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  1. Why make characters when your just gonna ban them in the tournaments?
  2. Faction armor
  3. A personal idea to fix the defense meta
  4. More gore!
  5. Unparryable Unblockables exploit glitch
  6. Invasion/Survival Mode ["Player housing"+Salvage Sink]
  7. A possible fix to parry
  8. Dungeons/raids suggestion
  9. Limit on heroes in match!
  10. disconects! a dumb idea. or is it?
  11. If you can't implement something right, don't do it!
  12. I am so tired of finally getting into a match and DCing 24/7
  13. Make [Removed] a developer.
  14. Can we get in game chat on xbox please?
  15. revenge in duel
  16. Too Fast Light attacks
  17. Dynamic Maps
  18. King Of The Hill And 1v1v1
  19. Peacekeeper changes must become yesterday(not now)
  20. Nerf Raider.
  21. ubi why you dont use this to talk to us and make the plans clear for everyone ?
  22. Buff/nerf defence related gear stats.
  23. Removing Stone as Punishment for Intentional Abandon
  24. Nerf Orochi
  25. Can't unsubscribe from the newsletter.
  26. Fix same time guardbreak.
  27. let us change placement and scale of engravings and symbols
  28. Guardbreaking unblockable bug (with footage)
  29. Better dominion mode: use minions more effectively
  30. Less pushing people off edges / tweaks to duel modes
  31. Defence zones on dominion
  32. "Rejoin game" option?
  33. [Feedback/Suggestions] Orochi & Kensei
  34. Make Minions look cooler
  35. Add pirates? Add Environmental Executions?
  36. Change centurions new execution name
  37. Shug / shin bug.
  38. Light parrying
  39. Bots respawn time
  40. "Nerf this buff that" im near beyond sick to my stomach off this game.
  41. Some idea to finish with defensive meta
  42. Ubisoft Listening to our feedback like
  43. Fix your servers
  44. I really want my money back
  45. Deflecting Should trump parry.
  46. Optimize the game for UPnP.
  47. Can anyone explain?
  48. Stop hackers from desynching game on final kill
  49. Light Parry frame advantage and defensive meta patch....
  50. Doesn't the new defense changes mean Lawbringer's Blind Justice will be useless?
  51. Match ends, but doesn't end and resets itself
  52. Feedback on Warriors Den introduced information
  53. Pts#2
  54. Clinkity Clankity, Stop Messing With My Emotes!
  55. Please dont nerf parry rewards
  56. I wanted to say thank you for 1.09
  57. Nerd the raider stunning tap feint from heavy already
  58. Color blind mode.
  59. valkenheim bridge won't drop
  60. The game is already almost failing in Brazil. #helpforhonor
  61. Salvage and steel
  62. New Captain Types/Buff
  63. Shinobi double dodge easily stop by using guard break
  64. Neutral color swatches not showing up in attack/Defense color menus
  65. AI and possibly players fall through the floor by the draw bridge on The Shard
  66. Emblem Editing Suggestions
  67. Great job, ******s
  68. Gambling/Betting feature
  69. Realistic game mode -
  70. Some shugoki bug
  71. When are we going to see a fix to the assassin guard bug issue?
  72. Automatic rematch is absurd
  73. Let us report AFKers
  74. Stun Trap feat (Inconsistency/Bug)
  75. Shugoki UI and defense needs to be tweaked
  76. Error Error Error. Why was.....
  77. WARDEN GOT SOME BUG , After patch 1.09.01
  78. Law Bringer top heavy attack visual bug (PS4)
  79. Add an arena map for duels
  80. Ideas and suggestions on hero and gear customization
  81. Please read
  82. Please read
  83. Please watch
  84. Last one I swear 😂
  85. Return the emotes to how they where pre 1.09
  86. Stuck on stairs more frequent?!
  87. Set AI difficulty in multiplayer
  88. A few suggestions and discrepencies
  89. A Question and a Suggestion
  90. "honor mode"
  91. Centurion Bug
  92. So now assassins cant block any hits from a zerkers zone attack??!
  93. Dead/Useless Orders
  94. [BUG]Temple Garden Dominion Zone C
  95. Suggestion for orochi and larger scale.
  96. [BUG] No renown or quickchat appearing in bottom left hand side
  97. A regular daily update for For Honor issues
  98. Changes to the smoke bomb feat!!
  99. Dominion variants ideas
  100. Introduce health % tie breaker in all modes
  101. Without anger anymore!
  102. Whatever you did with stamina, undo it!
  103. Ideas for the game For Honor
  104. Vote your favorite Warrior Race ! (For Developer Team to be inspired by you)
  105. Is the PK's "sharpen blades" feat supposed to do 40 damage per hit?
  106. Lawbringer Feat igneous imber (bombs)
  107. group quit early penalty
  108. Some unique character ideas.
  109. Faction game modes?
  110. PS4 1.11 updated
  111. the pinnacle of incompetence named Ubisoft
  112. "Penalty" for not finishing a game
  113. Feats opinion,for Lawbringer
  114. Rep 30 special gear
  115. Ragdolling
  116. Nobushi buff idea
  117. Little (mostly esthetic) changes that i think would be appreciated in the game
  118. Lazy as-s f-ucking -f-aggots.
  119. Last man standing / Gladiator mode
  120. Community items?
  121. Shugoki needs to be changed.
  122. The current state of competitive play in For Honor
  123. Ubisoft is manipulating the faction war and cheated the Knights.
  124. Nerf the Lawbringer or make adjustments
  125. You call this fair? Watch this. And it gets even worse then that in most matches
  126. Not receiving any loot post 1.10
  127. Skill Check for the Berserker Deflect?
  128. Disconnect PS4 issue
  129. Lawbringer needs a nerf NOW. Even more bs clips of its Broken shove
  130. Better Ornaments for season 2 winners!
  131. Literally EVERYONE plays these few characters in duel. WHY? THEY'RE BROKEN FFS
  132. Connectivity Issues for Xbox One
  133. Dominion Realistic PVE game mode (and other mode: Duel, Elimination, Skirmish)
  134. Is Guard Break spam being looked at?
  135. Block failing?
  136. conq in pts2 is no different
  137. Bug Public test 2 - "Completed matches" points
  138. Bug Public test 2 - "You are already participating in a tournament"
  139. Make minions client-side/subservient to the faction war
  140. Berzerker zone change push friends off the map
  141. guard reflex
  142. Usage of salvage
  143. Dominion matches
  144. Stop hurting the Conqueror!
  145. Suggestions on upcomming changes
  146. Suggestion: Neutral faction.
  147. Raider is definatly too strong OP
  148. PS4 ingame chat?
  149. PTS 2 Meta doesn't feels more fun than we have yet..
  150. Centurion
  151. Put 1v1v1 game mode in now!!!
  152. Explain This Ubisoft?
  153. Inventory Size
  154. Faction War Revised (Suggestions)
  155. Kudos
  156. Minor Bug - Execution Sound
  157. Reasons Spartan Should not be in the game
  158. Suggestion: Make a skins library for equipment, unlock skins with salvage.
  159. Lawbringer Blind Justice after defense meta patch
  160. Captains and archers in dominion mode
  161. Again about LawBringer
  162. Earning unique gear
  163. [BUG] Post game lobby crashing
  164. Centurion's Zone Attack Should Not Give Him 50 Damage off Any Knockdown
  165. Suggestion about parry nerf on for honor
  166. Neutral colors for attackers and defenders
  167. Ab last Faction War reward
  168. Being able to put our emblem(s) on character shields
  169. Orochi bugged or intended?
  170. about cosmetics customization
  171. Stop hurting the Conqueror!
  172. Chip damage at 18% is way too much to implement in this game.
  173. wishes
  174. Will you ****ing fix conq already
  175. Your dedicated server must be hurry! You can save player base!
  176. new game mode idea and my hails for the dedicated servers!
  177. Fix Peacekeeper And Orochi.
  178. Shugoki Parry bug
  179. Bug in the Face-Off Screen
  180. Shugoki buttons for hug ultra annoying.
  181. A whole bunch of suggestions!!!!!
  182. Win and lose ratio
  183. Custom Armor and Weapons; Custom Color Palets
  184. Group Matchmaking (4v4 pvp modes)
  185. Can't see hero/gear level when L2 during map load
  186. Warden execution
  187. How to transform dominion into an epic battle
  188. that's what Dominion looks like now,Raider Legendary!
  189. Ronin character as last samurai hero (suggestion)
  190. kensei
  191. New Game Mode Suggestions
  192. Dedicated Servers Please.
  193. Pants!
  194. Suggestions if like to see
  195. Pts 2 test impressions
  196. More Exekutionselection while in the fight.
  197. Joystick warriors
  198. A Question for the Devs
  199. @Ubisoft Vulkan Backend support? (possible solution to console 30 fps?)
  200. Guard break indicator?
  201. Orochi storm rush idea
  202. Questions for Devs after OOS and parry changes
  203. "Honor" System
  204. For Honor in asia is HALF DEAD now
  205. Shinobi bugs in v1.10
  206. Suggested Conqueror Buffs and Other Questions for the Developers.
  207. Warden suggestion
  208. Advanced Deathmatch
  209. PT Stamina Change.
  210. Kensei Buff Suggestion
  211. I support OfTheStones conqueror thread
  212. Suggested Conqueror Buffs and Other Questions for the Developers.
  213. Spawning points in Dominion
  214. Don't join a faction -> War assets deployed dependent on the faction you just played.
  215. Regarding parries: nothing should be guaranteed.
  216. so close too fixed
  217. Suggestion: about Engraving
  218. [bug report] Disapearing attack indicators
  219. Salvage use for players to form a better community hub.
  220. Positiv Feedback and small suggestions
  221. Scars, Cuts, Bruises, Oh My!
  222. Merci!Thanks for colorblind options
  223. Rep 30 reward
  224. The War Of The Ages...
  225. New Execution System
  226. Player Hub 'Gamemode' for All (Please Read)
  227. Block Damage Feedback
  228. Player Hub for All Players
  229. Centurion 2nd heavy in heavy combo and zerker zone attack issues
  230. Original IELTS,TOEFL,ESOL CERTIFICATES Birth Certs Passport,Drivers license,ID
  231. [SUGGESTION] Idea to give varying versions to executions
  232. If you do i will definatly Leave the game
  233. Material!
  234. why i'm so against parry reward nerfs
  235. 3 things that all heros must have.
  236. Colosseum map idea!
  237. Formally the calm Me after the Freak Out
  238. Commander Dominion (best idea yet?)
  239. Fix Berserkers beard please
  240. SUGGESTION for raider and armor
  241. Quick messages on console
  242. i think ubisoft should be sued!!!
  243. Especial Items dropped from loot boxes?
  244. Option to avoid match-making against premades
  245. People abusing the game if they lose.
  246. Parrying when OOS = superior block
  247. Valkyrie Need a buff
  248. The servers.
  249. A gladiator? really Ubisoft?
  250. Year 2/Season 5+ Heroes DLC