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  1. Centurion and Shinobi Feedback - Do you even play your game?
  2. I want to buy your SEASON PASS but....cmon you greedy people!
  3. I want vanilla gamemode
  4. Orochi's zone attack in my opinion is too fast.
  5. Add a Match confirm window
  6. Suggestion List, Add yours
  7. the adventures of ShinoB!tch(vids)
  8. 0 fun anymore?
  9. A new type of order
  10. Add more variety of armor appearances for Season 3, not re-skins
  11. AFK Farming: Know what it IS and ISNT
  12. Play Story Mode Campaign and Earn Exp for Any Character
  13. Peacekeeper need buff, ubisoft!
  14. Shinobi slide v. Teammates
  15. Shigoki Buffs.
  16. The future of For Honor
  17. Question about leaver penalty
  18. Two more Shugoki Glitches
  19. Centurion request for *slight* buff
  20. I need answers please.
  21. [Bug Report]? Feat bar in dominion tied to scorecard points, not reknown.
  22. Fix the broken reflex guard or get rid of it altogether
  23. RIP Shinobi (That was the wrong nerf)
  24. Attn: Noobs, stop spamming Revive!
  25. Stop Nerfing nee characters and look more into the old one
  26. Emotes that can be done via 2 people or more would be AWESOME!
  27. Please Increase Storage
  28. Make me beautiful - A thread on Skin
  29. Shinobi Attack Recoveries in 2/3/4v1 situations
  30. Diversifying Team Comps
  31. Ubisoft owes me 12k xp
  32. Why is NO ONE Playing For Honor?
  33. Please delay the release of the leave-penalty system unti the game is fixed.
  34. Notification in Windows taskbar
  35. Suggestion: Tech-rolling.
  36. Compilation of Issues and glitches I've found so far.
  37. Kensei's zone makes noise after feint
  38. Berserker Deflect needs a Rework!
  39. Ubi please give us more loadouts
  40. coming kensei buffs
  41. Debuff Resistance - Probably not working or what??
  42. [UBI] - *IMPORTANT* - Potential Cheat Program
  43. Have you not listend to your player base?
  44. Dear Developers ... such a mess - THIS IS A RANT
  45. Some love for new players please!
  46. Better, more powerful gear stats for character play-style customisation.
  47. hero balancing
  48. @Ubisoft BASIC QoL changes that should be already on the game
  49. Colors and Gear
  50. Points for holding off multiple people in Dominion.
  51. Kensei Movelist description
  52. Things I will like to see in the future
  53. Omg please overupgrade shinobi!!!!
  54. Duel Orders
  55. The Quits and Errors
  56. Shugoki Regenerate
  57. Disconnects are getting worse
  58. This is beyond ridicolous
  59. Please fix
  60. games name and other things
  61. Text is out of sync with "How to Play" videos (PC)
  62. Penalty for killing teammate
  63. Don't allow stamina regeneration during dodging
  64. Killing enemy on respawn location. UBI change respawn location when attacked!
  65. Please fix the death count on fall deaths.
  66. For Honor CD version?
  67. Large list of wanted/needed changes (4v4s/ganking, general combat, etc...)
  68. Shinobi not getting 1 pps Dominion
  69. Small suggestions to make the game experience better -
  70. Need camera angle change for Shugoki when fighting smaller foes
  71. Positive feedback and a suggestion
  72. Buff Parry Rewards
  73. DLC Heroes
  74. what the 0006000137 & 0006000139?
  75. PS4 Error 0002001512
  76. Help!
  77. The Reason Kensei Does not Actually Have Any Mixups, and the Simple Solution
  78. @Ubisoft future turtle meta patch, parrys and tech gb
  79. New Game Modes
  80. Connection errors - cannot play
  81. Centurion Completely 100% Ruins Any Non 1v1 Fight.
  82. Rework Suggestion - Conqueror
  83. The one thing that could make the game go from lame to good (not perfect but good)
  84. Matchmaking & Gameplay - thoughts since the release
  85. For Honor: A laggy opponent advantage (youtube video)
  86. Romove the quit penalty, or fix your connectivity.
  87. An idea for nerfing/changing parries.
  88. Should you get a penalty for leaving AI games?
  89. [Bug Report] Reknown in Dominion not functioning properly
  90. Get rid of Skirmish Orders (or mode specific orders in general)
  91. Guardbreak should interrupt dodge attacks!
  92. Matchmaking take long time to find a match on very high activity. (after Quit Penalty
  93. Quit Penalty is the last straw
  94. Change Login Forum site
  95. Learning and Infographics
  96. New game mode
  97. Heres an idea
  98. Revenge buff and Dominion ganking
  99. PK Buff, when!?
  100. Make 4H free to play already!!!!
  101. Idea for game stats
  102. Servers after 1.08
  103. Stop Automatic Blocks
  104. Nobushi Hidden Stance Indicator Glitch
  105. joining a rnd doesnt work! again!
  106. i wish to put a light on a bug with valkyrie
  107. For Honor experience
  108. Suggestion to Ubisoft: Don't make fighting games in 1 year
  109. Possible ideas on ways to change Warden
  110. Now that I got your attention Ubisoft, how's this for specific and detailed feedback:
  111. Please Ubi i would love this
  112. Broken loot system (PC)
  113. Que times
  114. 3 Things to improve For Honor
  115. is there anyone who got fun anymore?
  116. You lost 95% of your player base!!!!
  117. Petition pls fix Conqueror?
  118. Still havent fixed shugoki feat hard to kill
  119. Possible new lawbringer bug discovered
  120. More Friendly Fire
  121. Shinobi nerf and other suggestions
  122. A couple of Bugs
  123. NEW CLASS IDEAS any thoughts?
  124. Death total bug
  125. Quit Penalty
  126. Rapid Disconnects
  127. Fix revenge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  128. No more new heroes
  129. UBI Your Quit Penalty Dosnt Fix Any Thing ...
  130. The new nation is adding!
  131. v1.08.01 Feeback
  132. Rewarding play
  133. [Bug/Glitch] Centurion heavy "soft feint" into GB -- fix plz
  134. Conqueror's Charged Heavy is bugged
  135. New Execution Ideas
  136. The Nerfed Shinobi
  137. Are they even trying to fix connectivity anymore?
  138. Conqueror needs a Buff. As well as a Nerf.
  139. Guard Breaks, Connection, and Nerfing Oh My
  140. Tired from this matchmaking
  141. Rage quit penalties
  142. I coulndt spawn
  143. Not being able to move at the start of a match.
  144. Rage quit penalty broken
  145. Currently your game is not giving order credit.
  146. Why has the multiple death bug not been fixed yet?
  147. An Idea to save FH!!
  148. I Haven't received any XP from complelting matches in the last 2 hours
  149. Random character button?
  150. Free for all??
  151. Derp
  152. A new SERVER! PLS
  153. Connection bars showing false connections
  154. Lawbringer falling bug adding extra deaths
  155. Patch 1.08.01 Change to guard swap stance delay does not apply to parry attempts!
  156. Error 3827548923742987492819273218378
  157. How to fix Defensive Meta, Broken Game Mechancis.
  158. @Ubisoft Wow you all are really dumb. Way to go with the quit penalty
  159. Centurion sword in left hand?
  160. Spartan class??
  161. I can see FH's future....
  162. Any ideas for new game modes??
  163. Lawbringer idea!!
  164. Centurion! Jab, Knock down, and charged heavy! guard switch animation simple soluton
  165. Stop the bloodshed!
  166. [PS4] Raider Stunning Tap Insane Stamina Drain on Shugoki
  167. Would you believe? LB Meta
  168. Just Scrap it
  169. Missions
  170. Solve Some Frustration
  171. Devs playing online??
  172. fix matchmaking netcode/servers
  173. PS Move control in for honor?
  174. New execution ideas
  175. Make...this...right.
  176. There is no hope for this game. Do not believe anything from developers.
  177. [Feedback] Second Wind
  178. Watch Replays!
  179. [Constructive Ideas] A small pack of suggestions to improve the game
  180. why people leave For Honor. Reasonable explanation
  181. Connection Feedback - playable, but no awards
  182. No XP again
  183. The game is dead.
  184. Bugged point at Temple Garden
  185. Bug fixes & improvements NEEDED
  186. Parry Stun and Grab, Valkyrie Sweep
  187. Cent kick punish
  188. Block Bug? Videos
  189. You owe us an apology Ubisoft.
  190. Matchmaking. You all know what this is about.
  191. Why Ubi!? You were the chosen one! You were supposed to bring balance to the game!
  192. Done till next patch at least
  193. Getting kicked out of games, joining empty ones.
  194. Still can't complete a 4v4
  195. Disconnect penalty
  196. Matchmaking is your No 1 issue fix it!
  197. Shugoki is god!!!
  198. Still color blind here
  199. Hello Ubi this is about Conq ornaments
  200. question for devs
  201. Decrease idle to boot time
  202. warden bug or feature!
  203. Screw this game.
  204. Centurion wierd zone.
  205. old revenge systems , dominion
  206. Two bits of feedback
  207. The Definitive Set of Suggested Fixes to address Turtlemeta and Class imbalance
  208. How to Make Reputation More Meaningfull
  209. What the F!!!!
  210. @Ubi I do not want to join matches in progress, could you please add such an option?
  211. AI Match Suggestion.
  212. For honor? Or For Guardbreak?
  213. forbidden to join new matches without reason
  214. Suggestion for Game Balance
  215. Change Campaign Character
  216. Exhausted in revenge mode bug.
  217. Crappiest way of handling connections of all times, this piece of ****
  218. 7 deaths from 1? Wtf
  219. Macellaio di Dominio- yeah sure kid
  220. Nerf the infinite wall combo on Cent (properly ffs...)
  221. Fps disconnect
  222. Best ideea to counter the defensive meta
  223. Centurion Shenanigans
  224. Am I the Only One Who Has Horrific Connectivity on Xbox?
  225. Take away Lawbringer's push after block
  226. Each season renders your gear useless
  227. Rep 30 Rewards!
  228. New knight character
  229. Ubi, Shinobi should be able to continue the chain after blocked ranged heavies
  230. A cool new addition to heroes if Ubisoft likes this idea
  231. F you Ubisoft you *****.
  232. Change our map vote
  233. Feedback For the New Leaving Penalty for Ranked
  234. Player Resynchronisation Bug
  235. Raider Horst Set Arms - missing tattoos
  236. Conqueror
  237. Hi Ubisoft! It would be sweet if a dev would respond to this:
  238. endless disconects
  239. Ignore player option
  240. [Suggestion] A Second Chance After Being Thrown off a Ledge
  241. Stress meter to address the turtle meta
  242. Unlocked, unparriable moves are still here
  243. Why ppl are leaving every single end of match?
  244. To Ubisoft staff (Developers/Designers) this is a serious question...
  245. Why do the for Honor servers frequently disconnect
  246. I think Nobushi need this...
  247. Could we have auto-run for controller users?
  248. @Ubisoft Regarding matchmatching region search.
  249. @Ubisoft The connection quality bug.
  250. Will the season pass work?