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  1. Balanced my ***. Shinobi is not
  2. Screen constantly flashing blinding white
  3. Unbalanced and broken MATCHMAKING
  4. Let's talk about the Centurion and give some feedback!
  5. Learn how to play Dominion
  6. Death count bug
  7. Feedback from a customer. Please forward to the marketing or sales department.
  8. Deluxe Edition Upgrade - Please add one!
  9. Adding more hud options
  10. Adding more hud options
  11. UBISOFT please read.
  12. Feedback by a very disapointed customer
  13. 4 New Weapon and 2 armor skin / hero ???
  14. Shinobi kicks needs to be looked into
  15. Allow Centurion to make both of his shoulder armor blank.
  16. Game improving ideas
  17. Dear Ubi Devs and CM's, let's talk about PvAI duels and inclusion in FH...
  18. why can't we customize heroes during matchmaking?
  19. Changes that need to happen if this game is too survive
  20. Centurion punishment for attacks and hit points.
  21. I need throw distance!!
  22. The centurion and shinobi are
  23. Possible little balance or nah?
  24. Cent and shin got nerfed
  25. Defense stat is useless now
  26. There is no point in playing if i can't complete a match. Address this Issue UBI
  27. New Heroes prove that Ubisooft is lying very often
  28. 20ms of ping, 113 mbs download and 11 mbs upload... and red NAT... WHAT?
  29. Make new heroes playable in Practice mode
  30. Ubisoft please add the single pick feature to 4v4 game modes
  31. Idea for a new hero.
  32. Can We Talk About How Revenge Means Absolutely Nothing
  33. Why don't we get points for special executions anymore? ****ing piece of ****s dude.
  34. Please Read Renown for dying
  35. Guard breaking through Revenge activation WTF?
  36. No end of round rewards
  37. Filler games are not fun
  38. Friendly Fire is an Issue
  39. Roman Crown/wreath head ornament for the Centurion.
  40. Matchmaking suggestion- explanation
  41. 3 bars of life.
  42. Some shinobi tweaks
  43. Ubisoft, plz explain me what are you thinking with the centurion unblocable
  44. Here's some Centurion suggestions for future updates.
  45. advice for players
  46. Lawbringer's NEW Execution "Long Shot" is BROKEN.
  47. Redesign/Add new gear to OROCHI
  48. I Thought We Talked About Dominant Contracts
  49. Matchmaking in Oceania
  50. Skirkish FFA (Free for all)
  51. why you should return GB to its previos state
  52. Suggestion for a rework of the Shinobi
  53. More blood effects, especially on weapons
  54. Smarter/Better AI Allies
  55. Centurion nerf over the top
  56. SHINOBI - Enable Execution On Ranged Heavy
  57. The real reason why fast light attacks are unbalanced.
  58. [Suggestion] Colours - 'Rotate' colour circle to adjust colour scheme
  59. Centurion: 1 hit death
  60. Dodge Shinobi kick cannot be followed by GB!!
  61. Just some feedback
  62. New Heroes VS Turtle Meta
  63. Centurions in 4v4
  64. PLEASE FIX ORDER COMPLETIONS! DCed after finally getting 8 kill streak
  65. Centerion Crap
  66. Sort out your ****y servers
  67. Time after death:)
  68. Feedback on new characters and defensive meta
  69. Make Pugio an unblockable stab move
  70. Your new visual display for stat comparison is garbage
  71. Anyone think the lightning effect is underwhelming?
  72. Can i know why?
  73. "CC ganking" solutions
  74. If you can't beat em, join em.
  75. Duel mode and experience reward
  76. shinobi and assassins in general
  77. Can we talk about Shinobi getting a Free GB on Centurion.
  78. Bring shinobi closer on successful countered ranged gb or parryed range attack
  79. Is that a bug or it's intended
  80. idea for dominion to reduce ganking
  81. Just a suggestion about the role of each character.
  82. [BUG] Centurion left throw into a wall.
  83. [BUG] Regeneration Shugoki
  84. My idea for fixing Shinobi
  85. fix Connention problem GM read pls
  86. Problem with the camera angle with Shugokis during target lock
  87. Shinobi seems pretty balanced to me..
  88. Shinobi kick issue...
  89. 4 vs 4 gameplay... i hate it now
  90. Can you fix yours Game ubisoft? Errors and freezing
  91. Shinobi & Centurion - Feedback and Suggestion
  92. Centurion Moveset Feedback
  93. too many unblockables too little chip
  94. Bug with Nobushi
  95. Nerf Centurion. Again.
  96. accessibility options for visually impaired players
  97. New gear system ruin the old player's effort
  98. SHUGOKI does not receive revenge shield when HARD TO KILL feat unlocked
  99. Feedback: You ruined For Honor
  100. Scavenge experiment
  101. Centurion and Shinobi - Slight fix
  102. can we hold more than 60 pieces of gear
  103. 500 steel everytime i want to change gear look
  104. Matchmaking
  105. second wind
  106. New Hero Feedback
  107. How to balance the Shinobi?
  108. Matchmaking should reset "Player Skill" once it switches over to "All Regions"
  109. [BUG] Raider Charge
  110. Ledge death
  111. This happens after last update Please Fix it
  112. Superior Block vs Centurion
  113. Restore the centurion.
  114. A buff to Centurion; a nerf for Shinobi
  115. Ubi you Ruined the game with the new chracters (the game was Ruined before them also
  116. From winning a fight to losing one; connection glitch kills me AGAIN!
  117. Shinobi Ranged GB
  118. I have a suggestion
  119. UBI please read. 1 simple nerf for each
  120. None balance annoyances
  121. Why i stopped playing this game
  122. Next match screen no map vote
  123. SHUGOKI needs a small buff. HELP ROMAN!
  124. Suggestion for new executions
  125. my assesment of this game after 400+ hours
  126. Lots of feedback in forums from mods!
  127. Connection issues and more.
  128. Hidden Stance bug
  129. Valkyrie needs a buff
  130. "Riposte" Moves are blockable (sometimes)
  131. Help with the gank
  132. Raider and Conquer need a buff
  133. My last game was today, Overall feedback
  134. Centurion and Shinobi bots
  135. Revenge knockdown doesnt work
  136. Dominion is not Skirmish
  137. Seriously Ubisoft!?
  138. errors
  139. Centurion Needs Faster Execution or Uninterruptible Executions
  140. Centurion a bit op... Reasoned
  141. Pedido urgente desde Sudamerica! (castellano)
  142. please balance valkyrie on console
  143. nobushi kick need some love
  144. servers fix them or take the game down
  145. Spam kicks from Shinobi
  146. doofusoft
  147. Cry for help! Login game flash back, unable to enter the game!
  148. 15000 per hero? Hello month of tedious grinding.
  149. Champion status should not expire when we're offline.
  150. Used to be a loyal ubisoft fan...
  151. Shinobi and centurion review and first impressions
  152. Error not getting rewards or updated kills
  153. For the love of god please fix the left quick throw.
  154. Possible feat new Viking heroes (just an idea)
  155. Option to turn off some effects
  156. No rewards, 5 matches in a row...
  157. The centurion success
  158. Add option to adjust the guard zones
  159. You guys owe me a **** Load of xp
  160. Can we get configurable gamepad buttons on PC please ?
  161. A suggestion for the Shinobi's kick
  162. Bugg report for Shinobi bleed
  163. [Bug] Reflex guard gets activated for wrong direction
  164. F-F-F-Fix th-th-th-the ch-ch-choppy connection.
  165. Falling due to ground steps.
  166. Well this game is a joke now
  167. Soldiers in Dominion
  168. @Ubisoft How to Revive the game (in a player count way)
  169. Bug: The Fog of War
  170. I started leaving games
  171. Shinobi teammates make it more difficult to chain with kensei.
  172. Group fix suggestions and P2P queries
  173. Orochi buff suggestion
  174. Centurion: Thoughts both for and against
  175. Wtf!!!
  176. Dominion cutscenes stutter for Some reason Since patch 1.07.
  177. Guild / Team System?
  178. Practice During Matchmaking/Loading & Emote Testing in Menus
  179. Shinobi is Too Fast!
  180. [FEED_BACK] Female Shinobi
  181. Shinobi guard break timeing is broken
  182. New orders every day?
  183. Option to hide quick chat message's in For Honor
  184. Shinobi - So That's What That Puddle On The Ground Is...
  185. What is Shinobi's GB timing????
  186. Change flow between games
  187. [BUG] Effects Preview - Incorrect Aspect Ratio
  188. Centurion
  189. One hero baneable per side on 4v4 matches
  190. The reason over 12483 or more players will soon uninstall For Honor
  191. Feedback on what needs to be fixed
  192. losing faith in your ability to fix this game
  193. Hello everyone i am new here and i bring some suggestions for the game.
  194. Option to play 4v4 modes without gearscore
  195. Shinobi keeps on getting stomped to the ground
  196. Shugoki Combat Emotes
  197. PS4 - PvAI matchmaking turned ON no rewards bug
  198. [SUGGESTION] 10 ways of removing the defensive meta
  199. An easy to add variety to Conqueor without changing its base kit and theme
  200. ReadyUp function
  201. If you wont fix connectivity issues...
  202. Thinking of uninstalling a once super awesome brilliant smart game!!!!!!!
  203. Bring back sprint speed!!! Least u can do!!!!!
  204. Feats for each character
  205. There's a new dominant force on the battlefield....
  206. Hyper-armor
  207. General Combat Changes
  208. remove tracking
  209. the new dominion
  210. Delay when popping revenge (XB1)
  211. Rework/new ideas for community
  212. UBISOFT, plz tell me why you don't learn from your mistakes
  213. CC is not a fun game mechanic
  214. Please have dedicated servers for the next for honor game; also centurion
  215. Hello everyone. Tips for improving the centurion.
  216. Anyone else thinks Shinoobi is op?
  217. A Solution 1v2+ , and Friendly Fire
  218. MM error (0002001512)
  219. Fighting outnumber vs centurion is unfair
  220. No rewards when grouped on Xbox
  221. Kensei's superior block on dodge is not mentioned anywhere in the moveset
  222. Free Roam with optional 1st person view or camera mode
  223. No steel for salvaging?
  224. Orochi Suggestion with consideration of his weaknesses.
  225. Please give guardbreaks homing after a parry!
  226. Bug: Centurion and Shinobi gain double renown when boosting points
  227. why the PK zone attack needs nerfed
  228. Conqueror Fully Charged Heavy Suggestion
  229. Suggestion: Faction War improve ideas
  230. New Gear: Less Bling, More Mean
  231. Shugoki Heavy Attack Targeting Bug?
  232. Orochi bufs, that you devs asked for
  233. Faction War.
  234. Centurion is OP and broken as ****
  235. Leave penalty and Drop Hacks
  236. Ignore player option
  237. Quitting duels
  238. Decorations.
  239. Make it possible to check the orders you have while in game.
  240. Why are you ignoring shugoki?
  241. Please rethink or restructure potential quit penalty!
  242. PK zone spam
  243. Targeted rage-quit penalties. No innocent's harmed.
  244. Centurion/Shinobi
  245. Shinobi far too squishy for these extended execution animations
  246. OVERSIGHT? Shinobi - *Potential* Friendly Fire Issue
  247. Please for the love of God fix the Centurion Skin tones
  248. epiphany regarding reflex guard bugs.
  249. New Character Feedback (Centurion and Shinobi)
  250. A few issues have arisen since your last server maintenance (PS4)