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  1. Player vs. AI bug (1vs1) since the beta?
  2. Perfect Solution for Elimination Revives
  3. Subtitles
  4. Stop taking control of my mic. volumen For Honor!
  5. Change character in Story mode
  6. Elminiation mod issue
  7. It's okay for the raider to show lots of skin, but the women have to be covered up
  8. Battle Music
  9. valkyrie's charge cancel work a half
  10. Microtransactions do NOT belong in a fully priced game, and it's killing this game!
  11. Four Greco-Roman warriors
  12. Game doesn't recognize bought Packages
  13. war assets and custimoization
  14. Koth
  15. Peacekeeper Is Now Trash
  16. Duel Practice Suggestion
  17. Guard Breaks in 1vMore
  18. Side swings vs dodge.
  19. The best way to Balance Turtle Meta (cross post from general discussion)
  20. Audio Volume Levels
  21. Glitches, broken bots and beta feedback (Videos)
  22. Game still freezes after leaving a game-post match
  23. More story content
  24. Skirmish in its own separate category.
  25. Blocking with mouse not working
  26. Lawbringer is the worst class in the game.
  27. [BUG] SLI flickering on custom emblems
  28. Fighting while outnumbered
  29. Peacekeeper stabs bugged
  30. Guard break button
  31. PC mouse control=worst analog stick simulator
  32. Elimination not playable!
  33. Hide interface arcade effects - please make an option
  34. Contract Orders bugged
  35. Advanced tutorial broken ?
  36. Peacekeeper GB now deals the same damage as a light attack, only over 8 seconds.
  37. Player K/D means nothing because you can exit a duel without suffering a loss.
  38. Odin, Jesus, Buddha and....Zeus ?
  39. (Bug) Conqueror Zone Attack Sound Keeps Repeating
  40. [KNOWN ISSUE] Missing rewards from Closed Beta and Open Beta
  41. Stop kicking me out a game if UPLAY crashes/loses connection.
  42. Game is not working
  43. Separating ELIMINATION and SKIRMISH
  44. Will there be more campaign DLC for this game? Questions to the developer team.
  45. Spamming the grab move
  46. Stop grabbing so often
  47. Nerf the tackle
  48. A personal message and desperate appeal to the Devs and Ubisoft!
  49. Map Editor
  50. Let filter by honour
  51. still sounds missing?
  52. Emblem Flicker Bug
  53. [moderated]
  54. rewards of alpha and beta buggy?
  55. Contract orders NEED BALANCING
  56. For the love of all that is Holy, adjust guard-break
  57. No Stamina? No Problem? How to balance the game through stamina consumption.
  58. Campaign bug
  59. Proposal for a combat system
  60. Suggestions for "For Honor"
  61. High-level play too heavily favours the defender
  62. make for honor starter edition
  63. Imbalance issue and Orders not completing
  64. Audio bug, audio echo
  65. Game freez everytime i want to exit a lobby
  66. Daily Updates
  67. Bug - Valkrie
  68. Matchmaking broken
  69. Seriously... remove Skirmish from the game.
  70. Bug / Exploit?
  71. Let us decide if we want to play SKIRMISH or ELIMINATION !
  72. Dedicated Servers?
  73. Auto-counter GB and auto-block/parry hacks
  74. Microtransactions
  75. Unable to use Fullscreen on laptop
  76. Stuck on the "Installing Game content? in the menu....
  77. The Lawmaker is absolute trash.
  78. Suggestions for Valk hotfixes
  79. How can the parry mechanic be improved?
  80. Can't guard break while enemy charges attack
  81. Lawbringer needs rework ASAP.
  82. What the hell happened to Guard Break???
  83. Please put in sheaths for at least Orochi
  84. [Suggestions] More musics / epic song.
  85. For Pushing and Shoving
  86. [BUG] Orochi's sword is upside down when out of combat
  87. Bug; Can't complete a match "Kicked for inactivity"
  88. Lawbringer - What Went Wrong?
  89. Valkyrie Poll
  90. #Make for honor great again !
  91. Guardblock Interrupt Change [/Venting]
  92. Lawbringer needs a rework. Completely useless right now.
  93. The game has released and map still freezes
  94. Keyboard control rebind: Text chat
  95. Faction Loyalty and Rewards.
  96. Uneven matchmaking
  97. What Elimination SHOULD be.
  98. Lets acknowledge the BS of PeaceKeeper
  99. Major matchmaking issue
  100. Lawbringer Voice Over (voice acting) Glitched?
  101. Suggestion - Teaching the AI Bots some "Honor"
  102. Peacekeeper stab is broken (also running is clunky as hell)
  103. Contract Orders a bit too long + AI duels bugged on PC
  104. Ragequiters
  105. View on the full game 14/02/2017
  106. In Case you didn't know Warden has a Vortex....
  107. Lock the game after session
  108. Suggestion new gamemode!
  109. Can't connect to Ubisoft servers... IN STORY MODE?
  110. Re-Mapping Controller bindings CRITICAL UPDATE
  111. One thing the game definitely needs is more attacks
  112. Male Berserker model is bad and has visual bugs.
  113. Still a Bug - Gamepad Lock Toggle
  114. Suggestion: Need a way to discourage killstealing
  115. Please fire the guy who designed shogoku, thank you!
  116. Not enough currancy rewards for games?
  117. Whats the point of having 11 other characters if the game is designed around shogoku?
  118. CN/RU vesrion multiplayer language lock
  119. Bugs I Cant take it no more
  120. Group Leader Only
  121. Pause the War of the Factions.
  122. Warden Charge Not Landing When It Should?
  123. The loading screen suggestions
  124. Poll: Seperating Skirmish and Elimination Queue
  125. Group bug!
  126. Broken Guard break prompts
  127. No full 21:9 support (Menu) = Cheap Product
  128. A respectful emote, please? Such as a bow?
  129. Nerf these god dam vikings!
  130. This game is trash, typical ubisoft game
  131. Countering guardbreak not working!!!!!!
  132. The brokens characters, only two... But beautiful game.
  133. This game is actually so bad
  134. Slight issues with the micro transactions..
  135. Female and Male Exclusive Characters Should Be Removed
  136. Invert Mouse Top Block Direction
  137. balancing issues
  138. Networking error
  139. Guard break and matchmaking issues XB1
  140. Dominion mode Suggestions, ideas, something...
  141. Delays
  142. Valkyrie Sweep attack bugged?
  143. Raider is either bugged or was nerfed without telling us
  144. Let's talk Shugoki
  145. A lot of cheaters!!
  146. Is the Lawbreaker Broken?
  147. Your maps are stupid
  148. Mouse control settings, what works for you?
  149. Put in the right User Manual (steam)
  150. Vikings Need more cruel executions
  151. Elimination and Skirmish MUST be separated
  152. Dodging is still OP
  153. GB changes widely accepted as terrible. Separate skirmish and elim
  154. Elimination/Skirmish coin flip
  155. The State of the Game
  156. Discourage Quitting
  157. Economy is broken
  158. The New Characters are RUINING this Game
  159. Engraving Bug??
  160. Lost connection
  161. People quitting breaks the game
  162. powerups in 4's spawn time
  163. Network Error
  164. Singleplayer frustrating as hell
  165. Remove Shugoki
  166. The option of disable Quick Message is not working, please fix it...
  167. Wow ubisoft refund my money
  168. gear stats in 2's
  169. "Happy Throwing Mode"
  170. Gold Collector Edition MISSING Promised Items...
  171. New Characters Should be Removed
  172. Please change Shugoki's Demon Ball input.
  173. network errors constantly. Problem since closed Beta.
  174. Targeting system needs rework
  175. Lawbringer is awful. His stance switch needs to be faster.
  176. Steam controller: disconnected from the match due to inactivity 0006000009
  177. Skirmish
  178. Just change the name of the game to For Orochis
  179. Ubisoft you might wana delete some Options for the crests
  180. Elimination complaints. (and a few misc. points)
  181. Lawbringer Simply Doesn't Work
  182. It feels like a game mode is missing
  183. Nobushi Evade skill triggering on RB+RT
  184. Wolves in the Gudmundr fight.
  185. Major Problems with For Honor that NEED to be fixed
  186. Major improvements
  187. Executions and Taunts
  188. Found my first cheater.
  189. Blocking slower than in beta?
  190. Latency - Attacks Register as Blocked
  191. Bug on peacekeeper.
  192. Why does Shugoki only have one animation for killing soldiers with his light attack?
  193. Elimination and Skirmish should be queued individually
  194. Fix Orochi
  195. Guard Break and Heavy Attack Unrealistic
  196. Party disbanded if game ends abruptly.
  197. Ubisoft need to address time wasting mechanic
  198. While it is too early to talk proper balance
  199. Taking long time and unstable online
  200. Why Ubisoft... Why...
  201. Retrieving data.
  202. BUG: Can't find games in 4v4 queue on Xbox if we have 3 people
  203. Full Retail: Guard Breaking
  204. Gaurd Brake stops my dodge? WTF UBI!
  205. Missing Symbol for the Knights
  206. Campaign? AntiCheat?
  207. I have a bad feeling
  208. Shugoki and Others: The Difficulty They Are Given
  209. SOOOOOOO What the hell happened?
  210. Delete the new heroes!
  211. NERF Shugoki PLZ.
  212. Nobushi, Nerf, Now.
  213. Peacemaker.. grabs?
  214. Kensei buff was unnecessary.
  215. Elimination & Skirmish.
  216. Stat and value
  217. [Suggestion] Automatically reconnect to the game after disconnecting
  218. Dropping from every single game with 0006000039.
  219. Unnecesary Micro transactions
  220. NAT Problems
  221. EMBLEM Editor - More than 5 Slots pls
  222. Play the ******* objective!
  223. Uplay is broken (video)
  224. Brutally Honest Video Feedback Tied In With A Review
  225. Bugged Observables (?)
  226. STOP resurection on team deathmatch
  227. Practice Mode Needs Improvements
  228. [Feedback] Matchmaking and MP match connection stability.
  229. Audio Issues
  230. Domination Vs AI
  231. Quality of Life Suggestion - Autorunning
  232. AI Orders
  233. Add the option to toggle off Join in Progress
  234. Mr. Mod, any way to get some info from the design team?
  235. burh **** orochi
  236. My proposed Lawbringer changes.
  237. So... I just tested Orochi... LoL What a joke.
  238. Multiplayer Dominion. Suggestions on how to expand!
  239. What have y'all done
  240. Character Buffs and Nerfs needed
  241. BUG - Raider stun
  242. The worst enemy to face, the opponents terrible connection.
  243. Automatically change focus during defence mode when L2 toggle is enabled?
  244. ai is out of control
  245. Orochi Deflect needs fixing
  246. More Emblem customizing
  247. Valkyrie needs a fix (video) and how to fix
  248. Give elimination/skirmish seperate ques, let people have preferences
  249. Protect the Battering ram!
  250. Where's the patch notes and communication Ubisoft?