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  1. Fix ****ing orochi you ****ing *******s **** ubisoft
  2. A few suggestions that would improve Duel Practice mode
  3. Guard Breaks and how they should work
  4. My two cents
  5. About the Nobushi and the ragers! (Feedback)
  6. can't join a 4v4 game within reasonable time
  7. Orochi and Warden zone attacks need a heavy nerf.
  8. New personal record....
  9. Fix Side dodge attacks
  10. LAWBRINGER is considered by community to be the weakest champion. Do they need buff?
  11. Suggestion for Queues
  12. New Game Modes and a Real Faction War.
  13. The 35th annoyance I've got with this game
  14. Add option to choose opponents in how to play duels
  15. Reviving Tweaks
  16. Controller remapping and target switching
  17. About Kensei's Team Killing
  18. I'd really like to not get matched with high level AI all the time
  19. The Samurai Bow Needs A Counter, Or A Nerf
  20. Honorable Battle System - Possible solution
  21. Something needs to be done with the overall state of faction war and population/Facti
  22. matchmaking
  23. 4 v 4 is potentially ruined by gear and feats.
  24. Rebalance revive system
  25. An idea to improve the block system
  26. The combined server for PS4 / Xbox1 / PC
  27. For Honor gender problem
  28. I trusted you Ubisoft again and it will never happen !
  29. I ****ing crash almost every match!
  30. Active abilities... wait a minute...
  31. Honor Vote System...& Play of the Game
  32. Ghost Soldiers Need to be Fixed
  33. Faction Loyalty Bonus
  34. While Counterguardbreaking grant dodge property to help in fight vs many
  35. Constructive Criticism Re. The Orders, Ping, MMR, Post-Death Screen
  36. Customize notification bug
  37. Fix this great game before it's too late!
  38. Why are Dominion maps broken?
  39. joining matches takes too long
  40. Worst Servers Ever!!!
  41. Cosmetics Reputation-locked? Come on...
  42. Casual Gamer Viewpoint: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly
  43. Please nerfed berserk and Warden and Fix Match Making
  44. If you had 1 wish to improve this already great game, it would be ...
  45. Why cant play For Honor in OFFLINE ???
  46. CounterGB while moving
  47. UBISOFT: Please let us rebind controller buttons
  48. A Misinformed Faction-less War
  49. Few suggestions to make For Honor great again
  50. Forum work
  51. Prioritize region in matchmaking.
  52. Regarding class balance and other suggestions & feedback
  53. PS4 Trophy bug
  54. Tabbing out
  55. The worst game i've ever playied
  56. Lawbringer isn't low tier at all.
  57. @Ubisoft How to REALLY save For Honor
  58. 9 desperately needed fixes
  59. The new game mode we need
  60. Having a 3-0 duel contract order is absolutely disgusting
  61. viking cuatimization
  62. Why do feedback and balance suggestions feel like they're falling on death ears?
  63. RAIDER needs some kind of UNINTERRUPTIBLE attack.
  64. Game crashes on finish / gear not shown in inventory invisible
  65. conq v nobishi
  66. Really Need to do Something About Skirmish Option
  67. Bug - Endless Processing
  68. FPS Issues
  69. [Suggestion] Skin/Event - Mr. Meeseeks Big Day
  70. Just give us double rewards
  71. With ALL My Honor!
  72. Mission Language Bug
  73. Language Bug
  74. Matchmaking Could Probably Be Better...
  75. Bug - Endless Processing
  76. Counter guard break has driven me insane.
  77. Replacing bots - Glitch
  78. Rage Quitters are a problem
  79. Play Modes suggestions
  80. Ubisoft - Please Allow us to Choose our Characters Voice
  81. Suggestion for Attack from Above
  82. Return to matchmaking after players leave lobby
  83. Shugoki's grab is utterly broken
  84. Gears are ruining the game
  85. Hey Ubi, some feedback and ideas
  86. Sidestepping attacks an issue?
  87. [Suggestion] Game Mode - "Heroic Combat"
  88. Another "I quit because I of connectivity issues" post.
  89. Make elimination en skirmish a different game mode not together
  90. Server problems: ubisoft responds
  91. light attack spamming PK
  92. Ledge Grab
  93. GIVE some characters more MOVES
  94. In game misspell
  95. Battlefield Additions and Ideas
  96. Orochi Needs Improvements
  97. Rework Berserker's "Dauntless" ability
  98. Insulting Player Management Choices
  99. AFK Leaching
  100. Freezing on returning to world map
  101. Suggestion: don't make games anymore...
  102. Shogokis Super Armor doesnt belong in this game?!
  103. Can't Play Until P2P Goes Away Due To ISP
  104. New Mechanic Idea: Mash To Reduce Throw Distance When Guard Broken.
  105. Fix Party system
  106. BUG REPORT PS4 - Kensei combat emote (ARM AND ARMED) not as advertised, pls fix
  107. Controller Right Stick Sensitivity in Guard Mode
  108. Remove Revenge from the Game
  109. Bug report ps4 orders
  110. Player Reporting System
  111. Please buff conqueror !
  112. Please make the game the same as it was in beta!
  113. Peacekeeper needs a nerf
  114. Executions should be CHANGED. They are cheap as hell.
  115. For honor best features
  117. Playing with Friends Isn't Fun
  118. Please change Lawbringer's default emote
  119. Warlord headbutt
  120. Can't find any PvP Skirmish games
  121. Main Problems I Noticed
  122. Few Points
  123. Orochi (Roachi) and Peace Keeper(PK) needs some tweaking! also Nobushi..
  124. Fix this, for Christ's sake.
  125. Okay, items are a problem now
  126. "Broken" Contract
  127. Fix Guardbreak Counter please
  128. Character Balancing
  129. New Siege Mode
  130. Fix this, for Christ's sake.
  131. Dodging
  132. Servers, servers, servers... Where for art thou servers...
  133. Dodging fix
  134. Player Forum Feedback Mechanism
  135. Order text bug
  136. Awkward stairs run animation.
  137. match making
  138. Gear should get bonus stats for all three abilities
  139. need rank system.
  140. Here is a professional video showing you the problem with this server setup; watch
  141. Shut up about your honor in 2v2. If you want to 1v1 go to 1v1.
  142. New game modes!
  143. Uplay stats
  144. Getting booted from matches
  145. I'm looking for answers.
  146. Implement a Vote to Kick feature
  147. Please ban this bot guy ( Maikzj-Jarnsida )
  148. Here me out....a Social Space
  149. Counter guard break has driven me insane and I'm bleeding
  150. my feed back thus far
  151. Party Option - Promote Leader
  152. Please fix this unrealistic combat flaw.
  153. If you put us in a match that already started...
  154. Seriously, fix matchmaking or enjoy lower than Siege population
  155. Group window options and bad psychology.
  156. Matchmaking suggestion
  157. Please fix these issues
  158. For honor
  159. In duels I can tell who is hosting because of host advantage.
  160. Lawbringer voiceset as opponent
  161. Gear stats off, moveset discrepencies
  162. Dedicated Servers
  163. Cheaters
  164. Take a deep breath, Ubisoft, and take your time.
  165. Server too BAD and Steel too EXPENSIVE
  166. Don't make me replace DEAD bots!!!
  167. Ranked & Gear
  168. reached enemy capital
  169. nerf the knights
  170. Few reasons people mass leaving this game
  171. Parry Meta Balance
  172. Vikings
  173. Kicked from a match for dropping frames.
  174. Solution for revenge problems.
  175. [LONG!] All design flaws - after 80h total (Gear, Stamina problems, Factions War)
  176. A couple of weeks in and my general feedback.
  177. Server lag after patch (PS4 EU)
  178. [Suggestion] New game modes (and more)
  179. small suggestion to make the game less of a drag in the later stages
  180. Cheaters in player vs AI Dominion on Ps4
  181. Conquerors are no skill champs
  182. New Heroes (ideas) Disscussion
  183. "Quit crash" - suggest
  184. Japanese classes, suggestions.
  185. Faction War driving me mad
  186. Gear playlist and no gear playlist
  187. Gear necessity turning people to boosting
  188. Neutral Colour Palettes
  189. Why dont we get new orders every day?
  190. Duel practice mode
  191. Story Mode on Realistic Crash
  192. Guard break has made me rage quit everytime i play
  193. I REALLLY hate saying this sorta thing but>
  194. Game Fixes required
  195. Appreciation and issues,suggestions
  196. Great game you got here.
  197. Ingame Music
  198. Suggestion: Fix your ****ing game.
  199. I died during the parry animation
  200. Make AI Defenders sometimes! ^^
  201. Balancing Gear Stats Around All Skill Levels and Revenge Mode|xpost from /r/forhonor
  202. Give us some "constructive" in-game messages. What you designed is worthless.
  203. Fix Gaurd Break Interupts,Deflects and Dodges already
  204. Daily Mission Heavy Class Specific Warlord Issue
  205. Peace Keeper Balanace issues
  206. Duel and brawl improvement
  207. Bug report- Game crashes
  208. What needs to happen to revenge in my opinion.
  209. GB Invulnerability
  210. Ubisoft, do YOU even understand your own meta-game, Faction Wars?
  211. Ideas for Lawbringer
  212. [BUG] AI Ghost bug report with video
  213. Stamina Regen Gear stats bugged.
  214. AFK Cheating
  215. Honest Feedback:
  216. New game mode maybe?
  217. Please do something about people rage quitting.
  218. Insignia Improvement
  219. PS4 Trophies broken?
  220. New Weapon Ideas
  221. Four New Possible Clans Maybe?
  222. Assassins
  223. Let's fix the "waiting game"
  224. 55%Health with 1HIT!!!!
  225. revenge mode, gear, and other issues
  226. The matchmaking should prioritize lobbies that are about to start a game
  227. Let Us Choose Duel Practice Opponents
  228. New game mode
  229. Balance issues that realy need to be addressed and fixed Effective Immediatly
  230. (BUG) Sprint is not cancelling guard mode on gamepad.
  231. None gameplay suggestions
  232. Law Bringer does NOT have a beheading?
  233. Suggestions / Feedback
  234. Rage quitters
  235. Parries to easy to pull off
  236. Please fix Feinting
  237. Can I play your game? (ERROR CODE)
  238. I Will Play ONLY the Game Mode I Choose
  239. Constantly joining losing matches
  240. Leaderboards
  241. UBISOFT please watch short 3 second videos.
  242. Guard breaking bot for practice purposes
  243. Fight Club Game Mode a la Dark Souls
  244. 1v1v1
  245. Fix to runners
  246. AFK Vote Kick.
  247. Guard Break Suggestion
  248. [BUG] Contract orders not changing
  249. angry feedback
  250. Nobushi