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  1. Orochi Customization Suggestions
  2. Character Customisation Suggestion - Different Material Usages
  3. @Ubinoty @Ubijurassic Best idea for both of you and also the community.
  4. Suggestions for fixing guard break
  5. Guard Break: not possible to dodge anymore?
  6. Came back to the game...
  7. My suggestion for the defence meta overhaul.
  8. Why Isn't Zone Attack Its Own Button Yet?
  9. Some feedback/ suggestions
  10. Can you tone down the Revenge Mode brightness?
  11. Katanas for Samurai going foward
  12. Nice little addition
  13. Shinobi issue
  14. I don't ****ing buy the "we need more time" bulls hit.
  15. Suggestion for new Conquer ornaments
  16. Inverse Kinematic Deaths
  17. Why is the Faction war map "updating" after EVERY match?
  18. Allow a counter to same-time guardbreaks
  19. Buff the Warden !
  20. Disconnects
  21. How to dramatically reduce frustration in FH
  22. Matchmaking
  23. Bowman, ranged character idea.
  24. War assets not registering
  25. Team mates hitting you to interupt emotes is annoying
  26. Warlord drinking horn emote
  27. Rework LB block shove pls
  28. Ubisoft People are losing there progress on PS4 and Xbox! what is happening?
  29. ****P L E A S E _ F F S !!!!!**** Stun/CC and the "Screen flash"
  30. Very nice
  31. Samurai Shield Class
  32. flicker bug
  33. How about a little game mode suggestion
  34. Fix revenge mode
  35. Level 1 bots
  36. Centurions double punish...
  37. Cannot get connected for months
  38. Remove Matchmaking Penalty from AI games
  39. Connection Problem
  40. peacekeeper must be weakened
  41. Increase match rewards for people that did good in the match
  42. [bug] auto-win for tournament mode!
  43. Tournament Firsts Impressions
  44. Orochi Guardbreak Follow-Up
  45. [Issue] Loosing connection alot with the error: "EasyAntiCheat: Connection timed out"
  46. [Bug] Stuck in some kind of spectator kill cam at the beginning of the match
  47. Problem with Shinobi's GB
  48. Why can't console players remap buttons??
  49. HOW DEFENSIVE META RUINS THE GAME videos... (please refrain from idiotic comments)
  50. Because it needs to stay being said until game completely flops or its fixed.
  51. I got good character ideas, comment what you think.
  52. Warden can still react to the enemy dash, and cancel his sb into GB...
  53. Incorrect operation Valkyrie receptions
  54. player skill
  55. i kind of noticed something on CENTURION
  56. Switch Centurions health with his stamina/ Stamina drain
  57. Shinobi Material Usage
  58. Unable to join the match, stuck in the sky
  59. Laggy opponent in Ranked
  60. The Best solution
  61. How to break the defensive meta by breaking the game in 6 points.
  62. Possible future ideas - Invite to duel, Practice Opponents, Extra life bar ect.
  63. A new experience for me
  64. Get rid of join in progress
  65. Ledge Action, its fun for a while.
  66. Zerker vs pk unbalance to be fixed!
  67. Centurion tweaks, not nerfs.
  68. Add player numbers
  69. Cent's
  70. Make Event Orders reward performance
  71. [Bug Report] Female Conqueror Sounds like a man
  72. Add function to exchange Salvage of one type for another
  73. Idea for New Knight Faction Character: Executioner/Torturer
  74. Servers
  75. Change TURTLE META
  76. This game is dying because you wont add chip damage
  77. Idea: Fighting dirty
  78. We want more then just 2 execution at a time!
  79. Multi-lvl UP rewards
  80. hero options?
  81. Elimination Connection Errors, oh my
  82. suggestions for, for honor 2
  83. Exchange Dismantled Gear Material
  84. Error error eRRor ErRoR erroR ErRROR ERROR
  85. Custom match save settings
  86. Session owner rating?
  87. Engravings are hardly noticeable, change this please
  88. Peacekeeper changes
  89. Ranked system Completion Percentage
  90. Feedback you have never heard before
  91. [Character Selection] Why It Should be like that only 1 character should be chosen.
  92. For Stunlock !
  93. 30 plus...
  94. Shinobi kick.
  95. For Honor Black Screen Issues
  96. Ubisoft servers.
  97. Special moves need cooldowns
  98. GB stun locking
  99. Heres an idea how to fix turtle meta
  100. Hardcore game modes
  101. Any news on the multiple death bug?
  102. Is it bug? "Punch Through"effect
  103. Nobushi buff idea
  104. Skirmish matches disconnects
  105. So how long do we gotta wait before ACTUAL fixes arrive for the Turtle Meta?!
  106. GB on heavy start up has got too go
  107. You want realism? Listen to this feedback.
  108. Idea For End The Turtle Meta
  109. Suggestion: a new Game Mode
  110. Why doesn't the Conqueror get a free GB after blocking the Wardens running heavy?
  111. @Ubisoft Can we have a "No Dirt" option for the clothes and armor customization?
  112. The Conqueror really needs a buff.
  113. sad 4H night.
  114. *enter title about interesting heroes that will probably be hated*
  115. I would enjoy...
  116. Public Customs
  117. Defend: The King of the Hill (game mod)
  118. Defense Penetration too strong.
  119. Can we talk about the real problem characters in this game right now please?
  120. I feel so sorry for new players...
  121. Cosmetics are extremely lacking variety!!! Please look at these suggestions Ubisoft!!
  122. Can you not fix the falling death bug
  123. Parry fix
  124. @Ubijurassic team member question.
  125. Dear Ubi, will there be a customization witch includes campaign emblems and colours?
  126. Raider ZoneFeint Abuse
  127. Complain?
  128. @Ubisoft please stop these 4v4 Dominion/Skirmish orders
  129. Suggestion to fixing orders & 4v4 Dominion/Skirmish
  130. almost totaly unplayable Xbox one wired controller bug please fix this oh my god
  131. Centurion targeting bug!
  132. Conqueror dodge bug. Or maybe his dodge is just too slow to be balanced.
  133. Centurion Fix
  134. New customisation styles to consider! Perhaps deserter styles? Scavenger styles?
  135. Nerf the centurion already my goodness
  136. Menu music
  137. Maybe add a mode where attackers and defenders have different objectives?
  138. Idea for new gamemode
  139. XB1 - My Constructive Feedback
  140. Zerker light cannot be blocked by assassins
  141. For honor doppelganger effect?
  142. Shinobi heavy damage and stamina drain after gb. And gb damage of all pg
  143. @Ubisoft Quitting STILL needs to be addressed..
  144. High level centurion killing in 1 combo
  145. Trainie option for heroes
  146. One class per team in 4v4 game modes
  147. Massive delay on all dodge, blocks, parries and constant resynchronizing of players
  148. New idea for the faction wars
  149. Thanks Ubisoft for not caring.
  150. PS4 SE Asia Region UNPLAYABLE
  151. medieval M
  152. Map cut scenes
  153. Dueler knight class (besides musketeer)
  154. Overpowered or Not, Fighting the Centurion Just Isn't Fun
  155. Lawbringer's Long Arm should connect after a wall throw
  156. Allow us to customise heroes during matchmaking.
  157. Countdown timer on timer on GB
  158. Why Israel can't participate in the 1vs1 Tournament?
  159. New customization "template"
  160. Kensei ZA change suggestion...
  161. RAIDER VIKINGS (The For Honor Underdogs)
  162. Parry vulnerability frames
  163. Damage interrupt for long stuns
  164. MM lobby unbalanced
  165. Rebalancing Warden in high level plays
  166. Matchmaking needs to be changed.
  167. Playstation Problems
  168. Fix Centurion seriously!!
  169. Match crashes
  170. Player balance
  171. Free GB After Parry
  172. How too fix the gank without touching revenge
  173. New armor??
  174. Lag fix or money back
  175. New Centurion Execution Suggestion
  176. Yeah im done with this game for awhile
  177. Bug on Lawbringer in revenge?
  178. Nobu op. Plz fix.
  179. I would sincerely apreciate an answer from an official representative on this thread
  180. raider stun need a solution on ganging Situations
  181. Clearly this game was made as a money grabber for Ubisofts next year developments
  182. Hey Ubisoft, i found your biggest problem since release
  183. Old Honor's armor to the current For Honor plz
  184. The cure all
  185. May a dev answer this please???
  186. Change Nobushi's HS Initiation
  187. Something that may help with the defensive meta
  188. Ubisoft, you still haven't fixed the unparriable unlock tech
  189. What's up with the Centurion?
  190. Ideas that might help reduce ganking
  191. Fix Centurion or Lose Paying Customers
  192. Fix this game
  193. thanks ubisoft for not answering my thread
  194. Getting thrown off ledges bug
  195. Loss of Character Control
  196. The Knights better win this round.
  197. Guard breaking 1 millisecond before they do.
  198. When are you dic kheads going to fix centurion wall combo.
  199. Option to hide Quickchat
  200. Idea: New game modes to keep players interested
  201. "Hardcore Mode" featuring level 3 bots in all game modes
  202. Known issues in For Honor; problems and solutions
  203. some questions and suggestions about gameplay
  204. Deathmatch Elimination
  205. Kensei problem and one very needed buff
  206. auto parry bugged
  207. New Map Idea
  208. Season rewards - Outline
  209. disconect time with no punish
  210. centurion.
  211. Daubeny's Shame material
  212. Join lobby
  213. Make AI follow teammates
  214. Bugs from patch 1.09
  215. Matchmaking is worse than ever
  216. There Is A Reason This Game Is Dead On PC
  217. [Bug Report] Elimination mode "max" experience glitch
  218. Any chance on increasing the rep level from 30?
  219. Shinobi vs poison + feat idea
  220. Timing way slower now
  221. Nerf the raider andthe vikings wtf is this?
  222. Alternate weapons for heroes?
  223. Why are free hits a thing?
  224. Just keep making it worse
  225. revenge activation not auto parrying
  226. your game its sooo not good (my opinion)
  227. Pattern orientation bugs on Conqueror
  228. Bugged out gear and outfits.
  229. match stability since the introduction of the leave penalty
  230. Adjusting Bot levels in normal matches
  231. Bug - Transition sound
  232. Bug - stuck at begining of the match in overview of map
  233. please extend the lock toggle range
  234. Hardcore mode
  235. Give more to season pass holders...
  236. Double XP weekends?
  237. Until the day comes where you learn to properly patch heros & listen to the community
  238. No rewards for PvP games
  239. New patch???
  240. Time to Get Rid of Centurion
  241. More Useful Queues
  242. Rethink conqueror.
  243. Shinobi feat gain (bugged again?)
  244. GB And Matchmaking System
  245. Punish those who leave matches more and fix game coding
  246. Farewell due to tournament fail by Ubisoft
  247. Bots Level 3
  248. Quit Penalty Can Be Avoided
  249. In game chat
  250. Why make characters when your just gonna ban them in the tournaments?