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  1. New Factions You Would Like To Play As:
  2. Steel
  3. Interim Solution for Idle Players
  4. this is my last message for FH team.
  5. Guard Break Fixed
  6. Fix the servers already
  7. Idle Players in AI
  8. Throwing people off the edge and the revive system
  9. Idle Players Effortlessly Recieving Rewards?
  10. Error Code 0006000037
  11. Weird Bug
  12. You are a raider, Legendary!
  13. Cant even play a game? never again
  14. Enough with the samurai
  15. Matchmaking somethings wrong.
  16. Matchmaking Broke?
  17. Suggestion to improve the game.
  18. Something has to be done about AFK players farming AI dominion matches
  19. Bonus Exp for account reputation score
  20. A few suggestions
  21. Nothing but Assassin dailies.......
  22. About customisation
  23. Lets make a multimillion dollar game.
  24. About Net Code
  25. GAMEPLAY EXPLOITS: Nobushi Zone Attack
  26. execution concept:ending them rightly
  27. I will forever report griefing on all runners
  28. Powerups do not belong in For Honor
  29. When is the game getching patched/updated?
  30. [BUG] Peacekeeper dashing heavy attack
  31. Camping cheese spots
  32. A fix for discouraging new character learning
  33. When controller is connected via Bluetooth the game freezes (PC)
  34. Please fix Hidden Stance!!!
  35. Outing Cheaters
  36. Deathmatch
  37. Time statistics (multiplayer)
  38. 30 disconnects in a 15h session
  39. Reviving
  40. Game Breaking invisible warrior bug w/ video evidence
  41. The Glaring Issues with For Honor
  42. Rage Quitters and server issues
  43. Conqurer needs to be faster!
  44. About Skirmish & Elimination Preference Mix Up
  45. Black Screen When Joining Bug [PS4]
  46. Throwing out of stamina opponents doesn't make them fall down sometimes??
  47. Game improvement suggestions
  48. Revenge gaining is too easy
  49. High reputation cloacks for Knights.
  50. New mode warning if you have not play knights camp.
  51. New Gear Notification Bug
  52. Interface and network flaws
  53. Shugoki grab 10000 damage
  54. Please nerf the revenge gain by gear and/or make it have a cooldown
  55. Suggestion: Equipment Customization
  56. What would you love to see in the future weapon wise / post
  57. Berserker Light Riposte bug or lack/misinformation?
  58. Inventory is too small
  59. How to fix the turtling meta
  60. Ok. So Alt tabbing causes 'Synchronising please wait' when playing For Honor. PC
  61. Suggestions for game balance, revenge mode, ganking and other stuff
  62. How to change the defense wins meta!
  63. orders changing language during gameplay, game reboot fixed issue (PC)
  64. Get dedicated servers or provide us with the option for a refund.
  65. 1v1 with player queue
  66. Hub World, Tournaments, Clan or Guild Castles, Sieges!
  67. PS4/Xbox1 Chat
  68. NAT Went from Green to RED during today's connection issues
  69. here's a suggestion
  70. More controller Options
  71. Daily Reminder That Matchmaking Is Broken
  72. New Game Mode Suggestion
  73. Gerneal Gameplay Feedback
  74. Might be time for Ubi to pay us for not having a working product, and security risks
  75. Online is an embarrassment of all online games.
  76. Why is peacekeeper's grab so weak?
  77. Thoughts on Revenge mode
  78. Explaining why Peacekeeper is a broken class
  79. So what about RED NAT?
  80. Faction war and RED NAT
  81. What year is it?
  82. 4v4 no gear
  83. Connection at NAT Strict Regardless
  84. Tired of the environmental kills.
  85. Solo queue
  86. Controller/Gamepad Feature Requests and Feasibility
  87. Revive Rework
  88. Orochi Guard Break
  89. What is the point of allowing us to set preferences...
  90. Maps and Ledges
  91. Stop Favoring the Samurai
  92. Release the gaurd break patch already
  93. Matchmaking errors
  94. Timeframe for update
  95. Hacked
  96. How can I make a refound?
  97. Remove Enviormental kills from 1v1 and 2v2.
  98. Quit to world map takes ages, why?
  99. 160+ hours - uninstalled
  100. Buffs and Nerfs: How they should be handled.
  101. Lawbringer shield bash isn't lock on but every other charecter is???
  102. Throws: Balance not Nerf
  103. Reporting players is too convoluted
  104. Balancing on game
  105. Im so done with your servers ubi
  106. A mode that gear stats is not involve
  107. Fix Duel Practice
  108. [BUG REPORT] Only two orders can be equip under certain circumstances
  109. Blocking While Rolling
  110. Take out soldier kill orders
  111. Overall suggestions
  112. Orochi's and other
  113. new pattern
  114. Balance Suggestions (Stamina Depletion, Guard Break, Demon's Embrace)
  115. Light Attack spam issue... and by extension Raider issue
  116. My orders are bugged, cant use anything but slot 2.
  117. Mouse movement bug?
  118. For Honor - Cross GamingPlatforms: PC; PS4 and XboxOne
  119. Map suggestion: Coliseum
  120. Ingame Mute Option
  121. Change the way contesting a zone in dominion works
  122. Fix Skirmish/Elimination
  123. Matchmaking
  124. I know Ubi, this is overwhelming.
  125. Contract Order
  126. Spawn killing
  127. For Honor Story Mode Bug
  128. Game is garbage
  129. Death Match Map Selection Can Change Game-Mode!
  130. Lawbringer is broken pls buff him
  131. For the Devs: Bug with Shugoki (double hitting his heavy charge attack) video inside
  132. Missing out on Exp
  133. World's best suggestion!
  134. Game needs to be pulleed from sale
  135. skirmish
  136. Good News Australians
  137. ****ing ****
  138. Caught an "Invisible Stutter" on camera. It's gamebreaking. Including GIF/Youtube.
  139. Orochi discussion and helpful tips
  140. Lort Progress
  141. Champion Status UPDATE NOW !!!
  142. It gets worser from day to day...
  143. PK - is this a joke ?
  144. Equipment stats ruin game
  145. P2P literally won the game for the enemy team
  146. Greet emotions.
  147. Orders are broken
  148. Get rid of cheaters
  149. P2P & match maker has pretty much destroyed this game for me.
  150. lag
  151. I'm done giving you the benefit of the doubt.
  152. P2P & match maker has pretty much destroyed this game for me.
  153. Ubisoft,everytime i have FPS drop issue (Stuttering)
  154. Input lag, stance redirection bug, blink strikes, immortals
  155. When you're done with fixing major issues pls lend the conqueror a hand
  156. P2P itīs killing For Honor
  157. Tireless Feat Bugged?
  158. My 2 cents
  159. Honor rank/honor kill rewards
  160. Please change to way you get into Elimation and Skirmish matches!
  161. PvP Deathmatch mode - Skirmish vs. Elimination
  162. Frame data
  163. For Honor sever suggestion
  164. How to make attacking viable again
  165. Matchmaking
  166. For Honor out now!
  167. Genius suggestion !
  168. Removing "The Duelist Code of Honor" thread from Sticked threads
  169. people wishing others death "hang yourself" etc
  170. Major balancing issues in For Honor. People do not fight honorably.
  171. Get rid of the kill soldiers orders
  172. Please help berserker
  173. Errors/disconnects + Order suggestion
  174. Warlords Gudbrand sword is held the wrong way!
  175. Incentive for default gear
  176. Loop Sfx after you make a 'zone attack' with flail - the conqueror
  177. SOUND: Audio Notifications for match found
  178. Button mapping
  179. Separate Elimination from Skirmish
  180. Orders, as they are now, are unhealthy for the game
  181. Stop disbanding my group
  182. Ability to Queue to for more than 1 type match at the same time
  183. Yeah i just leave duels now if its a warden
  184. Game Needs a Ranked Mode WITHOUT Gear or Feats
  185. Balance about unblockable pushes and dodges. (when you know how to play the game)
  186. Double Teaming Is Annoying
  187. Exp and quest progression should be updated as the game goes
  188. General Consensus of For Honor Core
  189. Peacekeeper: underpowered?
  190. Shield Sizes in Loading Screen
  191. Gears stats
  192. Only issue I have with gameplay mechanics so far;
  193. Can we fix or get rid of revenge already. this is coming from a revenge user.
  194. My Ultimate For Honor Wishlist
  195. A suggestion for improving the Valkyrie
  196. Please add a blocking penalty
  197. Matchmaking - I can't beat anyone
  198. 65% health Loss in Duel with 2hits!
  199. Are you guys going to hold a Tournament in the Xbox Platform?
  200. Expected date for fix for disconnects and multiplayer errors?
  201. Ubisoft, can we please have the ability to use multiple armor material types at once?
  202. Constant disconnects
  203. PK and Orochi Zone Attacks
  204. Essential Fixes
  205. I'm refunding this game
  206. Guard with mouse is broken
  207. Would it be possible for us to get a material option for the Peacekeepers hoods?
  208. Warlord Sword Gudbrand
  209. Revives
  210. Armor asethetics changes needed. Secrets inside!
  211. Not finding players that are closest to me
  212. My List of Things that Need to be Changed or Fixed to give For Honor a Future
  213. Serious bug of Kensei
  214. For Honor changes/fixes Suggestions
  215. Shugoki's Headbutt
  216. Dedicated Servers are a MUST Ubisoft! Listen to us!
  217. Big Report: Can't Select Dominion Mode
  218. Fix/Nerf revenge
  219. Movement speed nerf suggestion and Lawbringer nerf in 4v4
  220. Really wanted to like this
  221. Dear Ubisoft
  222. If there's an after
  223. Lobbies should show who is the host
  224. Get rid of emote spam.
  225. Option to kick dominion AI boosters
  226. Devs: Do not "revert" gb system (warning)
  227. Parrying a unblockable should cost some stamina and not allow a GB afterwards
  228. [BUG] Game freezes after someone leaves a dominion match then has to be killed
  229. Faction vs Faction seems a little vacuous.
  230. Limited "Standing still" actions (Bug?)
  231. Class switch over?
  232. Do something about the rubber band jockeys please..
  233. GUI, queue, inventory issues
  234. Roll Out PC Patches When They are Ready. Do Not Wait.
  235. SUGGESTION: MMR for each individual hero you play
  236. Trash Servers
  237. Various Ideas for Menu, Characters and Music
  238. Unlockables for higher rep
  239. Aestheitcs
  240. Steel farming the easy way
  241. duel maps and throws
  242. The Peacekeeper and The Warden
  243. Please separate Elimination and Skirmish
  244. [Feedback] Orochi
  245. SO MANY DISCONNECTS. FU Ubisoft..,
  246. People taking advantage of Peer to peer network(soft hacking)
  247. Issues
  248. [SUGGESTION] New Weapon(s) and Stance Idea For the Conqueror
  249. whats with all the people sitting at spawn running around in circles
  250. Feeling Handicapped