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  1. Please fix the blocking and guard mechanics
  2. Game Needs Fixes... (Specifically unblockable non-attacks)
  3. Does Orochi need to be nerfed?
  4. Custom Match Infinite Stamina and Increased Stamina Options
  5. Custom Match Bleed/Poison Do Damage When Damage Is Disabled
  6. People Running Instead of Playing
  7. Guard breaks and parries should not drain stamina
  8. Zone Attack Does Multiple Attack Indicators
  9. Valkyrie Dodge Counter Bugged
  10. Seriously we need Dedicated servers
  11. Ubisoft are you kidding me?
  12. There is no point in having elimination mode at all if people never get to play it
  13. Game is garbage and it will die
  14. Can we please get a pvp how to play arena
  15. Can we please lock or favorite gear?
  16. Poison & Bleed, I see no need
  17. Realistic story checkpoint
  18. The problem of Raider class and hes slow attacks that can be parried !
  19. The Dodge Needs Work
  20. Nobushi - Too Difficult To Go Into Hidden Stance On Controller
  21. Shugoki Executions - A Serious Issue with a Simple Fix
  22. It Is Possible To Bug Combat System And Feint Lights
  23. Warden & PK
  24. Apollyon: Flawless Victory or GTFO
  25. Please for the love of honor make dodge cost stamina
  26. "You're on Fire" Achievement Bugged
  27. Using a gamepad with a mouse simultaneously.
  28. Valkyrie Zone Attack
  29. Valkyrie Buff is needed
  30. Check your difficulty settings UBI
  31. Please add an on/off Hotjoin existing matches option
  32. New Gear Notification
  33. I think I know how to fix revives.
  34. Guard Break + intro videos + party matchamking issues
  35. More battle dialogue?
  36. Brawl Bug
  37. An Open Letter to Ubisoft:
  38. A critique of the Orders system, mixed with the dreaded NAT.
  39. UbiSfot - Offensive name Plz read
  40. Possible way to distinguish P2W from legitimate players?
  41. EU friday evening matchmaking is horrible
  42. How to turn off the damn mic / speaker?
  43. Bots, why?
  44. Allow Controller Keymapping
  45. SLOW queue times
  46. My "Top 10 Things" which need to be improved/fixed in For Honor!!
  47. suggestion for matchmaking
  48. Orochi and Nobushi need nerfs, badly
  49. Ranking / Statistics / Tournaments
  50. For Honor Story: Extend It
  51. Make THROWING process STOPABLE!
  52. Constantly disconnected at the end of matches.
  53. Story mode plot is too trivial
  54. The problem with Guard-Break and why it makes this game unbalanced.
  55. The console port of For Honor needs Button Layouts(Seriously)!
  56. Are stairs causing bugs?
  57. No brainer How to fix the Warden
  58. Power Ups in Elimination
  59. Fix MatchMaking already
  60. [BUG] Raider guardbreak
  61. Still no Hero balance? Law bringer is gimped.
  62. Dominion, and Deathmatch modes are pay to win.
  63. Color blind mode
  64. Orders
  65. I want my money back, Terrible user gaming experience on multiplayer
  66. Bug report-minimize lagging server
  67. Why is Orochi so badly designed?
  68. Make us able to change button layout
  69. Matchmaking Boots without clear notice and for what?
  70. 1v1 map adjustment
  71. Switching targets
  72. Side rolling bug unregistered damage
  73. Perfect fix vs people running ad infinum
  74. Ubisoft Customer support for Chat and Email
  75. The game need longer round time -and a chat option
  76. BUG - no xp for games vs ai
  77. BUG - Valkyrie's Shoulder Pin isn't affected by damage mods in custom games
  78. Stamina is the problem.
  79. AI currently seems to be backwards
  80. Rare Bug: Perma Death on late join
  81. warden needs abit of tuning :p
  82. Suggestion - Parry and Block training
  83. BUG: Custom Games with damage set to "off"
  84. Game Balancing is broken
  85. PC Freezing chat bug
  86. Fix the god damn multiplayer
  87. Kicked Due to Inactivity
  88. Just A Few Much Needed Adjustments (PS4)
  89. Alter the invisible barriers guarding the edge
  90. Group play is very unstable
  91. Disconnected right before the end of a match WTF!!!
  92. Parry need more reaction time possibility - and many more suggestions
  93. Side Dodge's Invulnerability Frames
  94. Biggest bug are god damn AFK players!
  95. None of my friends bought this game because the lack of servers.
  96. UBI don't ruin the game because of all these baby's whinging....
  97. Faction v Faction
  98. I cannot finish a single match in dominion today, what's up with networking in Asia?
  99. Give 2vs2 Brawl a Second Mode for Duellists
  100. Match Making
  101. The game is totally broken. I get crashes EVERY TIME during the tutorial
  102. Guard Break Interrupt - You All Owe The Devs An Apology
  103. P2P calls for a boycott
  104. low pop matchmaking regions
  105. Matchmaking is too freaking slow.
  106. Seriously ubisoft!!!
  107. Why is Deathmatch a coin flip between skirmish and elimination?!
  108. For honor; great game, incohesive structure
  109. Please Devs don't revert to beta
  110. Compensation in order for missing deluxe edition
  111. Getting kicked cause by ****ty servers issues
  112. Nobushi future improvements
  113. Are you for real Ubisoft?
  114. Adjustable Deadzone for Analog stick
  115. Beaten by bots
  116. A blocked light attack can be punished with a free guard break (Berserkers)
  117. Change Hair Colour
  118. Overpowered Berserkers and Playersearch
  119. Game Feedback
  120. Sidestepping Through Horizontal Attacks
  121. Sidestepping Through Horizontal Attacks
  122. [New Feature Req.] History List of all played-against players.
  123. Nerf Guardbreak and Buff guardbreak Tech
  124. is the xbox client degrading?
  125. Sidestepping Through Horizontal Attacks
  126. Improve ingame the interaction between players with a general chat
  127. Solution To Strong Defense: Improve Feints
  128. Shugoki and the odd perk issues. Rock Steady
  129. Get Dedicated Servers!
  130. Guard mode not cancelling on controllers
  131. Nobushi hidden stance sensitivity on controllers.
  132. Dishonorable matchmaking
  134. LawBringers Infinite attack chain needs to be nerfed!!!!
  135. Change leader in group!
  136. Upgrade ur server plzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!
  137. View other players' emblems/charcs
  138. Direction attack glitches and features
  139. Friend request
  140. Knight Hard Mode Reward Defect
  141. Moves not registrering corectly on controllers.
  142. Change the Meta
  143. [BUG] There is some bug with attacks being unparriable.
  144. Thoughts on executions
  145. Custom games kills and deaths shouldn't be counted in Uplay statisitics!!!
  146. Ubi, for the love of god, patch something.
  147. Why lawbringer wasn't in the beta's
  148. #Maybe Improve the Social
  149. Please make it an option to switch Story character when starting a new playthrough
  150. For Honor Known Issues So Far ( At Least For Me ) ~~
  151. Fix your bad servers
  152. Matchmaking balancing
  153. New Berserker execution
  154. Dailys
  155. Parry And The Turtle
  156. Absolutely abysmal performance.
  157. [Suggestion] Loading Screen Stances/Emotes
  158. Game is just beyond frustrating
  159. Another company claims to have an undetectable cheat
  160. Defend P2P all you want, but THIS is unacceptable!!!
  161. [BUG] Faction War always resets to 20-20-20
  162. Skipping menus?
  163. [BUG] Shoguki unparryable attacks.
  164. Make a competitive game mode with no environment hazards.
  165. [bug?]Shugoki unparriable heavies and double hit
  166. Anoying Freeze bug when aborting a search or trying to leave a game or lobby
  167. Another Thing About Guard Break
  168. Holy **** this game is terrible
  169. Matchmaking Feedback
  170. A possible fix for getting players to vote
  171. A few suggestions
  172. Duel - Win count doesn't update
  173. Contracts in Russian --I think--
  174. Fix Error 0006000037
  175. Controller bugs.
  176. Matchmaking is broken and how to fix it.
  177. Please fix these valkyrie attacks.
  178. Please either decrease the Guard break's range or extend the tech window
  179. Poll: GoFundMe for dedicated servers
  180. [Bug] Nobushi Bleed
  181. Is the Conqueror's stealth nerf intentional or it is a bug?
  182. Matchmaking suggestion
  183. My analysis of the Lawbringer, and suggested tweaks.
  184. Please make Skirmish and Elimination separate modes (like Duel and Brawl)
  185. Emergency bugfix needed gameplay breaking exploit
  186. A Gentle request for some QoL
  187. Ubisoft, please avoid or becareful with nerfs and buffs.
  188. Shugoki Bugs + Lack of options
  189. More informative sounds
  190. Replace peer to peer matchmaking with Ubisoft server hosting
  191. No honor in for honor.
  192. When quitting to map, game freezes. This has been an issue since closed beta. `
  193. UBI, youre trash. Im over your bad decisions and this server crap is the last straw
  194. OFF HUD in multiplayer game
  195. Lets be honest, this menu system is trash.
  196. invisible player bug
  197. Things that ruin the main focus of this game - melee combat
  198. P2P Connetion issue or Lag Switcher?
  199. Valkyrie shieldbash cancel and the stamina system
  200. Boss crash
  201. Not enough players in the lobby
  202. Fix AoE indicator
  203. Region setup - UAE is wrongly assigned
  204. Lack of moves for the warden
  205. Thumstick Deadzone
  206. Bow/Crossbow
  207. Personal View And More
  208. Guard Break Tech/Interrupt and Dodge (FULL VIDEO)
  209. Continuous Disconnects
  210. Guard break shoudln't hit when dodging
  211. [SUGGESTION] Option to disable joining games in progress
  212. Major Lawbringer flaw
  213. What is the point of this forum is devs don't care for it?
  214. Skill or equipment level match making
  215. Why the hell would you make us connect to servers for story mode?
  216. Stop rewarding players for having bad connections
  217. Network issue
  218. ubi pls
  219. Petition for servers
  220. Why can't we view other people's profiles?
  221. A Few suggestions i have
  222. Please get rid of the Player vs. Player or Player vs. AI requirements for orders.
  223. Chat in loading screen
  224. What the **** is up with the AI
  225. Nerf Throw out kill
  226. Dead Within a Month Unless Major Issues are Fixed
  227. Daily: 20 Executions in Dominion TOO MUCH
  228. Nobushi & Warden Balancing Suggestion
  229. Berserker Guard Break Does Damage In Custom Match When Damage Is Disabled
  230. Shugoki Unparryable + Double Hit Bug
  231. Bots should use heavies more intelligently + do unsafe attacks
  232. Berserker Should Be Allowed To Cancel Lights Via Dodges As Many Times As They Want
  233. Suggestion..... Sort out Dedicated Servers
  234. Gameplay practice and Duel Practice
  235. GB and ganking
  236. Something needs to be done about turtling
  237. An Option to Rebind the Toggle Chat (TAB) button please?
  238. Heros got wings or bug?
  239. Guard Breaking is inconsistent and really brings this game down for me....
  240. Laggy input commands
  241. Quitting penalty?
  242. Disable revenge on Duels and feats on Elimination
  243. Guard Break is ruining the game
  244. Foreground Blurry Graphics Bug
  245. Valkyrie need's a boost in attack speed IMO.
  246. Valkyrie spin knockdown dodgable etc
  247. to Ubisoft
  248. [PC] Uplay Recent Players List
  249. Suggestions Regarding Balancing and Longevity
  250. Ideas for Future Characters