and addiitional depth to the game
  139. Centurion
  140. How to fix gank and cancerous teammates.
  141. 8 players battle royale!
  142. Shinobi. (For Fight Team)
  143. I was glitched in the last rounds
  144. Custom Controller Mapping PC
  145. Getting Paired with the same players.
  146. Not getting any points in ranked.
  147. Players with high ping
  148. Nerf Valkyrie!
  149. PC to Console
  150. Lawbringer Customization Error?
  151. New segment idea for warriors den
  152. Cutscenes are ruining this games experiance.
  153. 1v2 guard break
  154. Occultist imagery alternatives
  155. People with high ping shouldnt be allowed to play ranked.
  156. Team Color Toggle Option
  157. The Current Glaring Issues in Game
  158. Option to let the color of the Medusa's Favor Symbols change with Color Scheme
  159. Can't see while fighting "Enemy Team Is Breaking"
  160. Turn off post-match popup spam.
  161. [BUG] Side dodge broken.
  162. The stupidity of warden´s W+SPACE+RMB
  163. AFK farming is still a thing, after a year!
  164. Are you going to make a RIGHT rework or not?
  165. We need DEATHCAM feature in this game
  166. Dafuq is wrong with valkyrs trip
  167. Cent
  168. Tierd of a toxic community? Well I have an Idea or at least an improvement
  170. What do you think of a spartan hero or an egyptian hero?
  171. Add Battle Outfits colors to Attackers and Defenders too
  172. Adding a game lobbies? A good thing! Ubisoft!
  173. Suggestion: Dev Talks
  174. Random Shinobi Ranged Heavies
  175. peacekeeper need buff in many ways.
  176. More Tattoos for the Vikings
  177. Moveset change rework suggestions
  178. For Honor battle royale?
  179. Shugoki alternate headbutt
  180. This game is nowhere near to being balanced.
  181. Fix Warden
  182. Every time you play this game you find someone abusing something in it.
  183. Blood looks too chrome
  184. Are you serious?
  185. stats do not reflect the games balance
  186. If your feedback have language Chinese, you will know our rage
  187. Buff Ideas for every underwhelming hero, except aramusha and Goki
  188. Test servers to rapidly test balance
  189. Some ideas to make the game more fair/enjoyable.
  190. A serious problem with this system.
  191. Treat console players fairly
  192. Update matchmaking
  193. Problems with the gladiator
  194. Training mode is terrible
  195. Orochi cannot open enemies now
  196. Light Spam is Overpowered*
  197. Bots in dominion are extremely weak
  198. Blocking needs a serious fix
  199. Feedback on the New Faces revealed in the Warrior's Den
  200. Problem with connection in for honor
  201. Email to game developers and combat mechanics and coding Team
  202. New Moveset Icons
  203. Ubisoft should play this game before making changes.
  204. Ubi get serius
  205. Nerf Shugoki too strong right now
  206. Match Making for returning players?
  207. Why dont you rename the "find new opponent" button to "find new lobby"?
  208. For the balance team: Bi-weekly updates
  209. Sony Begins To Allow Cross-Play?
  210. Shugoki rework ideas
  211. Revert Valkyrie rework
  212. Character Gendes
  213. Got kicked for lag
  214. Why dont you rename the "find new opponent" button to "find new lobby"?
  215. Things that make this game bad.
  216. Man why do they even have these forums?
  217. Ubi: how you can add freshness to For Honor easily
  218. Unlock all cosmetics Bug report
  219. Suggestion of new part of armor for Kensei. Sashimono!!!
  220. Spam solution, idea...
  221. New spartan character
  222. For Honor Is Unplayable
  223. Raider not working as expected
  224. ps4 light spam problem
  225. I guess its a shinobi bug ? Or conq just has god mode
  226. Balanced?
  227. Dominion re-work
  228. Viking New Armour sets.
  229. Plot twist: Ubisoft wants to kill For Honor
  230. Request for inspection mode
  231. Armor Suggestion - more Gold, add Gems and Jewels, more Gloss and Sparkle.
  232. Solution for more loadout slots
  233. Viking Armor sets lack of inspiration or...?
  234. Feedback
  235. Can we please get the heroes fixed now?
  236. Feedback and balance recommendations
  237. The berseker is so desbalanced
  238. Guardbreak and bash attack recommendations
  239. Idea for tournaments
  240. Shinobi Parry Time
  241. Poll: Which heroes do you think should be buffed?
  242. I can no longer parry?
  243. Consecutive duels xp boost.
  244. Ranked duel qualify matches
  245. New faction suggestion for post marching fire dlc
  246. Highlander Odd State of Balance!
  247. Pc players vs joystick
  248. New Maps Please!
  249. Why Doesn't For Honor Have 3v3's?
  250. Punishing/honoring titles for playstyles!